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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Hayma Screech Washington
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions
Airs: Sundays at 8p ET on CBS


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Do It Like a Madman
October 26

The eight teams remaining head to New Zealand, where they met a bin fill of kiwi, a Blo-Kart full of hot air, and a game show host's father. but Southern Belles Marisa & Brooke fell short of the pack and were ushered out in last place. Now seven remain as we head out from...

PIT STOP - Summerhill; Auckland, New Zealand

After 12 hours of schmoozing, stuffing, and sleeping, Ken & Tina are the first to head out with this clue in hand...


Fly more than 5600 miles to Siem Reap, Cambodia! Then make your way to a gas pumping station, where you will find your next clue. You have $98 for this leg of the Race.

Ken thinks it's important to have fun while you're doing things. They also remember that Terence & Sarah are hot on their heels, even though they depart some two hours afterwards.

Terence is hoping that this race gets more physical. An hour or so later, Kelly & Christy depart. They're going to utilize their combined brainpower to get ahead of the pack. Meanwhile, Ken & Tina decide on the connecting flight to Singapore.

Back on the road, Terence & Sarah gets stopped by the NZ Police. Not good. Turns out that he was doing 117 on a 100 motorway. If my math is right, that would be the equivalent of going 50 on a 40.

Terence & Sarah arrive at the Flight Centre, trying to (and failing to) get on the same flight as Ken & Tina.

Toni & Dallas and Nick & Starr get on their way. Nothing is broken on Starr's end, so we're all square.

Back at the Flight Centre... Terence & Sarah are in on the flight to Singapore.

FLIGHT to SIEM REAP via Singapore
Ken & Tina
Terence & Sarah

Team Superbad, Andrew & Dan, make their way out.

The next bath of racers hope to catch the 4:55 to Siem Reap. Kelly & Christy say of Dallas' hair: "Doesn't that remind you of Teen Wolf?" Dallas thinks that they think they're God's gift to this earth. They're divorced for a reason. "Their husbands betrayed us..." (C-Note: But a tango takes two.)

And at 3:04p, some nine hours after Ken & Tina first left, Aja & Ty finally head to the airport... But these teams are already there.

2nd FLIGHT to SIEM REAP via Singapore
Kelly & Christy
Toni & Dallas
Nick & Starr

And will Andrew & Dan join them? Nope. Sorry. It looks as if Aja & Ty will lap them. Until... Superbad get some tickets!

2nd FLIGHT to SIEM REAP via Singapore
Kelly & Christy
Toni & Dallas
Nick & Starr
Andrew & Dan

And every other team save for Ty & Aja are on board for flight to Siem Reap, as Aja notes that Ty is very attractive, but quick to hold out the affection.


And we have a race to the taxis. Nick & Starr are first, Toni & Dallas second, Kelly & Christy third, Terence & Sarah fourth, and Ken & Tina fifth.

Kelly & Christy are at A gas station, but it's not the one they're looking fore. The one they're looking for is found by Nick & Starr.


Choose a marked truck and use the hand pumps to fuel them up with 25 liters of diesel fuel. Once the tanks for filled, a gas station attendant will give you your next clue.

Seems to be easy, right?

Meanwhile, Kelly & Christy are still lost.

Once Nick & Starr get their tanks fueled, they're off to...


Get in the back of your truck and have the driver drive you to Siem Reap Harbor on Ton Lae Sao, southeast Asia's largest lake. Then take a marked boat and proceed to a floating restaurant, Kho Andeth, where you will find your next clue.

As Nick & Starr leave, Toni & Dallas arrive, along with Terence & Sarah, Andrew & Dan, and Ken & Tina. Andrew has some issue pumping the gas, while the others have no problem. They watch how the others do it.... and there's really no trick to it. One by one, teams make their way to the harbor, but Andrew & Dan still can't pump their fuel.

Back at the airport, Aja & Ty finally arrive.

Meanwhile, Andrew & Dan finally realize that their valve was still set. Geez... So now they're pumping like a madman.

