The Biggest Loser
Season 3
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Today is

Gym Gone - October 18

Biggest Loser Week 5 is upon us and the blue team is hurting bad. Let’s even things up a bit. Close the gym! Now red and blue are hurting as they realize they are going to have to find a way to exercise without the equipment.

Calisthenics. That is the word of the day for the blue team as they are out on the yard burning their calories. Amy is the only remaining blue woman and Bob is pushing her to play like a man. She is responding. She realizes that another loss may mean her doom so she is pushing it.

Red is inside and working the stairs and reaping the rewards. After their workouts, they realize they have shrunk quite a bit. Heck, Pam for the first time ever actually fit into a large with no X in the front. She is thrilled and Kai is thrilled for her.

Erik is struggling on blue. Bob is there to give him a pep talk, but being the biggest guy in the house, Erik isn’t sure if he can win. He isn’t going to give up but his replies to Bob were not that convincing. What was convincing however was Erik’s drive as he ran up the hill from the gate.

It’s becoming a theme that the “losers” are finally believing that they can do this themselves. That is the goal after all. Teaching people that they can achieve a healthy lifestyle. The other goal, $250,000.

Challenge time!

Welcome to the LA coliseum. The challenge: running the stadium steps and completing 510 waves, as in stadium waves. The will sit, wave, move to the next set of seats and wave again. The prize: $2,500 in starter athletic apparel.

It’s amazing how much standing up and sitting down can tire you. At the half way point, red is up by about 40 waves.

Blue is tiring, but Ken on red is really slacking. With 130 waves to go, blue has now pulled within 6 waves.

Ken is tired, but scarier yet, Ken quits. The rest of the red team finishes, but Blue wins anyway, in reality and by default.

Blue having now broken their 0-4 losing streak can go home proud. And Eat. Blue and Red both met “The Biggest Loser Cookbook” author Devin Alexander and learned how to make healthy sausage pizzas and low fat burgers with 96% lean beef. The “losers” love the food, but can’t eat too much heading into…

Last chance workout!

Kim’s got Red running and Bob has blue clearing out the living room furniture. Who will win? Let’s find out.
Red Team

Previous: 228
Current: 223
Loss: 5

Previous: 307
Current: 301
Loss: 6

Previous: 221
Current: 218
Loss: 3

Previous: 196
Current: 193
Loss: 3

Previous: 264
Current: 255
Loss: 9

Red Total weight loss: 26 pounds or 2.14%

Blue must lose more than 30 pounds to win the weigh in

Previous: 277
Current: 273
Loss: 4

Previous: 315
Current: 308
Loss: 7

Previous: 261
Current: 255
Loss: 6

Previous: 223
Current: 219
Loss: 4

Previous: 358
Current: 351
Loss: 7

Total Blue Weight Loss: 27 pounds or 1.95%

It hurts, but Brian is safe as the biggest loser and has immunity.

Blue is headed to the elimination room, but first some conspiring. Amy and Bobby are plotting to get rid of Marty for fear that he may take the whole game. Will it work? Let’s see the votes.

Marty votes for Erik based on sheer percentage of weight loss

Amy is worried about getting out of the elimination room and votes for Erik

…ahh, a little bit of a twist.

Erik fires back and votes for Amy

Bobby admits to finally playing the game and he has voted for Amy

Amy is shocked and rightfully so feeling backstabbed.

Brian has the last vote, will he send Amy or Erik home? It’s Amy

With three votes Amy is gone but the game moves on. Will the blue team return to the elimination room for a third straight time? Check in to find out.

How’s Amy doing at home? After losing 41 pounds at the ranch, Amy has now lost another 47 pounds. She runs, she kayaks, and she does triathlons! Guys, big mistake voting her off.

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