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Kids brought up in the age of hip-hop, "Friends", and iPods take one step ... backwards into the age of disco, "The Brady Bunch", and 8-tracks.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN


Hosts ("Bert van Stiles & Dawn"):
Bil Dwyer & Natasha Leggero
Creator: Aaron Lee
EP: Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti
Packager: MTV Productions
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET on MTV

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"Sailors" - August 2

One of these remaining eight players will be the next to kicked out of MTV's The 70's House. Yes I said eight, but I said nine players in a previous recap. My apologies for that tiny mistake, anyway...

The gang feels a little uncomfortable and not to mention bored, after living in the 70's bubble for a while. None of the players have ever used a record before. One of the players really misses Dave Matthews Band a lot. Sarah
talks really loud on the phone which annoys the other occupants.

Soon, Dawn enters the house wearing a sailor's outfit. Then Oscar tells the players they're going on a cruise on a boat for good vibes and romance. She then separates the crew into two teams, the red team and the blue team. Jami leads the Red Team with Sarah, Andrew, and Corey. Joey leads the Blue Team with Lynda, Ruben, and Ashley. After the entire crew gets dressed, they're thinking they all look like porn stars.

Dawn and the players then go to a huge cruise ship. For this next challenge, they'll be playing a game of matchmaker. There are 16 people on the ship with a halve of a heart on their shirts. The objective of the teams is to find the correct match of their male or female mates. Up to
eight matches are possible and the team with the most correct matches wins this challenge. Only the team captains decide which mates they think make the correct match.

At the end of this challenge, the Red Team made four correct matches and the Blue Team made only one. The red team has obviously won this challenge...and now, they're off to the Luau.

Over at the Luau, we hear that the Red Team has won a 70s-style lunch at Benihanas. The Blue Team gets has two of their own players up on the chopping block by Oscar. Oscar first puts up Joey mentioning that the captain always goes down with the ship. Oscar also puts Ruben up because he called a friend about "Temptation Island". Unfortunately, that's a TV show that wasn't on in the 70's. These two players then take part in the next elimination challenge where they'll play Tiki limbo. It's time who see who'll get low and who'll get lost.

Both players start off great in Round 1 and have got the groove going in Rounds 2 and 3. But when we get into round 4, Ruben fails to clear the bar getting him eliminated.

After all the players get back home, Ruben packs up and heads back to 2005. The next day, the seven remaining contestants have their lunch at Benihana's, where they meet with Mike Gordy. At their duration of lunch, Mike gives advice on why elbows on the table means elbows on failure.
Mike feels depressed when his family left him. For the duration of this reward he's stuck with them.

With seven players left, who'll be the next one to by kicked out by the man? That not-so-groovy question will be answered next time in MTV's The 70's House.

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