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Kids brought up in the age of hip-hop, "Friends", and iPods take one step ... backwards into the age of disco, "The Brady Bunch", and 8-tracks.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN


Hosts ("Bert van Stiles & Dawn"):
Bil Dwyer & Natasha Leggero
Creator: Aaron Lee
EP: Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti
Packager: MTV Productions
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET on MTV

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"What's Your Sign?" - August 9

Our seven remaining contestants find life in the house getting harder without any modern things, so they do some bonding. They have also been playing some 70's board games like Sorry! and Pay Day. We then hear from Oscar about the next challenge that uses the philosophy "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!" They'll be competing in 70's-style beauty pageant. This time the players will compete individually and it's every dude and dudette for themselves. This pageant consists of three events...

1) 70s-Style Swimsuit
2) Pubic Speaking on a 70s Issue
3) Talent

The players go to a pageant studio, and they get rushed into Hair and make-up. They then don their outfits as part of their preparation.

After the preparations, the "Mr. & Ms. Red, White, & Blue Pageant" begins with the Master of Ceremonies... Erik Estrada. The contestants in the pageant are judged by a panel of three: Ellen Gurney-Sterling, Mr. Maxwell, and Candace Day Ms. RWB of 1977.

We start with the talent portion where the contestants performed their acts. Among the acts one did the hula, then another sing a 70s-style song, then another doing pantomime.

Then we move to the swimsuit portion and then we move on to the speech portion where the contests will each be asked a question on 70s events. A few of the contestants were inept on their speeches. At the end, Erik reveals the results...the 2nd Runner-Up is Sarah, the 1st Runner-Up is Ashley and the winner is Andrew.

They'll all be having a crepe meal made by chefs while the others are on the chopping block.

At the Shag Room, Oscar first sends Jami to the elimination round because she received the lowest score in the pageant. Then Oscar sends Linda because she talked about the Barney the dinosaur. That's a no-no according to him, because Barney wasn't around in the 70s. They'll have to bone up on their Astrology to see who'll be staying in the house.

While Andrew, Ashley, and Sarah receive their gourmet crepe meal by a chef, Joey and Corey are at another room having to deal with the smell of crepes. Lynda and Jami are Studying astrological signs for ten minutes in preparation for their next elimination game called..."What's Your Sign?" And Bill Engvall has nothing to do with it, but once again Bert Van Stiles is hosting.

In this game, Linda and Jami will be shown pictures of up to five 70s celebs. A player must hit their orb and then give the correct astrological sign based on their given characteristics. Their answer must be in a for like this...

Bert, I'm picking up a ... vibe?

First one to three points wins, here's the first celeb...

1)Farrah Fawcett
Jami answered Aquarius correctly taking the early lead.
Lynda - 0
Jami - 1

2)David Cassidy
Lynda answered Aires correctly tying it up.
Lynda - 1
Jami - 1

3)Lynda Carter
Lynda correctly answered Leo for the lead.

Lynda - 2
Jami - 1

4) Lee Majors
Lynda answered Taurus correctly.

Lynda - 3
Jami - 1

Lynda wins the challenge while Jami is sent packing, back to the 2000s.

Fast forward to 3:35 AM, the other six players do the hustle.

And that's it for now here in MTV's The 70's House. We'll be back next week to see who is the next to be hustled out.

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