On the road, it truly is an Amazing Race, as three teams fight it out for first place. Starr is worried that they're heading in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, her stopping to ask a local costs them the lead as the others arrive on the scene. Terence & Sarah are first on the boats to Kho Andeth. Now the road race is a boat race as EVERYONE passes Ken & Tina.

Aja & Ty finally get their gas pumped and truck moving.

Meanwhile, Kelly & Christy take in the surrounds as they witness people swimming in the lagoon.

The teams arrive at Kao Andeth... but Terence & Sarah's boat breaks down at the worst possible moment. Everyone ends up passing them. They're going to end up the fourth to the clue box...

WILLAGE LIFE: Teams use their boats to pick up three items: a set of teeth from the dentist, a doll from the tailor, and a basketball from a floating basketball court, where each team member must make one basket. Then deliver the items to a man on the dock who will give you your next clue.

VILLAGE WORK: Teams take their boats to a fishing dock, where they will have to wallow in waist-deep water for two fishing traps filled with fish. Then take these fish to the dock and transfer the fish into baskets where you will get their next clue.

Nick & Starr go to work. Toni & Dallas also go to work. Ken & Tina get a life. Terence & Sarah, whose boat needs to be fixed, decide to do the work. Dallas was scared to be in the water.

Meanwhile, the boat has a problem with water in the engine. It takes 10 minutes to get it out, but once it's out, they're on their way. Midway, they change over to Village Life, where they are the first to make their shot.

Andrew & Dan look to get back into the game, as are Kelly & Christy.

Nick & Starr are first to the box after collecting fish.


Take one of the marked tuktuks to Angkor Wat, an ancient temple and a symbol for Cambodia. Make your way to the temple grounds, where you will find your next clue.

Ken & Tina & Toni & Dallas finish up the Village Life tour, as do Terence & Sarah.

Aja & Ty try fishing... and find one full of fish off the bat.

Nick & Starr are the first to find...


Search the expansive grounds of Angkor Wat for an elusive room known as the Passet kok Truong, the Chamber of Echoes. Once there, they must stand on a precise spot and make their chest thump in a way that will echo through the corridors. Then they can pick up their next clue.

Tina, Nick, and Dallas move into the temple. Nick's the first one to find...




Immediately, Nick puts the clue under his shirt and tells everyone that he didn't find anything.

As the last two teams make their way to the temple, it looks like it's going to be an equalizer. Tina, meanwhile, walks right into the fray... and right out of it... and right into it again... and out of it again.

Tina finally finds the clue and promptly gets lost again.

PIT STOP - Bayon Temple; Siem Reap, Cambodia

Nick & Starr are the first to enter the Hidden Temple and are greeted by Olmec, and by Olmec, we mean a happy local.

"Nick & Starr... you are team number ONE!" As the winners, they're on their way to St. John. It brought them back to that first leg when they got into first place.

Toni & Dallas and Terence & Sarah arrive at two and three, while the final two teams arrive at Angkor Wat.

Ken & Tina clock in at fourth; Kelly & Christy in fifth. So it's a race to avoid possible elimination.

... and it's Andrew & Dan first at the temple... but they're lost. Could be a chance. ... Nope. Andrew & Dan are in sixth!

That leaves Aja & Ty, the last team to arrive... and this is as far as they go in the Amazing Race. They've come a long way together, and they can't see themselves with anyone else. "I want to give this relationship the attention that it deserves." Aja? "I'm just happy to be with him."

Now back to second place. You might have noticed that Toni & Dallas and Terence & Sarah were at the Pit Stop at the same time. Well, because of the speeding ticket incurred by Terence, they received a 30 minute penalty. It did not affect the outcome of this leg, but it will be applied to the start of the next.

After Leg 5: Auckland, New Zealand to Siem Reap, Cambodia
1) Nick & Starr - Trip to Belize
2) Toni & Dallas
3) Terence & Sarah (penalty)
4) Ken & Tina (FF) - ATVs, Trip to Cabo San Lucas, Trip to Rio
5) Kelly & Christy
6) Andrew & Dan