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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a new set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Whistler, BC
Web freshmeat2.mtv.com
Airs 10p Wed, MTV
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Meats 'n' Potatoes
April 28

At the "King of the Wall" challenge, one of the alumni faces an injury that may take their team out of the game. Wes and Evelyn try lure a member of Kenny's alliance into becoming a double agent. And the winners of The Exile return with a secret that may surprise the entire house.

Politically, things are moving just fine for Wes and his alliance as Kenny's had lost another two votes and they can't afford to lose any more. Basically, all that's left of Kenny's alliance is Pete and Jillian with Ryan and Jenn as the "in-betweeners". According to Ev, this is probably Kenny and Laurel's challenge to lose, but that doesn't mean she going to stop sending them into Exile. Kenny stands alone in this game and his last tie was with Jillian, and Ev wants to break that.

Theresa calls Kenny out for interfering with Wes. She hates Kenny because of his jealously and him being full of himself. Wes thinks about Kenny a lot more then he ever thinks of him. Kenny gets that Theresa's a lonely loser just like Wes. Theresa couldn't get the 'top dog' (Kenny), but intstead she got the 'hot dog' (Wes). According to Kenny, Theresa tried pursuing something with him first but didn't want it. Kenny sees Theresa as being wound up with Wes and seeing him as a desperate guy.

Since Danny has been in the game, he has been stressed out beyond all recognition. And since everybody has been feeling the tension at this point, they play some games in the hopes of relieving some of that tension. Then Pete decides to make some potatoes and Wes wants to be taught potato-making. Danny then grabs a handful of potatoes and a drunken fight with some Fresh Meat ensues. Danny upsets everyone in the whole room, and he even throws a piece of cheese in Wes's face. A confrontation erupts between Brandon and Danny. Wes then gets knocked to the front before straddling Brandon two seconds later to stop his alliance from being completely dismantled. The crisis was averted and Danny makes peace with Brandon, but Wes's alliance may be crumbling.

Danny is one of Wes's best friends, but the truth is that they don't work very well toghether on professional stuff. Kenny's alliance had observed cracks in Wes' alliance's 'well-oiled machine' and sees his ship is sinking fast.

It's time for the next clue...

Who will be crowned King and Queen of the next challenge. Wear your bathing suits and be ready to leave at 10 a.m.

Kenny never understands Katelyn, but she's good to have around. Katelyn sucks at the challenges and everyone doesn't mind seeing her at the final. Mandi and Wes aren't being perceived as a threat and it's working in their favor and they're trying to stay under the radar.

Katelynn always loves to have people underestimate her, and she wants to prove to them that she's a fierce competitor.

Challenge #4: King of the Wall

Each team will jump off the dock into the water, swim across 30 yards, climb up the wall, and ring the bell at the top of it. The team who finishes in the fastest time wins this challenge.

Since Kenny and Laurel won the last challenge, the pick the play order once again.

Ev & Luke - 0:59
Landon & Carley - 1:14
CJ & Sydney - 1:01
Danny & Sandy - 0:57
Wes & Mandi - 0:53

Katelynn was unable to get up the wall and Brandon sat there watching her flail around. When she finally got to the top, she went slipped back down, seriously injuring her knee. This didn't let everyone stop making fun of her and they laughed more, except for Jillian. Eventually Katelynn quits causing the team to be disqualified, much to Brandon's dismay.

Ryan & Theresa - 1:04
Jenn & Noor - 1:21
Jillian & Pete - 1:13
Kenny & Laurel - 0:36

Kenny and Lauren's decision to play last paid off as they win this challenge along with golf clubs. While the rest of the players go back to homebase, Katelynn goes to a hospital to check on her injuries.

Ev wants to convince Kenny that her alliance with throw Ryan into Exile. Being Ryan's friend, Kenny will let him pick who he wants to go against, which will be CJ. However, Ev's alliance is actually going to toss Jill and Pete instead and screw Kenny over. Ryan tells Kenny that he wants CJ and Kenny promises to call him out.

Phase 1 is completed, but phase 2 gets a little messy when Katelynn returns from the hospital to give news that she can't compete physically anymore. Then Ev and her alliance throws them into Exile instead, basically giving CJ and Sydney the win. CJ still does not appreciate being thrown under the bus by his alliance. CJ starts to question where he is positioned with Evelyn and Wes.

Brandon and Katelynn decide that they want to just skip Exile. But CJ and Sydney ask for them to try to compete a little just so that they can see what the Exile challenge looks like and both teams agree. Ryan then intervenes with Wes on Theresa's behalf on his relationship with her. Wes finds it hard to let go of Theresa, because he may not fend off her advances for very long.

On the night before heading into Exile with a crippled Katelynn, Brandon throws a wild party. He spends the night drinking and being in his birthday suit. Then the next morning comes, and Brandon decides to drink another cold one before heading out. Both teams take the van to the starting point of the next Exile elimination challenge. Then we see the van driving back to homebase where CJ and Sydney make their return. CJ and Sydney lie to everyone, saying that they got to compete in part of the challenge. However, that was to the contrary of what really happened. The challenge rules state that no competitor can drink alcohol before a physical challenge. And as a result TJ disqualifies both him and Katelyn from the game denying CJ and Sydney a chance to compete as they're sent back to the house.

CJ meets with Landon outside to secretly discuss a plan to go rogue and form their own side alliance to possibly go against both Wes and Kenny.
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