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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a new set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Whistler, BC
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Airs 10p Wed, MTV
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May 12

The cracks in Wes and Evelyn's power alliance show when Wes discovers a secret that CJ and Sydney have been hiding since their Exile. At the "Turn Style" challenge, Kenny's alliance makes a bold strategic move in hopes of seizing control of the game. And two players sell out their entire alliance in order to save themselves from possible elimination.

Wes is starting to worry that soon, he and Mandi would be thrown into Exile. And he suspects CJ and Sydney are lying about their experience in the Exile. Wes begins grilling them and his suspictions have been confirmed. CJ and Sydney were lying although there was no reason to, and this didn't help matters and it could also seriously hurt their chances of winning a cash prize in the final challenge.

It's time for another clue...

I hope you are ready for your next Challenge because this game could turn at any point. Be ready to leave in the morning.

Challenge #6: Turn Style

This is pretty straight forward; teams turn a wheel to push themselves towards the finish line and their opponents away from it. This challenge is played in a series of heats, and the team who wins in the final round wins the challenge.

And once again, because they've won the previous challenge, Kenny and Laurel will set up the draft order.

Round 1: Kenny & Laurel/Pete & Jillian vs. Ryan & Theresa/Landon & Carley

The first round took over an HOUR as the teams involved found themselves at a standstill. Then, finding a surge of strength, Pete pushes Jillian, Kenny, and Laurel to win this round.

Round 2: Jenn & Noor/Luke & Ev vs. Wes & Mandi/Sydney & CJ

Unlike the 1st round, Wes, Mandi, CJ and Sydney made quick work of Noor, Jen, Luke and Ev.

Round 3: Kenny & Laurel/Pete & Jillian vs. Wes & Mandi/Sydney & CJ

Despite the 2nd team's best efforts, Kenny, Laurel, Pete and Jillian win this time out.

Final Round: Pete & Jillian vs. Kenny & Laurel

Both of the teams involved planned it out before it began. Kenny and Laurel throw away their winning streak by deciding to lay down and die in order to give Pete and Jillian the win, which the other teams didn't expect. Pete and Jillian each get a wirelss mobile device with a year of free service.

Back at homebase, Wes and Ev realize that they could be in trouble so they decide and throw Landon and CJ under the bus. Wes then strikes up an hour-long truce with Kenny to get his side to vote in Landon and have his alliance take care of the rest by sending CJ in against him. Wes may think he has masterminded this whole thing but he just tore his own alliance apart and his numbers are dwindling by the minute.

Landon feels betrayed by Wes that he said that he would keep his name out of his mouth until the end. Both teams should have not gone into Exile, but Wes has made every deal imaginable in the house to keep himself in the game.

Kenny will do everything in his power to make everyone realize that he could have a better play at this point in the game. Laurel sees this as a smart move on Kenny's part because everyone now sees Wes and Ev's true colors. And they're going to do whatever it takes, including throwing CJ and Landon under the bus. Seeing that Wes' alliance has slowly and surely crumbled, Jenn is bored of it and is now leaning toward Kenny's.

Exile: Weight for Me

Things kick off with a puzzle with no time limit that stumps CJ and Sydney completely stumped, but Landon and Carley make quick work of it. After they complete the second puzzle, they get 30 pounds off of them before really flying through the rest of the course. CJ and Sydney may have already mailed in their terrible performance from the word "go", as it took them over TWO hours to get through the course. And although it was obvious and bittersweet, Landon and Carley win this Exile stay in the game.

Landon and Carley return to a house divided and Kenny can't wait to not see them again if they go back to the Exile. Ev asks Landon to be friends again, but it still doesn't allude to the fact that he's walking into a house and has no idea where he stands anymore.

Now and Landon and Carley are back, it's time for them to pay everybody back. If they win the next challenge, the put in the team who had sent them in. Ryan and Jenn finally commit to being in Kenny's alliance from that point forward. Kenny has taken apart Wes' alliance one by one, team-by-team, scumbag-by-scumbag. Now everyone is on the same page that on the next challenge, if anyone from Kenny's alliance wins, Wes and Mandi will be thrown in. And then the rest of the teams in the alliance will vote for Ev and Luke to join them.
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