The Biggest Loser
Season 3
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Today is

The Biggest Loser Goes to the Beach - September 27

It’s time to keep on losing. The teams have been cut down, let’s get caught up.

With the Red team suffering its first casualty, everyone is “resuscitated by a small temptation. Baked potatoes fully stuffed along with a bevy of other foods await all the “losers” in the living room. No one is biting but everyone is discussing how the red team feels that by getting rid of Jen that they have gotten rid of their virus. The blue team resents this as they feel that the red team still does not come close to comparing to them, but none of this matters as it is all about the weight.

Kim gears the red team up with a dose of early morning positive energy, and she has exciting news. The “losers” will be training at the beach all week!

Crickets… Non-chirping crickets…

The red team is amazing displeased as they know the beach is only going to bring them pain and possibly the humiliation of wearing swimsuits.

The Blue team on the other hand is taking this in stride. They are looking forward tot eh change of scenery, and it is likely a lot of this is because Bob is encouraging them the entire way.

Unfortunately the only person who truly needs encouragement is Ken on the red team as his son is in the Hospital in the ICU. Ken is torn up over this and is not sure what to do, but after a call to the hospital he realizes that he can’t do anything that the hospital can not. Thus with a full cast prayer, Ken and the rest of the losers band together and Ken decides to continue with the training regimen.

As the losers arrive at the beach, we see tents. That’s right, they will be living at the beach and while they may enjoy the first few hours burying each other in the sand, running in the dunes and lifting planks of wood quickly brings the “losers” to their knees.

Kim has the red squad doing a circuit workout and a lot of the team is not responding well to Kim’s shouting. Wylie is crawling on the sand, completely exhausted and

Erik on blue is cursing up a storm at Bob. The big difference is that Erik is not quitting. Remember, a cursing “loser” is a lighter “loser.”

After a good hour or so of training, it’s temptation time.

Sand castles are presented, some contain carrot sticks, some contain chocolate and one contains immunity. Dig and you must eat, but get lucky and you will be safe. Bob threatened his team before leaving that if they played that they would pay.

Threats work. After some discussion both teams decide that it would be best to stick to the program and all of the sand castles go untouched.

Bob and Kim are very proud of their teams and they celebrate with turkey burgers at a beach cookout.

Bobby thinks he is pretty secure on the blue side because everyone likes his cooking, but nothing is safe in reality but immunity (sandcastles, anyone?)

Bob starts off the next day with a yoga class for the blue team. Wonder what the red team is doing?

Red’s doing yoga too! Kim style though. The boys in red are goofing off and Kim is not having it. Kai joins in and starts chiding the yoga and Heather points out that their team is very dysfunctional.

Kim has had it and is bringing down the hammer. Now the red team is running carrying medicine balls. Kai is pissed and doesn’t want to run. Kim obliges telling them all to take a “break” filling bags with sand. Then they have to run again. Wow, this is punishment and Wylie tells Kim that she doesn’t have to be such a female dog (in other words). Ouch… Can the Red team pull it together with a challenge on the line? Let’s find out.

14 feet above the “losers” are suspended team flags the teams will have to reach these flags by transporting sand from the beach and creating a mountain high enough to have one team member reach the flag. The winner will decide which member of the blue team will sit out the weigh in and more importantly, family gift packs are on the line. The tears swell and spill as the packages sit just a few feet away from the “losers.” The stakes are high and the game is on.

10 minutes in and the sand is about 2 feet high for each team. The big men are packing the sand by sumo splashing the mounds with their bellies, and both teams are realizing this is going to be a lot longer than expected.

30 minutes is the teams are at about 4 feet, and each is looking at jumping, but no one has Jordan-like ups. Bring on more sand!

40 minutes in and blue is slightly ahead at about 5.5 feet to red’s 5.

Marty is being begged by his team to jump and Marty laughs as they are no where close. Nelson on red has a little more faith in his ups and takes the leap of faith… right onto Wylie…

Wylie screams in agony as Nelson lands on his necks. After a pause from competition Wylie decides that he wants ton continue and the game is back on.

At the 1 hour mark, a leap of faith finally pays off. There is screaming, there is crying, and it’s all coming from the red team with flag in hand.

Blue is trying their best not to be crushed although their faces and attitudes are more than despondent.

The red team enjoys some family time as they peruse their gifts. From teddy bears to hand prints to toy cars, each member receives something very special and the Red team feels that their spirit has been revived.

Blue is fighting back as they exercise to death in an afternoon workout. Having lost out on the family reward, blue is working hard to make sure that they don’t lose again. They are proving that pain can be a great motivator.

Red is looking at their “goal clothes” that they aim to be able to wear at the end of their stay at the ranch. All of the girls have selected T-shirts and jeans. Kai additionally wants to be able to rock stilettos, but that will take some time. Brian from Blue just wants to be able to wear his wedding ring again. Melinda however is the raciest wanting to be able to wear some sexy lingerie.

Last chance! Make it burn! Get it right, get it tight! Both teams are fighting hard, let’s hit the scales.

Red chooses to eliminate Erik. Here’s his weigh in:

previous 391
now 375
loss: 16

Not a bad choice.

Now for the rest of Blue

Previous 345
Current 329
Loss 16

Previous: 244
Current: 236
Loss: 8

Previous: 225
Current: 221
Loss: 4

Previous: 243
Current: 236
Loss: 7

Previous: 285
Current: 277
Loss 8

Previous: 303
Current: 291
Loss 12

Blue team Total Loss 55
Total percentage loss: 3.34%

Red must lose more than 57 pounds to win the weigh in. Pam is up first.

Previous: 237
Current: 231
Loss 6

Previous: 214
Current: 206
Loss 8

Previous: 385
Current: 370
Loss 15

Previous: 250
Current: 238
Loss 12

Previous: 293
Current: 275
Loss 18

Red Wins with one team member left to weigh!

Let finish the weigh in.

Previous: 340
Current: 320
Loss 20

That ladies and gentlemen is what we call a drubbing.

Total Red weight loss: 79 pounds
Percentage weight loss: 4.6%

And in what must be a difficult week to take, the blue team is headed to the elimination room. Marty on blue has the highest percentage of weight loss, so he has immunity, but someone else must go.

In an honorable move, the blue team stays close through deliberations and does not attack each other or lobby against one another. They are still a team, but they still must make votes.

Melinda regretfully votes for Tiffany
Tiffany returns the favor and votes for Melinda
Bobby gives his vote of confidence to Tiffany and votes her out
Brain likewise casts his vote for Tiffany
Amy potentially ahs the deciding vote if she votes for Tiffany, and she does.

Melinda is spared despite her weakest weight loss, but Tiffany shows resolve that she can complete the task at home.

The blue team genuinely wishes her the best and better yet in an end of episode recap we find that Tiffany is fighting through life’s set backs and has managed to lose a total of 33 pounds. Her lifestyle has changed and she will complete her journey.

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