The Biggest Loser
Season 3
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Today is

Cruise Week - October 4

It’s Cruise week on Wheel of… I mean the Biggest Loser! Unfortunately this cruise will not be a luxury vacation. Who won’t be the Biggest Loser? Let’s find out.

Red is enjoying the fact that their wins have taken the blue team down a peg. Blue is hurt but definitely not quitting.

Both teams are excited to be going on a cruise. As for their circuit training workouts, hah! Kim puts red through the paces in the pool and blue is in the gym working out on the machines.

After their first workouts, the teams hit the buffets where they learn to fill a single plate and to fill it with good choices. Many of the “losers” look like sad puppy dogs as they pass over item covered in butter and sauce for grilled and broiled items, but everyone sticks to their guns.

This cruise never stops. And neither will the losers. Their challenge involves delivering food to their family members who are hidden around the ship. The winners will win a visit; the trick is that at the beginning of the contest, the “losers” don’t know the prize or who they are delivering to. First team done wins.

Wylie and Marty take off and both realize just how important this challenge is when the find their friends and family. They are roughly even and tie 1-1

Red takes the lead when blue gets a little lost, and Blue takes the lead back when Heather gets lost.

Blue is up 3-2 and Melinda is on the run. From this point on things are pretty close and when the final check is signed…

Red comes out on top!

Red is on fire, and everyone will be headed back to the ranch for the weigh in, but Blue will get to spend the evening with their loved ones.

Last chance workout back at the ranch. Everyone is sweating and everyone wants to stay. Blue feels that they desperately need to win and it would be hard to disagree.

Bring on the dreaded scale.

Weigh in #3


Previous: 277
Current: 270
Loss 7

Previous: 236
Current 227
Loss 9

Previous: 291
Current: 282
Loss 9

Previous: 329
Current: 322
Loss 7

Previous: 375
Current: 364
Loss 11

Previous: 221
Current: 211
Loss 10

Team total 53 (3.07%)

Red must lose more than 50 pounds to win


Previous 231
Current: 226
Loss 5

Previous: 275
Current: 269
Loss 6

Previous: 206
Current: 201
Loss 5

Previous: 238
Current: 233
Loss 5

Previous: 370
Current: 365
Loss: 5

Previous: 320
Current: 317
Loss 3

Team total 29 (1.77%)


It’s been a rocky ride for the blue team but they can take the win home. Red is worried that they spent too much time with their family instead of exercising and they are probably right.

In their rooms there is a quick bit of maneuvering. But the votes come quick.

Heather cries hard but then votes for Wylie

Wylie isn’t surprised as he has overheard the girls saying they wanted a girl to win this game.

Pam goes on the defensive but vote for Wylie as well.

Kai chimes in and makes it 3 for Wylie

Wylie voted for Pam stating it was based on weight loss

Nelson realizes that the men are on the line and votes for Pam

Ken can force a tie by voting for Pam, and he does it.

Blue is now in control and will get to choose who on red will be eliminated.

Now if you thought red was playing cutthroat, blue will strike back. They eliminate Nelson due to his threat status and just that quick, Wylie and Pam are off the chopping block.

Cue the waterworks. Blue is shocked that Nelson is gone and I think the plan for a tie backfired.

Nelson however has a great start on a new life of fitness. He has now lost a total of 52 pounds and feels great.

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