The Biggest Loser
Season 3
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Today is

Tough Choices - October 25

The gym is back in play, but now blue is on the hot seat after a string of weigh in losses.

Challenge time. Calorie quiz. The team that is closer to 3 out of 5 dishes will win the right to deny a player a trainer for 72 hours and force another player to eat outside of the kitchen.

Cheeseburger and fries
Red: 1300
Blue: 780
Actual: 1421

Fried chicken and Cole Slaw
Red: 1220
Blue: 1751
Actual: 1000

Red is up 2-0


Pancakes, Sausage, Eggs, Bacon and Hash Browns

Red: 1350
Blue: 920
Actual: 1190

It's a shut out.

Brian and Marty are eating out and Erik and Bobby are without Bob for 72 hours. When Bob finds out he is hurt and disgusted and mentally challenges Erik to prove the red team wrong.

While blue copes, red gloats and now it's already time for another challenge. Jam packed this week.

This time the teams will put one player in a harness and have to life them to post flags by using a pulley harness that is attached to the backs of the remaining team embers like a yoke. The first team to raise all of the flags will win either a dinner at a fancy hotel or an intense workout in the hotel's pool, plus the right to choose which member of the red team will sit out the weigh in.

Red and blue do well to start but then a miscommunication on red results in one flag not being posted and red falls impossibly behind. Add a dropped flag and Red is done.

Blue chooses the meal, leaving the workout for red, but the choice of who sits out is by far more important.

72 hours is up so now the blue team is whole again. Bob is ready to go and it's time to burn.

But before last chance workouts, Dr. Huizenga is here to update the "losers" on their health. There is pretty much good news all around and everyone has a reason to smile. Again, The Biggest Loser is one of the few games that is more than a game.

Last Chance!

Marty feels he is on the line but aside from that there is little more on either side than the usual desire to win.

Blue has an important decision and chooses to sit out Ken.

Previous: 301
Current: 290
Loss: 11

…and it doesn't count.

Now for the rest of red.

Previous: 218
Current: 211
Loss: 7

Previous: 223
Current: 214
Loss: 9

Previous: 255
Current: 248
Loss: 7

Previous: 193
Current: 187
Loss: 6

Total red team weight Loss: 29 pounds or 3.26%

Blue must lose more than 38 pounds to win the weigh in.

Previous: 255
Current: 246
Loss: 9

Previous: 273
Current: 260

Previous: 308
Current: 293
Loss: 15

Previous: 351
Current: 335
Loss 16

Can you say drubbing?

Blue's total weight loss: 53 pounds or 4.47%

Blue wins and ends the losing streak despite disadvantages. Red is headed to elimination, but Kai has won immunity as the biggest loser.

The votes:

The ladies of red have sworn to send a man home, will it happen?

Kai throws down the gauntlet and votes for Ken

Ken votes for Heather

Heather strikes back and votes for Ken

Wylie takes the smart road and realizes that he has to sire with the girls. He votes for Ken and it is over.

Ken is more than jovial in his departure and encourages the red team to move forward and kick butt.

Ken is kicking butt at home too. He lost 68 pounds at the ranch and lost 70 more at home. Top that off with his wife losing 50 pounds of her own. There's a success story for you.

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