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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Hayma Screech Washington
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions
Airs: Sundays at 8p ET on CBS


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That Is Studly
November 23

The remaining five teams head over to Kazakhstan, where they have to search for a golden egg, eat fatback off the rear end of a sheep, and ride around in a cow suit. Now with a few short legs before the finish, who'll be herded into the final three now that Terence & Sarah have been put out to pasture?

The Race continues from...

PIT STOP - Old Square; Almaty, Kazahkstan

Nick & Starr, after the customary 12-hour waiting period, are first to head out at 9:21p local time.


Fly nearly 2000 miles to Moscow, Russia! When you land, travel by taxi to Putisky-Povoyev Monastery. Enter the church and light a candle to receive your next clue. You have $175 for this leg of the Race.

Today is Nick's birthday, and Starr made him a shirt to commemorate. They think every country is a new adventure.

Just as they're getting their tickets, Toni & Dallas are heading for the airport.

Ken & Tina are next in line to leave as Toni & Dallas get their tickets... Meanwhile, Dallas and Starr have been talking about getting the tickets, first place, and maybe each other. Nick thinks that Dallas is the kind of guy that can hold his own against her "resilient nature".

Just as Ken & Tina are getting their tickets, Shoeless Dandrew (they left their shoes at the puppet theatre on the last episode) make their way to the airport, learning the hard way of the term "No shoes, no shirt, no service." The only thing they need at the moment... shoes. They're wearing maid slippers.

All four teams are on the same flight... and just their luck, Andrew & Dan spend the remainder of their money on shoes found at a 24-hour shoe store in the airport. Can they survive on $300 in Moscow?

Toni & Dallas
Ken & Tina
Nick & Starr
Andrew & Dan


It costs 2500 rubles to get a taxi in Moscow, as Dandrew find out. That's almost all of their remaining stash, so to answer your question... no. The order of departure, Dandrew, Toni & Dallas, Nick & Starr, and Ken & Tina.

... and it turns out that Dandrew's cabbie is lost. And so are Ken & Tina. It's times like these that you have to put your faith in... a higher power. Cue the monastery.

Toni & Dallas and Nick & Starr arrive at the monastery, not of their own religion, but still willing to offer the respect and reverence it deserves. That's nice.


Travel by taxi to the outskirts of Russia and find a decommissioned military base, Kolosok Camp. Search the grounds for your next clue.

And it costs $100 to get to Tenorneska..

Dandrew and the Footballer and his Wife head to the camp in third and fourth next. All of the teams will expect to see THIS...

For both detours, teams must don a full Russian military uniform including traditional footwraps.

BOOTS: Join a traditional training squad and learn a parade march. When they think they're ready, they must fall in line and march one full lap around the parade grounds. If the drill sergeant is satisfied, then he will give them their next clue.

BORSCHT: Find a mess tent and serve to a company of 75 soldiers. Once each soldier has received a bowlful of borscht, they'll receive their next clue.

Toni & Dallas get into BOOTS.

Nick & Starr need to find a translator to talk English around here. They eventually made their way back on the race course... but not without a spot of confusion.

Dandrew land in second, while Ken & Tina come in third. They're all marching. Tina is apprehensive about getting naked in front of everyone.

Meanwhile, Toni & Dallas get the hang of marching in line. Ken & Tina start on their march as Andrew is still trying to wrap his foot.

Back at the training grounds, the drill instructor gives Toni & Dallas his "da" of approval.


Make your way to the town of Zhukovsky and find a bakery, where your next clue awaits.

Andrew and Dan decide to change their detours as Nick & Starr arrive.

Ken & Tina are second to head to the bakery.

Nick & Starr are wearing each other's fatigues. Now I don't know which is scarier... Nick & Starr in fatigues, or that they're the same size. Meanwhile, Dandrew reread the clue and find out that they're screwed either way and that they HAVE to put the uni on no matter WHAT. As luck would have it, they're good this time out. That's... yeah.

So yeah, they go marching, leaving a company of soldiers hungry... and pissed off.

And speaking of, Dan's not taking this with the required amount of gusto, if you follow. Andrew has to guide him through the rhythm. So it's BACK to the borscht.

Meanwhile, it's a race to the bakery. Toni and Dallas stop at what they think is a bakery... but it's clearly not.

Then they stop at the bakery.


Become a delivery person! Unload 50 55-pound bags of flour and deliver them to the bakery. Be sure to place the bags horizontally on the floor. Once delivered, the shop owner will hand you your next clue.

Dallas has the back, but unfortunately he has someone who makes the drill sergeant look like a pantywaist. Toni keeps begging Dallas not to exhaust himself... Dallas vows to keep going.

Ken is second to the bags (remember, he was once an NFL player), and Dallas is busy killing himself.

Meanwhile, did we mention that the company was hungry AND pissed off?

And Nick & Starr are still lost.

Dandrew finally finish the detour and head to the bakery.

Dallas is finished first at the Roadblock... And the mean old bakery lady gives us this...


Make your way by taxi through the busy Moscow traffic to Neskuchny Sad Park. This "fun garden" is the Pit Stop for this leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

Toni & Dallas have the momentum to go into the final two legs, but Ken & Tina are not too far behind.

Meanwhile, they drive past Nick & Starr, who arrive and fire their fare. Meanwhile, Nick is making a cake for his birthday. Last sack is delivered. Happy baking.

Andrew & Dan finally make it to the Roadblock, but the action is in the front of the pack.

Meanwhile, Nick & Starr are walking in the Russian streets begging for a cab. Hey, there's one!

Dan finally finishes the Roadblock, and they head to the Pit Stop.

So who'll get their first? Whoever doesn't get lost, perhaps.

PIT STOP - Neskuchny Sad Park; Moscow, Russia

First to be greeted by Phil and the happy Russian chicks are... Toni & Dallas?

"Say it, Phil."

"Say what?"

"Say we're team #1."

"Really want me to say it? You ARE Team #1!" They've won a trip for two to the Dominican Republic.

Ken & Tina... team #2 by a hair. They're getting calmer and closer, which is good, though.

Nick & Starr find the park, but Andrew & Dan are paying the taxi out all of their money. Meanwhile.. Nick & Starr... are lost in a forest. But they finally make it in third. Which leaves Andrew & Dan... "I'm sorry to tell you... you're still in the race." But they'll have to go over a Speed Bump next time.

No money and a Speed Bump. Can they possibly bounce back from that? Not unless someone does something incredibly crazy like... lose their money AND passport.

After Leg 9: Almaty, Kazakhstan to Moscow, Russia
2) Toni & Dallas - Trip to Dominican Republic
3) Ken & Tina (FF) - ATVs, Trip to Cabo San Lucas, Trip to Rio
1) Nick & Starr (FF) - Trip to Belize; Trip to St. John; electric cars; trip to Kauai; waverunners.
4) Andrew & Dan