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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a new set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Whistler, BC
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Airs 10p Wed, MTV
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Trimming the Fat
May 19

The claws are aimed at Laurel when the FM girls gang up on the game's latest alpha-female. The winners who fly high in the "Air Heads" challenge shake things up with their Exile selection. And Theresa's relationship is in question when his true feelings for his ex-girlfriend are brought to the surface.

The female Fresh Meat players clash with Laurel's attitude and Theresa can't wait to never see her again. Laurel hears Mandi's hyena laught within an earshot and is just tired of all those people. Lauren used to have a connection with Theresa when they first met, but the game has taken toll on their friendship.

Ev just wishes that Kenny and Laurel were not so unbeatable. And if they weren't then they wouldn't be put in this position and it would have gone down differently. Kenny just wants to break up wes' alliance and it's just a matter of sweeping them up. And Ev doesn't trust Kenny for a second as he's running things. And right now the outsiders need to band toghether if they're going to have hope of making it to the final challenge.

Landon is really trying to figure out what's going on in Wes' alliance as he wants to be on a side that he can trust. And as of right now, is really hard for Landon to trust Wes and Ev.

The players let the drama temporarily slide and have fun and few of them kiss each other. Carley never really got the chance to bond with Laurel, she just knows that she's arrogant. Laurel didn't think she did anything to rub the fact that she had won in everyone's face. Carley, in her opinion, sees Laurel as a spoiled brat.

It's time for another clue...

Tomorrow's challenge will take you to new heights. Bring your bathing suits and be ready to leave in the morning.

The numbers Wes had at the beginning of the game have been dwindled down to practically nothing. And now it's time for Wes to man up and win the next challenge.

Kenny is worried about his partner, Laurel, who kind of looks like a battered woman in a Lifetime Movie. If Kenny and Laurel don't win the next challenge, then their butts will be on the line. However, this game is slowing turning in Kenny and Laurel's favor as they see Wes and Ev dangling over a cliff, hanging onto a string.

Jillian doesn't really trust Jenn or Ryan and their teams. She sees them as wishy-washy and they have yet to be fully committed to Kenny's alliance.

Ev calls out Wes about his hook-up with her best friend, KellyAnne in front of Theresa. Wes knew that KellyAnne was hoping that she would get back together with him. Wes had also promised KellyAnne that he wasn't going to do anything in the show.

Theresa thinks that it was cowardly that Wes even attempted to get interested in somebody else when he still had somebody at home that cares about him. Wes thinks that Theresa's a great girl, but doesn't have the chemistry on his part with her. Wes is also emotionally unavailable as he's still with his new girl. Mandi now sees Wes as a "dog" for playing Theresa for an idiot. After getting to know Wes, Theresa actually thought that Wes was a good guy, but turned out to be not. Theresa will never have another chance with Wes and has already forgotten about her relationship with him.

Challenge #7: Airheads

Each team will dive onto a 200-foot ramp to launch themselves into the lake. Then they'll swim over to an answer key where they'll have to memorize the pattern shown on the sign. When a team comes to shore, they must complete the puzzle by placing the pieces on the gameboard so that the shapes and colors match exactly with the picture shown on the sign. A team can go back to the answer key as many times as they like, but this is a timed event. The team with the fastest time wins this challenge.

And since Jilian and Pete won the last challenge, they pick the order of play this time.

Ev & Luke - 34m 15s
Wes & Mandi - 21m 21s
Landon & Carley - 14m 2s
Jenn & Noor - Disqualified (failed to beat 14m 2s)
Ryan & Theresa - Disqualified (failed to beat 14m 2s)
Jillian & Pete - Disqualified (failed to beat 14m 2s)
Kenny & Laurel - Disqualified (failed to beat 14m 2s)

Landon and Carley manage to hold their winning time and they each get an HDTV set that's also a PC too. For Landon, this means he's getting in the proverbial driver's seat.

Wes and Ev try to rally up the votes, but Landon isn't telling them anything. Ev wants the outsiders to ban toghether against Kenny or else he'll pick them off one by one. Ev knows Landon and he could vote for either her or Wes. Ev thinks it's time that Ryan and Jenn show their true colors and to tell everyone which side they're supporting.

It's once again time for deliberations, and Landon and Carley throw Wes and Mandi into the Exile. Wes had made deals and handshakes with other people in this game that have kept him out of the chopping block. But now Landon wants Wes to pony up and do some physical stuff too.

The rest of the teams voted and a majority of them point to Ev and Luke. Ryan's vote for them has Ev seeing him as a flip-flopper who goes with whomever is in charge and has no loyalty to anyone.

The teams who were safe got what they wanted to see for the next elimination. Jenn feels bad because Ev is her friend, but she went with the numbers at this point as this is just how the game goes.

Laurel talks to Ev about being isolated in the game. It's very hard for Laurel to be buddies with everyone because she wanted to be number one, although that wasn't her goal. Ev now has to make peace with the fact that she's up against a team with her top ally.

Exile: Lost and Found

In the most anticipated Exile yet, Ev and Luke gain the early lead. Wes won five of the Exiles back in the Fresh Meat season, and for Ev to underestimate him would be a mistake. Wes gets himself torn down after the third puzzle station which causes Mandi to yell at him to keep up. This brought a flashback from the Fresh Meat season where Wes yelled at Casey to catch up with him. In the end Casey and Luke win this Exile race and Mandi will definitely be coming back next season to make up for the money Wes lost for her. And speaking of Wes, he may need to go to rehab for being a Challengeaholic (his word, not mine).

Kenny celebrates as Ev and Luke return to the house while Theresa mourns for Wes after he and Mandi were eliminated. Things couldn't have gone better for Kenny who picked apart Wes' alliance to get himself on top.

Ev is now left in enemy territory against the five other teams in this game. And she'll have to beat two of them to get to the final challenge. Ev is as close to the final as she can get, but she has never felt it so far away.
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