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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Hayma Screech Washington
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions
Airs: Sundays at 8p ET on CBS


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You're Gonna Get Me Killed!
November 30

Four teams have headed from KZ to Russia, where they manage to feed and (albeit unintentionally) entertain the locals. Meanwhile, when teams get lost, the time comes for Toni & Dallas to rise to the occasion. Can Nick & Starr recover? Will Dandrew go over the Speed Bump in time to recover? And which team will end up losing EVERYTHING?

The Race continues from...

PIT STOP - Neskuchny Sad Park; Moscow, Russia

For unspecified reasons, teams do not wait 12 hours to get going, but rather when the powers that be deem it safe to proceed.


Travel by taxi to Sverno Tushchino Park and find a decommissioned submarine. Once there, descend into the bowels of the ship to the sonar room and find an actor who appeared in the movie "The Hunt for Red October". He will give you your next clue. You have $326 for this leg of the Race.

There's no time to be messing around, as Dallas tries to make his own decision. Toni just wants him to find ultimate happiness.

Ken & Tina look for some consistency, some continuity... and someone who understands enough to get them to a sub.

Nick & Starr have to get back on their game. Nick is calm, cool, and collected. Starr just doesn't want to let him down.

Dandrew needs all the help they can get. They're comeback kids.

All of the teams find the sub, but can they find the actor? Yep.


Travel by taxi to Park Iskusstv, known by the locals as the Graveyard of Fallen Monuments. Search around the grounds of the park for your next clue.

According to some locals and a GPS, they're all headed downtown. Except for Dandrew, who paid their taxi and let him go. The rest of the teams are still stuck in traffic. Dandrew finds an English-speaking cabbie, and now they're on their way to a traffic jam.

Nick & Starr get to the park first and hit a...


Scour the park filled with Soviet-era monuments counting the statues of Lenin (6) and Stalin (2). After joining the numbers to get 62, go to an antique bookstore on Arbat St. and give the clerk your number. If you are successful, she will hand you a book. Turn to page 62, where you will find information on your next destination, the home of the author Mikhail Bulgakov. Find the building, and you'll find your next clue.

If you are incorrect, you will have to wait 10 minutes before submitting another guess.

Teams will be given the Cyrillic spelling of their names.

Nick gets the nod on this as does Andrew and Dallas. Toni gives the Race pack to Dallas while she waits. The bad news... Andrew is in the wrong park, so he's not going to find anything.

Nick finds the statues. Now he's going to the bookstore.

Tina goes looking, and Nick's looking... to steal Kenny & Tina's cab. Tina also takes her money and passport.

Meanwhile, at the designated waiting area, Toni's not sure Dallas knows who Lenin or Stalin are.

(C-Note: and a special hello to those of you who are just tuning in for Cold Case)

Nick gets the number and the book, which tells him to go to Sudovaya St.

Dallas looks kinda lost as he gives his guess of... 32. Wrong. 46? Wrong.

Tina has two guesses, 52 and 62.

Nick is the first to find his partner waiting at the clue box...


Travel by taxi to Sokol'niky Park and look for the lady with the Shetland pony.

Meanwhile, Dan gets a mystery and Andrew's money.

Tina submits her answer of 52.. nope.

Nick & Starr find the lady with the Shetland pony. She hands them THIS.


RIDE THE RAILS: Make your way on foot to Sokol'niky Metro Station, where you will catch the metro to Ulitza 1905 Station. Then find the marked snack shop where you will be given a traditional pastry known as a samsa. The wrapper will direct you to another station, Kitay-Porov Station. Find a statue dedicated to the men who created the Cyrillic alphabet. Then take the metro to VDNKh Park and search the station for your next clue.

RIDE THE LINES: Make your way on foot to a bus stop near Sokol'niky Park, and hop on a bus to Krasnoselskaya. Find the key maker who'll give you a key to Rizhskaya Train Station, where you'll have to travel by trolley bus. Search the station for a locker that matches your key. Open it and retrieve a postcard to your final destination, VDNKh Park. There, you will find your next clue.

