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October 5

Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Hayma Screech Washington
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions
Airs: Sundays at 8p ET on CBS


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Did You Just Push My Sports Bra Off the Ledge?
October 12

Last week, the Race went from one side of Brazil to the other. The Babymomma Alliance caused Terence & Sarah to refocus their efforts. Meanwhile, geeks Mark & Bill used their leet h4x0rm4570r skillz to finish their Detour, while the other teams wondered what, if anything, a container had to do with the other half. In the end, Ken & Tina were first, and Anthony & Stephanie were last.

PIT STOP - Cidade da Criança, Fortaleza, Brazil

The Race continues in Fortaleza, Brazil, where, after 12 hours of sleep, eats, and allegedly throwing sports bras out of window ledges, Ken & Tina, first to arrive at 51 minutes after noon local time, will be the first to head out at 51 minutes after midnight local time.


Fly yourselves 1200 miles to the city of La Paz, Bolivia. Once there, make your way to the statue of Simon Bolivar in time for the morning newspaper. Then scour the classified ads for your next clue.

Ken & Tina duck out of everyone's way to get to the airport first. But here come a couple of geeks.

Terence & Sarah realize that there's no love lost between teams. Ty & Aja believe that this sort of pressure is bringing them close together. The two family teams come closer, as the friends teams laugh at other teams... then at each other.

Everyone makes their way to the airport and on one of two flights headed for...


The elevation here is almost 13,000 feet, or about two and a half times that of Denver, CO. So it's important to remember to breathe deeply, not quickly. One by one, the teams make their way to the great equalizer of this race, the statue of Simon Bolivar. Locals make nice with sleeping bags and blankets.

Morning comes, and with it, the morning papers. But first, Nick tries to bridge the gap between his team and Kelly & Christy. He says it's not fun to hate each other and play ugly Americans. But Kelly counters that she does believe that Starr pushed her sports bra over the ledge.

Get your paper here! Remember, you're probably looking for the only English ad there. It reads...


Make your way to Narvaez' Hat and Shoe Store near Plaza Murillo and buy a traditional Cholita Hat.

Additional Information: Please hold on to your hat!

That last bit is relevant.

The Sports-Braless team of Kelly & Christy keep their voices low so as not to attract wandering eyes. And Kelly's free-boobing, so that's the last thing she wants. And remember, "Please hold on to your hats."

Teams make it to the hat shop, buy their hats, and get... detoured!

MUSICAL MARCH: Make your way on foot to plazas several blocks apart, Plaza Estudiante, Plaza Bolivia, and Plaza Isabella la Catolica. Collect musicians and form a band. Then deliver your band to Plaza Abaroa and a waiting bandleader, who'll then give you your next clue.

BUMPY RIDE: Make your way on foot to Mercado de las Brujas and search for marked locally crafted bicycles. Then using the provided map as a guide, take a trip down the cobblestone streets to Plaza Abaroa to retrieve your next clue.


Remember, if a team is U-Turned, then they have to go and complete the OTHER half of the Detour. Any team can be U-turned any amount of times, but teams can only U-turn once.

Team Superbad goes with the march, because Dan is not a good biker. Sarah decides to take a TAXI to the march. Remember, she has to arrive there on FOOT. Mark & Bill also take a taxi to Bumpy Ride.

Other than that, it's more of a split bag of both detours and teams that are willing to follow rules. Those teams have to head back to the hat shop and make their way all over again.

Meanwhile, Toni is breathing heavily...

Mark & Bill go ahead and pedal their way to the plaza. Meanwhile, the teams that are forming their own Rock Band (and conquering the world) so it rather slowly.

Kelly & Christy think that Nick & Starr are their biggest rivals. I'm guessing they haven't gotten over that whole sports bra thing. Of course, it doesn't help matters much that she takes a hard fall.

Back to Toni & Dallas for a moment, as Toni has to stop and take a moment to catch her breath.

Mark & Bill are the first to arrive at the U-Turn, but they choose not to use it.


Make your way by taxi to Los Titanes del Ring. When you arrive, you'll find your next clue.

Andrew & Dan get the second part of their band. And they still move slow as all get out. Same with Marisa & Brooke. But at least they're dancing along with them. Aja & Ty keep pedaling their bikes. Same as Toni & Dallas.

