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Kids brought up in the age of hip-hop, "Friends", and iPods take one step ... backwards into the age of disco, "The Brady Bunch", and 8-tracks.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN


Hosts ("Bert van Stiles & Dawn"):
Bil Dwyer & Natasha Leggero
Creator: Aaron Lee
EP: Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti
Packager: MTV Productions
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET on MTV

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"The Tiger Beat Shoot" - August 30

This episode begins with Joey, Corey, Sarah, and Andrew going to an ice cream shop and bonding together. An employee asks the players why are they being videotaped. One of them answers they're a musical group called "Five Sticks of Dynamite" and they're touring across the country.

After we've been shown the opening title sequence, we see the players at home with Andrew playing the guitar singing a 70's style song. Then Dawn comes in and tells the players to bring out the baby oil as they go to the backyard and see that Oscar is over there first occupying the good seat. The players are being told that two players will be eliminated. But first, they must compete in a Tiger Beat Magazine challenge. Oscar splits the players up into two teams of two; One team is made up of Andrew and Corey while Sarah and Joey make up their opponents. Andrew elects to be the photo director while Sarah of the other team gets to be the model. Each of the teams gets 60 seconds to take some photos for their simulated Tiger Beat Magazine covers. They'll be given tips from 70's star Leif Garrett who was one of the starts who posed for said magazine. The setup seemed intimidating for both of the teams. Once the photo shoots were done, the teams are given proof sheets to pick the photo that best represents their team.

Now their photos will be judged, but not by some of the Tiger Beat personnel. Instead, their photos will be judged by students at a high school auditorium. The players are now feeling the embarrassment from some of the students' laughter. After their large photos have been displayed, the students cast their vote. Them the teams go back to the house.

Oscar gives out the results which say Andrew and Corey got 412 votes while Sarah and Joey got 380. Sarah and Joey lost this challenge and they're on the chopping block, now here's where the second surprise comes in. The winning team must send one of their own to the elimination round. They themselves choose Corey to join Joey and Sarah for the next elmination game.

For this elimination game, the three players will be eating as much of the crappy-tasting Spaghettiholes out of their big bowls as they possibly can within two minutes. At the end Joey ate the most of the Spaghettiholes sending Corey and Sarah home.

While the eating contest was taking place, Andrew goes with Dawn and her date (Mike Gordy) to a drive-in movie. And Andrew gets to see them kiss, that's definitely a prize in my book.

We now have Joey and Andrew who'll battle it out to win the grand prize package on the next and maybe final episode of MTV's The 70's House.

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