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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to take on a new set of viewers in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Whistler, BC
Web freshmeat2.mtv.com
Airs 10p Wed, MTV
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Meating of the Minds
April 14

The episode begins with the players partying and having a good time. We see a hook-up going on with Sarah and Vinny. Then Carley comes at Ev with peanut butter and then mixed it up with mayo to make things crazy. This gives Landon's confidence in the game a shot up, although Danny finds that disgusting.
Kenny and Wes never got along and he never wanted to make a deal with him. For the moment Kenny is playing nice with everyone. In a way, Wes needs Kenny and he's keeping him at bay. Wes is for making deals, but Kenny doesn't trust him and vice-versa, so that means anything can happen. Romantic intentions are emerging amongst the cast.
The next day, Wes tells his alliance that they need to pick the next sacrificial lamb. They know they want Jillian and Pete to go into Exile, because they see them as a dangerous team and they know how the Exile works. Wes is feeling good that a Plan A and a Plan B are in place. Wes then talks to Danny and Ev that Plan A is CJ and Plan B is Landon. Ev doesn't want to unload CJ because he's a free vote in their direction and he's also in her alliance. Ev tells that it's a numbers game and 12 teams are left. That's one player Wes knows it's going to vote his way. Wes's sees that Ev is smart at this game and is convinced to double-cross Kenny and the competitors.
Here comes the next clue...
A good team means being there for your partner. Bring your bathing suits and be ready to roll at 9:30 AM.
Challenge #2: I'll Be There For You
The teams see a beautiful lake with a dock over it. However, what they can't see is a giant platform submerged 15 feet into the water with weighted chests chained to that deck.
A player and their partner will start in the water. On TJ's signal one player will swim down and pick up a chest off the deck. That chest can not touch the deck ever again. A player can hold a chest for as long as possible, but at anytime their partner can swim down and relieve them so that they're able to swim to the surface and take a breath. Then at that point, their partner will hold onto the chest until its dropped onto the deck or both their heads are above water in which case their time will be recorded. The two teams with the longest times then play one more round to see who'll win this challenge.
Since Kenny and Laurel won the previous challenge, they get to decide the order of play.
Round 1: Katelynn & Brandon vs. Ev & Luke
Katelynn & Brandon - 0:06
Ev & Luke - 0:56
Round 2: Jillian & Pete vs. Sarah & Vinny
Jillian & Pete - Disqualified (Jillian didn't want to compete in the cold water.)
Sarah & Vinny - 0:56
Round 3: Paula & Jeff vs. Landon & Carley
Paula & Jeff - 0:48
Landon & Carley - 3:18
Round 4: CJ & Sydney vs. Wes & Mandi
CJ & Sydney - 0:13
Wes & Mandy - 0:21
Round 5: Danny & Sandy vs. Ryan & Theresa
Ryan & Theresa - 0:33
Danny & Sandy - 1:18
Round 6: Jenn & Noor vs. Kenny & Laurel
Jenn & Noor - 0:24
Kenny & Laurel - 1:34
Final Round: Landon & Carley vs. Kenny & Laurel
Kenny and Laurel's heads were above the water at the same time, Landon and Carley wins this challenge.
Landon and Carley have each won a digital home entertainment projector and they're also safe from elimination. However, Carley's performance in the final round causes both alliances to panic.
Theresa finds that being considered the hot girl is really awkward as all of the guys are kind of hot-looking. But then again, it could also be a very bad thing for Theresa. Ryan sees Theresa as being "boy crazy," which makes him nervous that she won't have her head in the game.
Going into deliberation, Ev plans to try to work with Wes and get into Landon's head in the hopes of bringing him into their alliance. Traditionally, Landon refuses to make alliances and just wants to play the fair way. Landon sees Wes come to him out of fear that he'll vote him in, but he does come into a full-blown alliance.
The news of Wes secretly wooing Landon into his alliance sure travelled fast as Paula told Kenny about it. Basically, for the first time in five or six seasons, Kenny feels powerless and promises he won't be fooled again.
Kenny will do everything in his power to rally enough votes so that he can take Wes on in Exile where he'll so no remorse. Wes mentions that the first part of the game is politics, where you get rid of the people you don't trust. It seems that Kenny may know more about game politics than Wes ever will.
Loyalties are now coming into question as Kenny and Wes try to rack up enough votes to sway the Exile in their favor. And then we go into the deliberations where Landon and Carley put Kenny and Laurel on the proverbial chopping block. As for the rest of the players...
Sarah & Vinny - 11 votes
Wes & Mandi - 7 votes
Katelynn & Brandon - 1 vote
Jillian & Pete - 1 vote
Sarah feels that the voting has been about revenge rather than a strategic game move. But in any case, they're up against Kenny and Laurel in the next Exile course. Kenny wants Wes so bad that he would rip his head off. Sarah and Vinny getting the short end of the stick in the deliberations because Wes knew he couldn't sway their votes. And Kenny feels that Wes is upsetting the wrong guy.
At the start of the season Theresa had the hots for Kenny, but then she connected at the face with Wes. Wes has no doubt that Theresa's running around the house, following him room to room, trying to kiss him. Wes doesn't understand why, in every Challenge house that he has been in, that the hottest girl is always falling in love with him.
Kenny couldn't care that Theresa's giving Wes attention. But Ryan has concerns that Wes would flip out if he finds out that Theresa had a little bit of a crush on Kenny. Both Wes and Kenny have a lot of history, especially when it comes to girls.
Ev sees Sarah as a conceited rookie pipsqueak who came into this game with an enormous sense of entitlement because how she finished in The Ruins. But this is Fresh Meat II, it's about how well you do with you partner and Sarah picked Vincent because they wanted to hook up.
Kenny now finds himself on the outs as he heads into the exile against a close friend.
Exile #2: Weight For Me
The two teams involved will race against each other in a trek, 3,600 feet on a mountain while carrying a weight rack across their shoulders. Each weight rack will have a bucket on each end, filled with weighted bags. Along the way, there are three puzzle stations which upon completion this time out will give any of the teams an advantage.
The Exile begins both teams at the first puzzle station. They have to arrange all seven puzzle pieces to form the shape of a mountain. Kenny and Laurel get that done first before getting their weighted racks. The weights and the mountain are proving to be problems for both teams.
The teams get to the second station where they have to use the numbers provided to complete a Sudoku-esque puzzle. Kenny and Laurel finishes it correctly, and they get 30 pounds of weight off their racks. Sarah and Vincent may have already started on their side, but as their opponents pull away, the former is getting into panic mode. However, the panic went away when they've completed their puzzle.
Kenny and Laurel now reach the final station where they must guide the marble inside the maze from the green line to the green hole. If marble falls through a red hole, they must start again. If successful, five minutes will be subtracted from their total time. Kenny and Laurel finish the station with no problem as they make their way to the finish line before Sarah and Vincent start and finish on their end.
Back at homebase, Wes his alliance, and the rest of the players are eagerly waiting to see which team will return from Exile. This course was painful and difficult for both of the teams involved. They later reach a point in the course where they see the sign telling them to drop off their weight. But they must continue holding on to their racks for the rest of the course. In the end Kenny and Laurel win the Exile going back to home, sending Sarah and Vincent home.
Kenny, who calls himself the 'Italian Wrecking Ball,' will be on the warpath based on his knowledge of how the Exile works and he doesn't see any other team beating him and Laurel. However, Wes has the majority and he'll pick apart Kenny's alliance one-by-one until his alliance remains. But Kenny will have other ideas as Fresh Meat II continues.
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