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Today is

Will I Be Disappointed Again? - June 27

That’s this week’s question.  Honestly, I’ve been disappointed by parts of Game Show Marathon.  Although I will say that (outside of Leslie Nielsen’s uninspired PYL play) the last couple episodes – PYL and Card Sharks – have been quite fun.  Still, I’d rather see this series be a half-hour daily with regular contestants – and yes, that could be done – with occasional celebrity specials.

CBS would’ve gotten better ratings, though, out of seven TPIR Million Dollar Spectaculars.  Even during the summer.

So why am I asking will be disappointed again?  Well, GSN has announced a new series called “The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time.”  Hosted by GSN’s latest overextended host, Bil Dwyer, the series will count down the shows executives voted as the greatest. 

They should’ve let the fans/legends vote on this at GSC this year, THEN did the series.  That’s the first disappointment.  The plus is complete episodes of some series will be shown as part of the countdown.  The minus is that GSN doesn’t even have rights to some of the greatest shows, and so those may very well be just glossed over.  As a result, will the series disappoint me?  We’ll see next month.

GSC – and a little “I’m sorry”

For those folks who’ve been living under the blatantly-promotional WLTI rock and haven’t heard…the annual Game Show Congress is next month.  I’m in limbo on whether I will be going or not, thanks to a job prospect I have.  I should know by Tuesday whether I am moving…if I’m moving, that money needs to go toward the move!  Otherwise…you’ll see me with the WLTI guys at GSC in July. 

But here’s the “I’m sorry” part.  I was the webmaster of GSNN (or probably we were still calling it the Prime Time TV Game Shows Page then?) when the first Game Show Congress was held.

And I thought it was not really a big deal at the time.  As I recall, I gave it no promotion on our site, because I thought it was a big promotional tool for  I’m not sure why I decided that – I was actually later invited to attend and participate in either GSC1 or GSC2 – either way, my work schedule would not allow me to go.

I recently saw the same thing happen to the first Reality TV Convention in Nashville – and it made me realize I’d done the same thing to GSC when it started.

So although GSNN isn’t “mine” anymore, and my attendance is probably more as a fan versus what it would’ve been back then, I want to redeem myself by attending what I hear is a very good event.  If not this year…then definitely next year.

One other thing since I just said it.  GSNN has never been “mine.”  Or Gordon’s.  Or Chico’s.  It’s yours…the viewers and readers of this site.  And again, we thank you.

Next Time…

It’s my birthday column.  Yes, another year in the books.  I’ll look back at the year that was, and get a little sentimental too.  We’ll also have the Game Show Alphabet trifecta.  Don’t miss it!

Jason Elliott doesn't disappoint much. E-mail him at


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