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Season 3
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Today is

50 Losers from 50 States - September 20

To open the show we learn the stories of some of the competitor who are here. They have all fought through their own personal problems and are all realizing a personal truth.

Poppi from New Jersey is sick of being fat, not because people call her fat but because she herself does so.

John from Arizona wants his kids to be proud of a father that they can compare to the other fit dads out there.

Jen from Minnesota was once a model. Then she became a plus size model and now she is a model of bad health. She seeks to regain the vibrance her life once had when she had confidence in herself.

Erik, from New York, parks closer to stores so he doesn’t have to walk. He works at a deli standing up all day and is ashamed that he has to lean against the walls to make it through an 8 hour shift.

Valerie from Pennsylvania doesn’t see herself in the mirror. She sees nothing more than a disguised memory of who she once was.

Ken from Washington has watched himself fall into a rut and as his physique has deteriorated so has his zest for other life goals.

These are only some of the stories, but every last competitor is in competition with themselves. The Biggest Loser will provide all 50 of them the opportunity to change their lives, but only 14 of them will get the prized ranch experience that we have come to know so well.

To business. All 50 contestants are put onto a massive scale and weighed. The result?

14,384 pounds.

Ouch. As the contestants die of embarrassment, Caroline Rhea drops the bomb. Only 14 will be staying at the ranch. 36 will be sent home today.

What can make things better?

Flying in on two zip lines come the trainers. Bob has returned and joining him is a new trainer Kim Lyons.

Now that the contestants are thoroughly scared, jumping jacks begin and the trainers begin scouting for their teams. That’s right; the teams will be picked by the trainers.

After a brief aerobics session, here are the picks


Tiffany, a single mother from Texas

Bobby, a firefighter from Tennessee

Brian, a stay-at-home dad from California

Melinda, a simple sweetheart from Alabama

Marty, a school teacher from Missouri

Amy, a power tools salesperson from Maryland

Erik, a deli daddy from New York


Ken, a paintballer from Washington

Kai, a peanut butter addict from Alaska

Nelson, a police officer from Massachusetts

Pam, a nervous wreck from Indiana

Wylie, a mentoring program administrator from Florida

Heather a self-proclaimed rebel from Utah

Jen, the former model from Minnesota

For the other 36, this is goodbye, some are sad, some are angry, but in the end the decision has been made.

Or has it?

Caroline has a secret before she sends the unchosen 36 home. The man and woman with the most body fat lost from the unchosen group will still have a chance to become The Biggest Loser. For those of you interested in this veritable internet competition, you can track the result of the 36 online.

The trainers now share a more intimate story time with their teams. Here are a couple more stories:

Melinda (AL) is hurting because she can only look at her face in the mirror.

Bobby (TN) is hurting because he is worried he won’t be able to see his grandkids, a fate shared by his father.

And now for the real weigh in. Men don your trunks. Ladies, sports bras please.

Here are the initial weigh in totals.

Ken (WA) 358

Pam (IN) 247

Wylie (FL) 307

Nelson (MA) 404

Heather (UT) 223

Jennifer (MN) 245

Kai (AK) 262


Melinda (AL) 236

Tiffany (TX) 255

Marty (MO) 365

Bobby (TN) 321

Brian (CA) 308

Amy (MD) 260

Erik (NY) 407


With the initial weigh ins behind them the ranchers prepare to head to the mansion and gets some rest. Right as they exit the gym though they get a rude surprise. Bob and Kim are waiting outside to force them back in. For the first night, the gym will be their new home, and they have been provided with sleeping bags so that they can camp out on the floor. The game is real and the gym is raw.

Wake Up!

Time for their first official workouts as teams. Bob takes the blue team for a hike and Kim has the Red team running. Erik on the blue team is wheezing and an hour later Bobby is in the gym screaming at the top of his lungs holding dumbbells above his head.

Pam on the red squad is losing it due to all the squats and lunges. Trainer Kim doesn’t care and offers a puke bucket. However, the blue team takes advantage of it first as Amy jumps off the elliptical to hurl.

