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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1,000,000.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line? 

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Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Hayma Screech Washington
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions
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"The Devil Made Me Do It - Leg 10" - May 3


Istanbul was Constantinople. Now it's Instanbul, not Constantinople. The Racers had to go to Constantinople, so they headed to Istanbul. While most of the teams had locals stepping on scales, Ron & Kelly (Team American Beauties) went to a large cistern and unlocked their next clue. After a ROAD BLOCK concerning storming the a 550-year-old European fortress, the bald and beautiful Uchenna & Joyce (Team Will Race For Food) finished in the lead. Meredith & Gretchen (Team Socially Secure) arrived in second, Rob & Amber (Team Survivor) squeaked out a third place... and Team American Beauties arrived in last. The GOOD news is that all they lost is their possessions and their money as they're STILL racing after this non-elimination leg. Even BETTER is that they caught the correct gnome and managed to stay in a plush hotel and book part of a $20,000 vacation courtesy of Travelocity. But they'll STILL start the next leg with nothing but their passports and the clothes on their backs.

At 10:53pm Turk time, Team Will Race For Food starts the tenth leg heading west with this clue:

Make your way to Sirkeci Train Station (about 10 miles away) and find the room holding the Whirling Dervishes, a religious sect of Turks who spin to show a devotion to their faith. Walk past the Dervishes and find your next clue. Three teams have $477 for this leg of the Race... but ONE team will have $0!

Uchenna & Joyce - glad that the Race has brought them closer together - make their way via cab to the train station and find the room with the Dervishes. The Dervishes wear tall fezzes and flowing white dresses while they spin and spin around. Even Uchenna thinks it's beautiful.

Still, they're not here to enjoy the Turkish version of "Dance Fever". They get escorted to the clue box and find:

Fly to London, England, UK (over 2000 miles away) and, once there, find a zebra crossing (crosswalk) that was made famous in an album cover by the Beatles. Once you find the zebra crossing, you will find your next clue.

The teams are NOT told that the crossing/album is "Abbey Road".... but, as Uchenna & Joyce enter the cab to go to the airport, Uchenna guesses that it MUST be that one.

Back at the PIT STOP, over an hour after the first team left, Team Socially Secure depart to find the Dervishes. They're glad to be the oldest team to be in the Final Four of a Race and hope they can make it to the end. As they find the train station, Team Will Race For Food arrive at the airport and look for flights to London. The earliest flight is at 8:30am... and Uchenna & Joyce book tickets for it. However, maybe there's a non-direct flight that's shorter. They go to investigate... but they decide ultimately to not count on a connecting flight and to go eat.

Meredith & Gretchen arrive at the Dervishes and get their clue about jetting to London. When they learn about a Beatles reference, Gretchen asks, "Why couldn't it have been Mel Torme or something?" (Well, it's close. I mean, isn't London almost always covered by a "velvet fog"?)

It's 12:37am and Team Survivor is FINALLY leaving the PIT STOP for the train station, nervous as anything. Rob thinks these "Dervishes" are topless women... and Amber is actually AMUSED that he'd be thinking that way. Team Socially Secure get to the airport and likewise book the 8:30 flight outta there.

Two hours behind the leaders, the broke Team American Beauties depart to start THEIR leg. Their relationship is... not so much with the good. Ron thinks things will get ugly because they're stuck with just their clothes and their passports... and Kelly is having second thoughts about marrying Ron. But their FIRST order of business is extorting... er, begging for cab fare. One rather enterprising man actually gives them 8 million Turkish Lira (which really isn't that much; about US$5.50). They uses every piece of it to get a cab driver to take them to the station and anywhere else.

Rob & Amber think the Dervishes are "spooky" as they get their clue. Rob likewise thinks the Beatles' reference is "Abbey Road" and they make their way to the airport. At said airport, they note that the earliest flight is 8:30am... but they ask a nearby travel agent for the use of the internet to find something better. And they DO: a flight connecting in Frankfort, Germany that arrives in London 90 minutes before the direct Turkish Airways flight. The problem is... the connecting flight is full. Amber wants to be put on stand-by for that flight... but Rob is a little edgy about this, as it MIGHT cost them the Race. They decide to book the flight to Frankfurt and get on the waiting list to London... and they ask the agent not to let any other team use the internet.

