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Kids brought up in the age of hip-hop, "Friends", and iPods take one step ... backwards into the age of disco, "The Brady Bunch", and 8-tracks.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN


Hosts ("Bert van Stiles & Dawn"):
Bil Dwyer & Natasha Leggero
Creator: Aaron Lee
EP: Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper, Joanna Vernetti
Packager: MTV Productions
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET on MTV

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"Car Wash" - July 26

Let's get funky and pay another visit to MTV's The 70's House.

The teams get an unexpected visit from Mike Gordy (just up the street, white house on the left) who hasbeen sent by Oscar. He then gives the remaining players a pop quiz on the 70's. Don't you just hate pop quizzes, I
know some highschoolers have those qualms. Anyways Hailley has been selected to be the "helper" (or whatever Mike calls it) for the quiz while the others are given the papers and pencils. There are 100 questions and I believe it's a timed test.

Once the quiz is over, the players (not including Hailley) give the papers and pencils back to Mike and he leaves the house. After that, Dawn arrives in the van which somehow has some dirt on the exterior. Then Oscar tells the team that Ashley got the most correct answers in that quiz giving her immunity and will sit this challenge out and will be safe from elimination for the time being. The other players however, will compete in a disco-style Car Wash challenge.

The players go to a car wash facility for the aforementioned challenge. They've divided themselves up into two teams, the Guys and the Girls. This is a test of endurance and the players continue washing and dancing until one person stops. As mentioned before, since Ashley scored the highest in the quiz she gets to lounge around with Dawn and watch the others do their thing. Slim, the Disco Drill Sergeant instructs the players in different dances including "The Doctor," "The Sailor", and "The Robot". After hours and washing and dancing, Hailley shut herself down ending the challenge.

Back at the house Oscar tells the players that the Guys have won the challenge and they get to spend some time in the hot tub. As for the Girls, Oscar puts Hailley on the chopping block for her "stop and drop" move. Oscar also puts Linda up for elimination because she scored the lowest on the quiz among the other girls. That's 20 out of the 100 possible to be exact. They both get to play the next elimination game called "Supermarket Shenanigans". It's once again hosted by "Bert Van Stiles". In this game Hailley and Linda will be shown products and they have to guess what were the prices of them back in 1974. Whoever is closest to the correct price earns a point.

1st Product: Toothpaste
Linda's Guess: 79
Hailley's Guess: 30
Correct Price in 1974: 97

Linda was the closest scoring the first point.

2nd Product: Life Cereal
Linda's Guess: $1.29
Hailley's Guess: 60
Correct Price in 1974: $1.52

Once again Linda gets the point, she leads 2-0 over Hailley.

3rd Product: Gallon of Milk and a Dozen of Eggs
Linda's Guess: $1.57
Hailley's Guess: $3.25
Correct Price in 1974: $1.75

The challenge ends with Linda shutting out Hailley 3-0. Both players go back to the house but Hailley's the next person going back to 2005.

Nine players remain, who'll be the next one to be taken back to the present? Find out next week my friends.

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