The Biggest Loser
Season 3
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Today is

Free Pass - October 11

After the loss of Nelson, everyone is losing it. The red team can not believe that they were punished so badly for creating a tie. The blue team on the other hand is enjoying their situation.

Kim, the red team’s trainer is not happy with the red team at all. She recognizes that this is a game, but at the same time is hurt by the result of the last vote. She makes it her goal to help the red team take out their frustrations by running down to the gate and back, but the red team has other ideas. They dog the entire run giving Kim attitude and sitting on the curb instead of even walking. Kim is more than pissed, but she doesn’t express her anger as much as previously.

Maybe she held her emotions in knowing that the red team would need to be strong for the next temptation. Sitting in front of each “loser” is s series of plates containing foods from carrots to twinkies. The “losers” may eat food to stack a cleaned plate onto a communal pile, knowing that the last plate stacked when time runs out will earn a free pass (immunity that can be transferred). The trick? No one knows when the buzzer will go off.

The game begins and red is scarfing down food quickly competing amongst each other. The girls of red have decided that they are playing the game together and that if one of them wins all of them win. Meanwhile Wylie is worried that if one of the girls wins that will just spell more trouble for him as the red men are in the minority.

Brian on blue notices something very interesting. Because red is eating so quickly, his eating of carrots is forcing them to eat cookies. He and other members of the blue team take pleasure in this and as a result many members of the red team end up consuming more than 400 calories as opposed to blue team members staying under 100 each.

Bzzz! Who wins? Kai’s plate is on top and she has won the free pass.

After the temptation, red sits down with Kim and we find out why Kim held some of her emotions in. For the first time this series, Kim was actually hurt by the lack of effort shown by her team and as a result, Kim sheds tears. She explains that she hasn’t always been “fitness Barbie” and that she is an air force brat and never had really had the opportunity to stay in one place and connect with anyone. The red team received her warmly and for the first time in a long time, the red team seems united.

Good thing to, because in the next challenge the teams will have to rely on each others motivation greatly. Welcome to the escalator of death. The teams will have to stay on the escalator as long as possible. The last teams standing will choose which member of blue will have to sit out the weigh in and all remaining members on the winning team will split $10,000.

Within minutes the teams are dropping like flies and after about 8 minutes only Marty on blue and Pam in red remain. The legs are burning and the emotions are running high. Marty attempts to psych Pam out by sliding down the escalator a bit but Pam does not falter eventually, Pam’s legs give out, but so do Marty’s and because he is further down the escalator he hits bottom first. Win to red! Red is now 4-0 in challenges. Pretty scary, huh?

After a quick last chance workout let’s head to the scales.

Red decides to make Marty sit out the weigh in and he will weigh in first.

Previous: 322
Current: 315
Loss: 7

---- Now for the rest of blue

Previous: 270
Current: 261
Loss: 9

Oops… red team missed that one… Missed that one

Previous: 227
Current: 223
Loss: 4

Previous: 364
Current: 358
Loss: 6

Previous: 282
Current: 277
Loss: 5

Previous: 211
Current: 209
Loss: 2

Total blue team loss: 26 lbs. Percentage: 1.92%

Red Team (Must lose more than 23 pounds to win)

Previous: 226
Current: 221
Loss: 5

Previous: 269
Current: 264
Loss: 5

Previous: 233
Current: 228
Loss: 5

Previous: 201
Current: 196
Loss: 5

Previous: 317
Current: 307
Loss: 10

Red team total weight loss: 30 lbs. Percentage 2.41%

Red Team wins!

And the blue team will flop back to the elimination room. Brian was the biggest loser on the blue team so he can not be sent home.

Red is cheerful. Blue is distraught, but blue must make a decision. Here it is.

Brian votes for Melinda saying the only reason is because she entered the competition smaller

Amy votes for Melinda for the same reason.

Melinda is taking the votes against her well and she will have to take another one and Marty votes against Melinda putting her one vote away from elimination.

Melinda gets to vote before an imminent demise and places a vote for Bobby, praising him before doing so.

Unfortunately, by doing that with Bobby having not voted yet she effectively eliminated herself and with that Melinda will be leaving the ranch.

Melinda is doing great in Alabama though. She has now lost a total of 53 pounds putting her clean under 200 and plans on starting a family with her husband soon.

Next time, the gym is closed, so we will see how the “losers” cope. Until then, do something to make yourself proud.

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