After getting the clue from the Dervishes, Team American Beauties arrive at the airport... just as Team Survivor books tickets for the 8:30 flight to throw the other teams into thinking it's a four-way tie again. Meredith, knowing full well of the trials of traveling with next to nothing to your name, gives Ron & Kelly a few dollars to tide them over until the next leg. Ron & Kelly then book the direct flight to London, certain that it's all even now. Oh,... and Kelly - beauty queen that she is - asks the ticket agent for some lipstick to borrow.

Just then, Kelly spots a Lufthansa sign of a flight boarding for Frankfurt... and starts to wonder. They find out about the flight their former-ASA teammates booked at get the same deal: booked through to Frankfort and put on stand-by to London. And when Rob & Amber see their former alliance members board after them, they are dejected.

Meanwhile, the other two teams have noted Rob & Kelly and Rob & Amber's lack of appearance... but they figure that, if they got an earlier flight, it was up to sheer luck that they'll get to London first.


Landing at just after 8am Euro-time, the ASA teams quickly make their way to the stand-by ticket counter and hope for the best. If the flight's still full, they'll be racing to avoid elimination. If one team can get on, the other team is S.O.L. If BOTH get on, it's a race for first. The foot race to the counter is close... but Team Survivor gets there first... and they make the flight! Team American Beauties, however, ALSO makes it... so the foot race may come back to boot Rob & Amber in the ass. The only thing we know for sure is that, while Team Socially Secure and Team Will Race For Food take off from Istanbul, the other two teams will be 90 minutes ahead of them when they land at...


In the home of Excalibur, Queen Elizabeth and worse cooking than nearly any place else (why else would sausage and potatoes be disguised as "bangers and mash"?), the Frankfurt flight arrives at Heathrow at 9am GMT and the four Yanks run from the terminal to find a carriage (railway car) to Paddington Station. Rob & Amber get tickets and get on the shuttle... but Rob & Kelly have to stop and ask about the album cover first. As such, they MISS the train through the "London Underground", putting Rob & Amber comfortably in the lead.

On the "carriage", Team Survivor meets Stuart, a man who is willing to help these celebs find Abbey Road. At the station, Team American Beauties beg for MORE money as they await the next shuttle to downtown. As Rob & Amber arrive at Paddington Station (and do not run into a teddy bear there), Stuart helps them get connecting tickets to St. Johnston, the nearest stop to Abbey Road. Ron & Kelly, however, take a cab to Abbey Road. It's Team Survivor who walk across the zebra crossing (just like the Beatles did on the "Abbey Road" album cover and get their next clue:

Make your way to the London Eye, a 40-story-tall Ferris wheel on the banks of the River Thames. Get into the wheel and ride it to the top. Look around. You SHOULD see a big red-and-yelow route marker on the entrance to a building. Head for the front of that building (just below the marker) to find your next clue.

Rob & Amber get Stuart to take them everywhere they need to be and run off... just as Ron & Kelly arrive at Abeey Road and get the clue in a close second.

The quickest way to the London Eye is a subway to Waterloo Station. Rob & Amber get on that, find the giant Eye and get tockets for the ride. As they go up, so does Ron & Kelly... only THEY come up from the ground. They get THEIR tickets and (after an argument) ride up, about a half-turn of the wheel behind Team Survivor.

As you may guess, it's not easy finding a flag when you're 400-feet up and looking down into dense fog. But eight eyes scan the London skyline for it... and Rob's eyes find it first! Stuart (who rides with them) says it's a hotel near the banks and can - of course - take them there. As Team American Beauties get to the top, Ron sees it as well.

As the POV and the queen go lower and lower, the two reality-show vets find the hotel and the next clue:

DETOUR - Brains or Brawn?
BRAINS - Make your way to the Underground station and find a canvas bag using the baggage tag at Left Luggage. Inside the bag are detective equipment and a riddle to solve. Solving the riddle will take you to the next riddle. Once you've solved all three riddles (and you must collect an item at every stop) and make it to the final location, the man there will hand you your next clue. (What the teams DON'T know is that the final location is the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street.)
BRAWN - Travel 1 1/2 miles to Battersea Park. There you must transfer five 160-pound rowboats from the lake to a storage area 500 yards away, using a trailer. You must stack the five boats neatly before the boatmaster can give you your next clue.

