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Ballroom dancing gets a fierce forum as 12 of the medium's best meet up with 12 celebrities... and YOU'RE the ultimate judge!

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Hosts Tom Bergeron & Brooke Burke
Judges Len Goodman
Carrie Ann Inaba
Bruno Tonioli
Announcer Alan Dedicoat
Creator Eric Morley (based upon "Strictly Come Dancing")
EP Conrad Green
Packager BBC Worldwide Productions
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Web www.abc.com/dancing
Airs 8p ET Mon & 9p ET Tues, ABC
@Dancing with the Stars

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Week 9: The Luckiest Semifinal Show!
November 14

It comes down to 4 couples. never before have we had a dogfight about to come close, and it will be the closest semifinals you can expect. Anyone can catch up to J.R. Martinez, but Ricki, Hope and Rob all want him out of teh finals picture. anything can and will happen. Let the Semifinals begin!!!!

The first of 3 periods starts with Hope & maks doing a paso doble to "can't be Tamed" by Miley Cyrus. Hope is in chains and used strength to get out herself. maks slid Hope and by the end, Maks pushed him down. Now let's pull ahead with the judges. Carrie Ann said the grace suffered, Len said it lost control and finesse and Bruno said it was unchained and untamed. Keep control of teh scoreboard....

CARRIE ANN: 7 LEN: 7 BRUNO: 7 Round 1 Score: 21

J.R. & Karina will paso doble to "The Legend of Zorro." J.R. flirted around with his cape and did everything else despite injury in practice. Now to the judges. Carrie Ann said she gave credit for attacking that routine, Len said the dance didn't suit him at all and Bruno said he could feel the thrill and excitement, but can he feel this?

CARRIE ANN: 8 LEN: 7 BRUNO: 8 Round 1 Score: 23

Rob & Cheryl will now samba to "I go to Rio" by Pablo Cruise. It felt much like a brazilian carnival and later, Cheryl did a floor spin. They even ended under a rainbow float. Now we soar away to the judges. Carrie Ann asked what was that?, Len said yes once he got on the floor and Bruno watched a handicap turn into an asset. Let's turn on the numebrs...

CARRIE ANN: 10 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 9 Round 1 Score: 28

And to end teh 1st period, Ricki & Derek do a samba to "Jump In The Line" by Harry Belafonte. One highlight you might find is Ricki using her behind to knock Derek out. Ouch. Now to teh judges. Carrie Ann said she saw you shoulders so hard, Len said it was faboulous X 3, and Bruno said it was brillant beginnign to the end. Let's have this...

CARRIE ANN: 10 LEN: 10 BRUNO: 10 Round 1 Score: 30

The first period is over and Ricki is in the lead, but Hope has to catch up. Let's move on to the 2nd period....

In this period, it's all argentine tango, all teh time. First Hope & maks dancing to "Whatever Lola Wants" by Sarah Vaughn. Hope hooked the leg around Maks and carried from teh jduges table to teh floor. Midway point came and pretzel work for Hope came in. By teh end, hope did a foot drag. Now let's get to the judges. Carrie Ann said she gives points for being ambitious for teh lifts, Len said he wasn't disappointed and Bruno said she was going to kill it all teh time. Let's kill the numbers with a zapper....

CARRIE ANN: 8 LEN: 8 BRUNO: 8 ROund 2 Score: 24 Score so far: 45

Next is J.R. & karina dancing to "Bust Your Windows" by Jazmine Sullivan. Both did arm work past midpoint and there was a cool ending. Now we go to the judges. Carrie Ann said he commanded it, Len said it had intensity and Bruno said it was fearless. Check this out....

CARRIE ANN: 9 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 9 ROund 2 Score: 27 Score so far: 50

We have Rob & Cheryl dancing to "Libertango" by Bond. The curtain came up and poise and piassion shone through with this routine. Now we go to the judges. Carrie Ann said there's no way to fake good dancing, Len said he's finishing strong and Bruno said he looks like a leading man. So far, in the period, J.R. is in the lead, but can a 28 or better over take him? Let's see....

CARRIE ANN: 9 LEN: 9 BRUNO: 9 Round 2 Score; 27 Score so far: 55

And to end teh period, Ricki & Derek dacning to "Allerdings" by Otros Aires. Ricki got up from a table to dance and did a front foot bend. After all this dancing, we go to the judges. Carrie Ann said she's got the pop, Len said it was really really good and Bruno said it was spot on. See if you can spot these numbers....

CARRIE ANN: 9 LEN: 10 BRUNO: 10 Round 2 Score: 29 Score so far: 59

Ricki is still in high gear, but we move on to teh cha-cha relay. 4th place scores 4 points, 3rd scores 6 points, 8 for 2nd and a big 10 for being in first. Boys & girls, have at it. The green flag is dropping...now.


Ricki & Derek went first. After arm work by both, Hope & Maks went next. J.R. & Karina took their turn and Rob & Cheryl took it dead last. And the finish line crosses over....Rob & Cheryl adding 10 to make it 65, 8 goes to Ricki & Derek to maek it 67, 6 goes to J.R. & Karina getting 56 and hope & maks with 49 as a result of 4 points being added to their score.

And with that, we end this program. We announce the 3 finalists on tomorrow's show. It'll be a dogfight to the mirrorball trophy if one is singled out. We'll see you later.


To see this episode in its entirety, go to abc.com/dancing.