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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a new set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Whistler, BC
Web freshmeat2.mtv.com
Airs 10p Wed, MTV
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Sloppy Hos
April 21

Wes thinks his alliance is in a good spot and the one thing they can't have is Kenny to win...or Paula...or Ryan. There are two big alliances in the house. Wes' alliance consists of Mandi, Danny, Sandy, Katelynn, Brnadon, Landon, Carley, Luke, Ev, Syndey, and CJ. Kenny's alliance consists of Laurel, Pete, Jillian, Jeff, Paula, Theresa, Ryan, Jenn and Noor. If Wes' alliance can get rid of Kenny or Paula, then their other alliance is screwed.

Kenny teaming up with Paula and Ryan is not in his best interest, because everyone knows they aren't that good. However, they're Kenny friends and that's whom he's backing up. When Wes numbers start dwindling, then Kenny and his alliance will start to play their game.

Wes is convinced that he's going to be called out by Kenny. But everyone in his alliance knows that he wants to go up against Paula becuase she's definitely the weakest emotionally and mentally.

Here comes their next clue...

I hope you aren't too Water Logged from the previous Challenge. Bring your bathing suits and be ready to leave by 11:00 a.m.

Theresa is really digging Wes, because he's so fun and so cute. The same can almost be said about Theresa by Wes. Then Jeff fraternizes with Mandi and that causes Paula to call him out on that. Paula is always arguing with Jeff because he is too nice and wants him to play the game smart, not with his heart. Mandi tells Jeff that Paula is feeding him bologna.

Jeff then makes a comment in front of Paula and everyone that he's not here to be Mandi's friend which leaves her feeling embarrassed. Their alliances with Wes and Paula respectively has taken a toll on Jeff and Mandi's, which causes him to cut ties with her.

Challenge #3: Water Logged

There are two giant platforms suspended high above the water. Separating those two platforms are a series of logs that are of different lengths. Each pair will use those logs in an attempt to get from one platform to the other as fast as possible. If at least one of the pair of players falls into the water, they're disqualified. The team with the fastest time wins this challenge.

Since Landon and Carley won the previous challenge, they choose the order of play.

Kenny & Laurel - 1:42
Paula & Jeff - Disqualified
Jillian & Pete - Disqualified
Ryan & Theresa - Disqualified
Jenn & Noor - 3:17
Katelynn & Brandon - Disqualified
Danny & Sandy - Disqualified
CJ & Sydney - Disqualified
Wes & Mandi - Disqualified
Ev & Luke - Time Not Given
Landon & Carley - Disqualified

You would think the team who went first would be put at a disadvantage. But it wasn't the case for Kenny and Laurel as the've won a pair of mountain bikes and immunity from possible elimination. Kenny and Laurel's victory makes the other teams scared knowing that the former is out for blood.

As the players take the bus back to homebase, Luke mentions that he had cramped up really bad and is not prepared for the Exile. However, Kenny overhears Luke and this gives him an idea. Wes has got all the numbers right now and no matter whom Kenny chooses, they get to choose the second person that goes in and it's a lot of power.

It's Exile deliberation time and Kenny and Laurel send Ev and Luke in. According to Ev, it was a strategic move and not a personal one. The rest of the teams vote...

Paula & Jeff - 6 votes
Landon & Carley - 2 votes
Wes & Mandi - 2 votes

Paula and Jeff will be playing against Ev and Luke in the Exile. It's a scary day for Wes when Kenny starts making intelligent decisions. Paula is getting confident about her chances in the Exile.

As if Wes doesn't have enough to hate Kenny about, he had to drop the ball about his history with Theresa which leaves Wes flabbergasted and having a hard time to coming up with a response.

Mandi then questions Jenn's decision-making, causing sparks to fly between them. When things cooled down later, Wes reveals to Mandy he had contracted Jenn into their alliance. For that, there were stipulations that included not telling her Frest Meat partner anything, living in a seperate room other and Danny and him, and shouldn't have voted against him for two straight weeks.

Mandi is extremely nice, but the problem for Wes is that she's pretty. And to him, that's a big problem when it comes to girls and competition. Wes wants Jenn to take her chest down a notch and back off from his partner, Mandi. Wes wanted to implant Jenn into Kenny's alliance, and she has done that so far. But the problem is that she's doing such a good job that she has gotten to be legitimately a part of Kenny's alliance. This makes it impossible for Wes to tell whether or not Jenn's pretending to play both sides or actually using them.

Theresa is getting irritated over Kenny butting into her budding relationship with Wes. Mandi likes Jeff, but for her it's more important to advance in the game and win the big money than keeping a friend she has known for a few days.

Exile #3: Lost & Found

Ev and Paula will carry 40-pound backpacks while Luke and Jeff carry 60-pound bags in a six-mile race on a path through the forest.

In the first checkpoint, teams have to place all of the available numbers in the grid so the rows and columns add up to the provided sums. At the teams' first glance, all of the blocks are blank side up. That's because a number is marked on the other side of each block. Both teams are correct, and they each get a map.

In the second checkpoint, teams have to arrange all seven puzzle pieces to form the shape of a bird. Both teams complete the puzzle, but Paula and Jeff are now taking the lead. Jeff incurrs a fall, but gets back up without injury.

The third checkpoint is the same as the previous one, but all seven puzzle pieces have to form the shape of a tree. Both teams complete it leading up to the closest Exile finish yet. Ev and Luke win this Exile leaving Paula and Jeff with the bitter taste of elimination and disappointment.

Any doubts about Luke that Ev had as a competitor were gone as she fells that they can take on any opponent. Wes has the majority of the house as it's no longer divided. Now that Ev is back, Kenny has four teams left, or at least he thinks he has.
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