Rob & Amber (& Stuart) decide to use BRAINS. The clue is to the Waterloo station and a baggage station. As they reach there, they receive their first riddle: "Find the Three Naked Men of Hammersmith". Hammersmith is a stop on the Underground so off they go... with Rob & Kelly right behind because they ALSO chose BRAINS.

OK, stop complaining! I'll get to the other two teams now!

At Heathrow, the direct flight from Istanbul arrives and the last two teams disembark. They find out at the subway station that the are about two hours behind two other teams... and that they're racing for third. Still, they both get on the train to Paddington Station, hopping into cabs to find Abbey Road.

Meanwhile, our detectives ride the Underground and ask the populace about the "Naked Men"... and get weird looks from them. Rob & Amber find out that its actually a sculpture. And, when they find it, they find a bag holding a tobacco pipe... and a small rolled-up piece of paper. The writing on the paper is so small, they'll need a magnifying glass to read it. Thankfully, the canvas bag comes WITH a glass. The second riddle reads: "On what street did Victorian England's most famous detective live? Go to the station with the same name and find him standing tall. Remember that all is not what it seems." Well, that's Baker Street... and Stuart knows there a Sherlock Holmes statue in front of the station.

Meanwhile, Team Will Race For Food and Team Socially Secure reach Abbey Road and take off for the Eye.

As Team American Beauties find the "Naked Men", Team Survivor find the statue of Sherlock, a hatstand with his tradmark caps and another clue: "Mystery solved! Walk to the museum and return all my belongings to me." As Amber struts down Baker Street in cap, pipe and glass, they arrive at the museum... and the Sherlock Holmes cosplayer outside.

Upon returning the fictional detective's goods, he - elementarily - hands them their next clue:

Your next clue is at the Millennium Dome (the world's largest public arena). The clue box will be in the parking lot outside the dome.


Well, the clue has Rob & Amber thinking that it's time to REALLY cut loose from the whole "alliance" deal. They have to get there first... and they're plan is to YIELD Ron & Kelly!

Meanwhile, eight MORE eyes search from the Eye for the DETOUR clue. Joyce is the first to see it, followed quickly by Meredith, who is about four cars away.

Rob & Amber say good-bye to Stuart en route to the Dome as Ron & Kelly reach Sherlock and get the clue to said Dome. They're certain that their former comrades just might YIELD them. As they take off, Uchenna & Joyce and Meredith & Gretchen both choose BRAWN over BRAINS and take cabs to the park.


As promised the first thing Rob & Amber hit is:

This is the third and final of three YIELDs in the entire Race. A team may use this to make another team stop for a pre-determined amount of time (denoted by an hourglass) before they can continue. Any team can be YIELDed any number of times, but a team may only utilize a YIELD once during the course of the Race.

After some thinking, Team Survivor drag out a picture of Ron & Kelly and stick it to the YIELD:


Well, now that THAT's done and done, they head for the nearby:

ROAD BLOCK (Who's got the drive to win?)
One team member must drive one of the double-decker buses nearby around a marked course. The object is not to run into and/or knock down any traffic cones on the course. If you hit a cone, an official will stop you and will take the bus back to the starting point. At the end of the course, you must back the bus into a parking space. Once you have the bus parked, the official will hand you your next clue.

Amber can't drive a stick so (assuming the bus IS a "manual") Rob will do it. He hops right in the bus and slowly works his way around the course. He does pretty well... until he runs over a corner of a cone with his rear tire. He's a little mad as he has to go back to the start.... and Amber hopes they get out before any team - especially the team they YIELDed, who are stuck in noonday traffic - arrives.


Meanwhile, Uchenna & Joyce start their DETOUR by Uchenna hefting the boat onto the trailer and he & Joyce pulling it up the road. As they get their first boat in place, Meredith & Gretchen arrive and start THEIR task. But... well, they ARE considerably older than Team Will Race For Food. As such, Meredith is a little slower getting the boats up. As Uchenna & Joyce stack their second, they encourage Meredith & Gretchen... who promptly run THEIR boat into a stack of OTHER boats.

