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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a new set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Whistler, BC
Web freshmeat2.mtv.com
Airs 10p Wed, MTV
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Road Kill
May 5

The pressures of the game take their toll on an already-paranoid Danny, but things get worse for him. Players attempt a nerve-wracking leap of faith at the "Drop Out" challenge. And two teams' race for survival at the "Lost and Found" Exile ends in the closest finish yet.

The episode begins with the Fresh Meat challengers partying while the veterans worry about the game, with the former not knowing how ugly the game is. Kenny sees the house as a circus with misfits on his and Wes' sides. As long as Kenny keeps winning, more people would like to be on his side. But if he loses, he better watch himself. Wes and Ev have kept Ryan out of Exile so far, but ultimately to him, it will come down to whom he wants to cross the finish line with.

Danny starts to become emotional as evidenced by a clip from The Real World: Austin and his friendship with Wes. However, this doesn't sit right with Wes as it could put a target on Danny's back.

It's time for their next clue...

Tomorrow's challenge will determine who hangs out for another day. Be ready to leave at 10AM Bring your bathing suits.

Wes has told Ryan that if he convinces Kenny to throw in whomever he wanted, then he'll throw in Jill and Pete and not Ryan. CJ is ready to play for what's best for him and Sydney. Wes has seen Danny not doing any favors in the game and making mistakes that are hard for him to correct. Danny has also made the target that's already on Wes' back more bigger than it has. Wes talks to Danny about the situation in the best way possible. Danny sees Wes as him playing every possible angle in this game and realizes that he's not too far from going in to Exile himself. Danny also sees Wes as a someone who doesn't care whom he hurts, even at the expense of his best friend.

Danny, Ev, and Wes came into this challenge with a handshake and friendships that don't die. And because they sold Danny short, if and when Danny comes back to the game, he'll be jumping ship.

Danny then talks to the rest of Wes' alliance about why he wasn't a part of their latest conversation. Landon doesn't want to be thrown in and doesn't want to have a problem with that now. For the first time since Danny has met wes, he feels that he doesn't have his back. Wes has the team of Ryan and Theresa as his "get out of jail free" card, but the situation he's in now has put him between a rock and hard place.

Challenge #5: Drop Out

Each team will race up the rope ladder, go across the swivel bridge to the top platform. Then they must run, jump, and hang onto the canvas bag. Both players must hang on simultaneously to the bag for five seconds for their time to stop. If any player falls in the water or misses the bag, they must start over again. Teams have up to maximum of 15 minutes to complete the task. The team who clocks in the fastest time wins this challenge.

Ev & Luke - Disqualified
Landon & Carley - Disqualified
CJ & Sydney - 6m 56s
Wes & Mandi - 5m 2s
Danny & Sandy - Disqualified
Ryan & Theresa - 3m 47s
Jenn & Noor - 4m 08s
Jillian & Pete - Disqualified
Kenny & Laurel - 3m 03s

There's no stopping Kenny and Lauren who win another challenge, and in this case they both get a guitar and an amp. Danny's fate is in other peoples hands.

It's once again time for deliberations and Kenny and Laurel throw Danny and Sandy into Exile and they fully expect Ryan and Theresa to go in against them. If you've seen past challenges, you may know that there's a code in these challenges where, sometimes, people will let a player or team select their opponent if they're up for elimination. And as if Danny hasn't been screwed enough already by his friends and alliance members, Evelyn then manages to sway everyone to throw Pete and Jillian into Exile.

CJ finds it 100% hard to stay in the alliance when he sees the people in them get knocked off to save someone from another alliance. Danny sees Wes' alliance trying to keep a 'buffer' in this game by saving Ryan until the very end. It's a smart move, but it may have came at the cost of Wes' friendship with Danny.

Exile: Lost & Found

Danny and Sandy get off to a strong start and they finish their first puzzle in record time. The heavy backpacks that both teams are carrying are taking their toll and before you know it, this race is looking pretty dead even. But just as Danny and Sandy are about to reach the finish line, Pete and Jillian get there quicker than them. They go back to homebase while Danny and Jillian go back to the USA.

Wes denied ever screwing Danny over in any way, shape, or form. He's playing a game and is here to do a job and hopes that Danny will apologize to him someday.

Ryan finds himself right square in the middle of two different alliances. It's around the time that all of these alliances start crumbling and people have to start turning on them. But at this point, there's not many left.

Wes had the ability to do whatever he wants despite not having the choice of who goes in automatically. If he got thrown in, then he could manipulate the 'mob' to put Ryan and Theresa against him and could come back and live to fight another day.
To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and a blog, go to freshmeat2.mtv.com.