Then the men follow puking as well. Cramps, people passing out on the floor, bodies sprawled spread eagle. The pain is here and it is real. Everyone is recognizing that The Biggest Loser is not a joke.

The day after Workout 1, everyone is feeling it. Having their diet slashed in half and having their butts kicked has taken its toll. Of course this will amount to nothing as the teams prepare to face their first Challenge.

The Challenge:

The teams will be crossing a bridge that has four walls/hills of increasing gradients. The team can only move on to the next wall once the entire team is over the current wall. The reward for the winning team? They will get to swap weigh in totals with one member of the opposite team yielding a potentially large advantage. Remember, the team that loses the weigh in will have to go to the elimination room and vote someone off the ranch.

Ready, set GO!

The Teams sprint off to the first wall and successfully navigate what isn’t more than a minor hill.

Running to the second hill the Blue team begins to take an advantage. They whip past this hill while Red takes a little longer.

Approaching the third hill, the Blue team is beginning to slow. The gradient is steep enough now that the teams are utilizing a rope to get over. Blue and Red complete this hill in a veritable dead heat.

The final wall will decide it. And Red is keeping pace while the Blue team lags behind. That little lag is all it takes and the Red team wins the challenge by about a minute.

Back at the ranch, Blue is dejected and Bob is worried that they will turn toward their emotional eating tendencies sabotaging their work. As a response he decides to take them to the gym for a cardio session, which does not please any of the Blue team.

Meanwhile the Red team is celebrating upstairs and Kim is so happy that she decides to give them the night to sleep. Woe to the rookie trainer that may have just cost her team. Amy on Blue believes that Blue’s dedication may end up pulling them through despite the disadvantage, but there is only one way to know.

Bobby is sitting down the next day and he begins to cry. Trainer Bob asks why and he finds out that many of the men on the blue team are desperately missing their families and in particular their daughters. With this being only week one, this may spell trouble down the road, but for now with last chance workouts behind them…

To the Scales!

The red team has decided to swap Jen for Amy from Blue, so we will start by sending Amy to the scales.

Amy from Blue (previously 260) weighs in at: 244 (-16)

Heather (223) weighs in at: 214 (-9)

Wylie (307) weighs in at 293 (-14)

Pam (247) weighs in at 237 (-10)

Kai (262) weighs in at 250 (-12)

Ken (358) weighs in at 340 (-18)

Nelson (404) weighs in at 385 (-19)

That is a total weight loss for the red team of 98 pounds a percentage of 4.75%

The Blue team will have to lose 101 pounds to equal that percentage

Jen from Red (245) weighs in at 237 (-8)

Melinda (236) weighs in at 225 (-11)

Erik (407) weighs in at 391 (-16)

Bobby (321) weighs in at 303 (-18)

Tiffany (255) weighs in at 243 (-12)

Marty (365) weighs in at 345 (-20)

If Brian has lost more than 16 pounds, Blue will win

Brian (308) weighs in at 285! (-23) Blue wins!

Blue has a total weight loss of 108 pounds and a percentage of 5.05%!

For those of you keeping score, if Red had chosen Brian they would have won the weigh-in.

With that Red heads to the elimination room and they will have to vote off someone other than Ken as he was their biggest loser.

Bob is ecstatic that Blue won and they are all sharing in the victory, but Red is losing it.

Specifically Heather is going crazy and calling Jen on the carpet for not putting out 100%. Kim agrees saying that numerous times she had to push Jen to work harder, but Heather’s flip out is bordering on being uncalled for and some of her teammates are thinking that maybe she should go instead of Jen who put up the weakest numbers.

Time to serve up the votes.

Ken votes for Jen wishing her the best

Wylie is concerned about disruption and votes for Jen

Kai votes out the woman she calls a drama queen more than a beauty queen, Jen.

Jen votes for Heather saying that it is a vote of confidence for someone who may very well be the next Biggest Loser.

Heather’s up and if she votes for Jen, Jen will be leaving the ranch. Without hesitation the vote is for Jen and Jen is on her way home.

However, while Miss Minnesota may be going home she managed to lose another 66 pounds at home and looks amazing. Kudos to Jen for changing her life, and to see more lives change, check back here next week.

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