Marisa & Brooke are the first to reach the bandleader. They don't U-Turn either. Neither do Ken & Tina or Terence & Sarah. Or Andrew & Dan.

Kelly & Christy say that they have to make it to the U-turn first.

Back in the race, Kelly takes a bad fall. Nick & Starr wonder whether or not to U-turn anyone. Ultimately, they decide... not to use the U-Turn. Aja & Ty follow suit. These two teams had initially thought about U-turning Kelly & Christy, who decide not to use it themselves. They're in a race for a taxi with Toni & Dallas.

Meanwhile, Mark & Bill have to... stop for gas.

Ken & Tina are first to Los Titanes del Ring and ...


Hand the hat you bought to one of the women at ringside, known as fighting cholitas. Don a wrestling costume and learn a wrestling routine made up of six moves: chestkick, re-entry, taunting, kicked, duck & flip, and slingshot. Once they've learned the routine, you and your cholita will have to show it in the main ring in front of a panel of judges. If the referee judges all six satisfactorily, he'll hand you your next clue. If you mess up once, you'll have to train again and fight until you get it right.

Ken: "You gotta be kidding me." He's first to train... and first to fight.... and first to complete the Roadblock! Ken collects, for his efforts, the next clue.


Travel by taxi to Mirador el Monticulo in La Paz, Bolivia, a hilltop park that's the Pit Stop for this leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

Terence & Sarah come across a man with a yellow and red flag. Remember, yellow-and-red are Race colors. But this is not a Race official. Just a sad coincidence.

Aja & Ty's taxi overheats, so they have to find another one. Team Mother's Kid, Terence & Sarah, and and Nick & Starr arrive as Brooke tries to train some more. Mark enters the ring..... and fails the re-entry. Aja & Ty and Team Superbad are next, followed by Marisa failing the duck & flip. Dallas makes wrestling look easy.

Sarah fails the taunt, while Mark struggles for air. Andrew & Dan head to the Pit Stop after succeeding in the Ring. And while team after team successfully complete their routine, all Mark can do is watch and breathe deeply. But he's ready at long last.

Or is he? He fails the duck & flip.

PIT STOP - Mirador el Monitculo; La Paz, Bolivia

Ken & Tina make their way to the mat, where Phil and a happy local are waiting. "Hola. Welcome to Bolivia." They're team #1! And for winning this leg of the Race, they've won a 7-night trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It's the second top finish for the separated couple.

Marisa and Mark pass and get the next clue to the Pit Stop. Terence & Sarah are next, which leaves Kelly & Christy as the last team to arrive and complete the Roadblock.

Toni & Dallas are team #2, while Nick & Starr pass team after team on the road. Terence & Sarah do some passing of their own.

On their way to the Pit Stop, Christy tells Kelly that Starr asked Aja to U-Turn them. "That's why I don't like her."

Traffic doesn't get any better, but Terence & Sarah make it to the Pit Stop in third. Marisa & Brooke are in at fourth.

At this late juncture, Mark & Bill soon realize the errors of their ways back at the Detour. Meanwhile, Aja & Ty lock in fifth, while Nick & Starr are close behind at sixth. Andrew & Dan are in #7.

So it's a race between the geeks and the Divorced Women's Club. Mark & Bill hit the mat first, BUT because of their taxi ride to the Detour, they are assessed a penalty of 30 minutes (including time gained) before they are officially checked in. If Kelly & Christy make it to the Pit Stop before that time expires, then they will be officially in last.

Speaking of which, Kelly & Christy are the last team to arrive... but they are officially team #8. Mark & Bill ARE in last and HAVE been eliminated. Kelly & Christy are floored. The geeks say that the fact that they lost on a time penalty is a killer.  "The Amazing Race by far is the hardest game I've ever played." Mark couldn't have picked a better partner. Unfortunately, though, it's game over for the Comic Book Geeks.

After Leg 3: Fortaleza, Brazil to La Paz, Bolivia
1) Ken & Tina - ATVs, Trip to Cabo San Lucas
2) Toni & Dallas
3) Terence & Sarah
4) Marisa & Brooke
5) Aja & Ty
6) Nick & Starr - Trip to Belize
7) Andrew & Dan
8) Kelly & Christy