The Biggest Loser
Season 3
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Today is

Duos - November 1

Its time for the revenge of the outcasts! The 36 biggest losers at home will finally have their opportunity to get back in the game. What states will raise the stakes and who will be going home?

Blue and red assemble in the gym early but don’t know why. Obviously these people are not reality show experts. It’s a merge and the teams are no longer teams. They will soon be duos. But who will choose the duos?


Each “loser” will reach into a box and pull out either food or the power. Amazingly as the losers make their choices the empty every box but the power leaving the power to the last person to play. Who played last? Wylie! So, Wylie now has the power to choose the pairs which each must consist of one blue member and one red member.

Here are the new pairs:

Heather and Bobby

Pam and Brian

Kai and Erik

Wylie and Marty

Wait until the trainers find out that they are losing someone no matter what. Bob hates it Kim reacts with work. Wylie ass to train with Bob and Bob drives Wylie into the ground. Then Kim attacks Bob for killing Wylie. Trainer Fight!

Challenge time!

Trial by fire. The teams will have to hold a pole with the end inside of a ring. If the ring and pole hit, the ring will ignite eliminating that team. The winning team will get to make video phone calls home.

Heather and Bobby and Kai and Erik fall quickly, but Pam and Brian and Marty and Wylie hold well past 10 minutes until finally in an attempt to give his partner a rest, Marty knocks the pole into the ring. Brian and Pam win!

After same joyous conversations it is time for the last chance workout. Everyone grabbed some water and went for a hike. The girls of red express hope that Marty and Wylie fall below the yellow lone so that the girls can stick together one more week.

Weigh in time.

Pam and Brian

Previous: 211
Current: 207
Loss: 4

Previous: 246
Current: 240
Loss: 6

Total:10 lbs. 2.19%

Wylie and Marty

Previous: 248
Current: 242
Loss: 6

Previous: 293
Current: 286
Loss: 7

Total: 13 lbs. 2.40%

Kai and Erik

Previous: 214
Current: 208
Loss: 6

Previous: 335
Current: 338

For the first time this season, Erik gained 3 pounds. He admits to slacking, Kai says that if she finds out she will be pissed.

Total: 3 lbs. 0.55%. They are below the yellow line

Bobby and Heather

Previous: 260
Current: 255
Loss: 5

Previous: 187
Current: 182
Loss: 5

Total 10 lbs 2.24%

Final Results

1. Marty and Wylie
2. Bobby and Heather
3. Brian and Pam
4. Erik and Kai

Because of Kai previously earned free pass, Pam and Bobby know that they are going home. Erik admits to Bob his strategy and everyone on the former blue is thrilled. Pam knows she’s going home. Kai has a decision to make.

And in avoidance of the reality TV hall of shame the free pass is used. Thus no votes are necessary this week and Pam and Brian are gone.

But wait, there’s more. Caroline announces that the team that walked out must now be replaced and here come two at home contestants.

The top 3 men and women from at home are back and one pair will be formed based on who has lost the highest percentage of body weight.

Brian is under 200 pounds and lost 118 total. Pam has lost an additional 25 pounds as well and 65 total.

Much success and even more fun to come. Keep checking in.

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