Nick & Starr go to the subway station.

Andrew gets the help of a local to find his statue.

Dallas submits his next guess... 63. WRONG. Tina gets 62... Got it. "You owe me!" Tina's on her way.

Dandrew get 61. Dallas gets 62. Guess which one's right.

Nick & Starr make mincemeat of the subway system. It's just like New York, really. Ken chastises Tina for helping Dallas.

But the big event happens as Dallas goes to meet Toni, as he closes the taxi door... with the Race pack still inside (containing all of their money AND their US passports). Dallas realizes his error... two seconds too late. This goes beyond the Race. They're now in serious trouble. So what do they do now? All they can do now is beg.

Andrew gets his clue and heads to the apartment.

Meanwhile, Nick & Starr find out that being a New Yorker is finally paying off.

Toni & Dallas get enough money to cover a metro ticket to Sokol'niky Park. Twenty, compared to 400 for a cab ride. They make it.. and find that Dandrew are RIGHT behind them. Time to reenact last week's "Cha$e". But while Toni & Dallas get the next clue (or do they? Turns out that the lady with the pony knew about the metro ride and under orders from the producers, is refusing them the clue), Dandrew gets...


Perform with a troupe of traditional Russian dancers for one song. Once you have completed the dance to the instructor's satisfaction, she will give you your next clue.

The last time Dan had a rhythm exercise, he screwed it.

Meanwhile, Dallas & Toni head back to the apartment. Ken & Tina head to their first station. And Dan... messes up another dance.

Ken & Tina, as it turns out, are on the wrong bus.

Nick & Starr are on their way to VDNKh Park, while Ken & Tina are back on their way to the park.

Dandrew finally dance their way to ...


Make your way on foot back to the lady with the Shetland Pony and continue with the Race.

Toni & Dallas successfully procure a taxi, while Ken & Tina successfully procure a trolley.

Nick & Starr find the Park and the clue box outside of it.


Make your way on foot to the next Pit Stop, VDNKh Park.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

PIT STOP - VDNKh Park; Moscow, Russia

Nick & Starr are the first to be greeted by Phil and his happy local... They are team #1... Not only do they win a trip to Anguilla... they are locked into the FINAL THREE!

Ken & Tina and Dandrew find the keymaker and get their keys, get their postcards, and head to the park.

Toni & Dallas decide to ride the lines, but it may be a little too late for them as they have to raise the funds to do so. They do...

Meanwhile, Ken & Tina are lost.

Toni & Dallas find the keymaker, but now they have to get 50 from somebody.

Andrew & Dan punch in as team #2. They'll be racing for a million as well. HOWEVER... they need to pick up the clue from outside of VDNKh Park.

Meanwhile, Toni & Dallas continue to chug along. They pass the station, though.

Ken & Tina finally find the clue and punch in at third. They will race for a million.

All that's left to do is, for the second time in Amazing Race history, go into the town and retrieve the final team. And Phil does just that as he exits Rizhskaya Metro Station, JUST AS Toni & Dallas get their. After all of their hard work and begging to the locals, the fact remains that their road to the million will end right here, right now. Dallas feels bad that he let his mother day. It's just a tough day. He is proud of his mom, because everything he is is because of her. "This has been the best experience of my life, and I would never have changed a thing."

But now it's on. Nick & Starr... Andrew & Dan... Ken & Tina.... It's time to go back home.

After Leg 10: Moscow, Russia
1) Nick & Starr (FF) - Trip to Belize; Trip to St. John; electric cars; trip to Kauai; waverunners, trip to Anguilla.
2) Andrew & Dan
3) Ken & Tina (FF) - ATVs, Trip to Cabo San Lucas, Trip to Rio
ELIMINATED) Toni & Dallas - Trip to Dominican Republic