Back at the Dome, Rob is on his third attempt to navigate the course... and he blows it yet again. But he says to Amber, "I got it now," as he runs back to the start. And, sure enough, he does. He gets around the cones and backs it into the space like a pro. His reward is this clue for him & Amber:

Make your way to the next PIT STOP: Potter's Field Park (eight miles away, across from the famous London Bridge). WARNING: The last team to check-in may be ELIMINATED!

As they depart, Ron & Kelly arrive. And you shoulda seen the look on their FACES when they see their faces on the YIELD. Ron groans and turns the hourglass over, feeling this is the "nail in the coffin".

Back at the lake, Team Socially Secure is stacking their second boat... as Team Will Raqce For Food loads their FOURTH. But Uchenna & Joyce still give the seniors incentive and encouragement to go on. Uchenna even helped push Meredith & Gretchen's third boat partway up the path for them. before rejoining Joyce and loading their final boat. (The Rules of the Race say that nobody team can help another team physically with any task... but, considering how far behind Team Socially Secure are, I don't think that little push did much to help them.) Team Will Race For Food finish the DETOUR and, with a last word of encouragement to Team Socially Secure, head for a train to the Dome. Meredith & Gretchen finish the task and decide on a cab.... which is good, because Uchenna & Joyce end up on the wrong platform.

Back at the Dome, Ron & Kelly bide the time by marking the small picture of Rob & Amber with horns, Fu Manchu beards and derrogatory remarks. The sand runs out and Ron & Kelly move to the ROAD BLOCK. Since Ron has already completed five ROAD BLOCKS, and there is a six-BLOCK limit for each Racer, Kelly is elected to do it. She doesn't do very well her first few times, hitting a cone almost immediately into the course.


For the fourth time in this Race, Phil Keoghan (and English chap "greeter") welcome Rob & Amber as Team Number 1! For saying, "Hello, London!" first, they win... no, not a trip... and no, not a car... a home entertainment system from JVC! They'll admit that they are damn lucky to have made it this far ahead.

Back at the Dome, Ron is screaming instructions to Kelly... which are SO not helping. Joyce opts to drive the bus.... just as Kelly gets whistle-stopped again. As Joyce starts off, Meredith & Gretchen arrive, note the YIELD and choose Meredith to drive. Ron is VERY upset now... and gets MORE upset when Kelly flubs it AGAIN. In fact, EVERY team seems to have troubles with this... and all the drivers are getting rather frustrated at themselves as WELL as their teammates.

On Kelly's seventh attempt, she and Ron get into a shouting match about what she should be doing. Kelly's more interested in what HE should be doing... like SHUTTING THE HELL UP! But, eventually, they help each other get Kelly into the spot and leave for the PIT STOP in second. Kelly's fairly quiet as they hop a cab for Potter's Field; more and more it seems this will NOT be a good match for her. IN the cab, however, the fur flies.

As darkness starts to fall, both Joyce and Meredith are still trying. Joyce is on her seventh try, Meredith on his sixth. *TWEEEEET* Oops... make that his SEVENTH attempt. Joyce, however, backs it in and, with a groan of frustration, gets her and her hubby into third. But, as they look for where Potter's Field is, Meredith (with Gretchen looking away in fear) manages to back it in and get the clue last. It's a cab race to the PIT STOP.

The second of the Final Three is, of course, Ron & Kelly. Phil welcomes them as Team # 2. They admit they're in their most trying time.

And who's on third? (Who's on first! I dunno! THIRD BASE!)

Well, Uchenna & Joyce seem to be coming from ONE direction... and Meredith & Gretchen from ANOTHER. Who will hit the mat first?

"Uchenna & Joyce... you're Team Number 3!" They made the Final Three!

With smiles on their faces, Team Socially Secure hits the mat a few minutes later. They just KNOW they're the last team to arrive... and Phil gives them the bad news that they're eliminated. But it was a great run and they have memories that add to MUCH more than a million dollars could EVER give them.

So, it's down to the Final Three. The last three teams will head home and try to win a million bucks! What do they have to say?

Uchenna: "We're in the game. Doesn't get much better than that."
Amber: "We're gonna come up on top together and we're gonna win together!"
Kelly: "Ron and I are just as much 100% about winning the Race as well."
Ron: "I see a definite lack of character in Rob & Amber."
Rob: "Losing is not an option! I can't lose!"
Joyce: "Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly are only worried about each other. They just cancel each other out!"

Oh, it is SO ON!!!

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