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Kids brought up in the age of hip-hop, "Friends", and iPods take one step ... backwards into the age of disco, "The Brady Bunch", and 8-tracks.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN


Hosts ("Bert van Stiles & Dawn"):
Bil Dwyer & Natasha Leggero
Creator: Aaron Lee
EP: Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti
Packager: MTV Productions
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET on MTV

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"Roller Games" - August 16

We start this episode on the morning of 6:37 AM where the remaining contestants do the hustle. Ashley, meanwhile, is sleeping like a rock, during the hustle and this could mean trouble for her. Later on, randy stops by the house...for the second pop quiz of the series and the players aren't happy about it.

Dawn pops in, holding a briefcase and taking them to the Shag Room and hear words from Oscar. They are notified that he's still scoring the quizzes. He also tells them to spread the groove gospel in the next challenge. They'll be divided into two teams, the Hustle Squad and the Jazzercise Commandos.

Representing the Hustle Squad are Lynda, Corey, and Ashley. The Jazzercise Commandos will be made up of Joey, Andrew, and Sarah. The objective is for the teams to convince people in a public location with hidden cameras to do their respective dance. The team who gets the most people to dance wins the challenge.

One team goes to the kitchen to strategize while the other team practices dancing with Dawn. The teams go to the shopping mall feeling embarrassed and intimidated. But at the end of the challenge, they've pulled off some impressive scores.

Back at the house, the contestants watch "Laverne and Shirley" on the boob tube waiting for the results. The results are in and the Hustle Squad got 49 people to dance while the Jazzercise Commandos win with 52 people dancing. They get to have an artist do 70's-style self-portraits. But they stay in the shag room for now.

Oscar first puts up Ashley on the chopping block because she slept through the hustle when the signal was given. He then puts Corey up for elimination because he scored the lowest in the Pop Quiz given by Randy. The rest of the contestants will cheer on Ashley and Corey for the Elimination round which involves roller boogie. Joey, Andrew, and Sara drive the Charger while the other contestants drive the station wagon to the roller rink where the elimination will take place.

Over at the Roller Rink, Ashley and Corey put on their skates and take off. But Ashley is horrible at skating, so the show brings in a skating expert named Terrel. After the practice session, they Boogie down to the same song ("Disco Inferno"). The audience at the rink will vote to decide the winner. In the end, Corey proved to do the best dance on the rink keeping him in the game.

Back at the house, the other players get their self-portraits while Ashley packs up her stuff and moves out of here.

There are now five players living in the house. Watch the next episode of MTV's The 70's House to see who else will be getting out of the groove. And remember...keep it 70's!

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