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Today is

January 31, 2006

Looking ahead to February…

Can you believe that January 2006 is already behind us?  With that in mind, let’s take some time to look ahead to a few events in February. 

February 2nd:  “Survivor” returns, this time with four tribes…and the all-new Exile Island twist.  More interesting is the fact that “Survivor” will go head-to-head with the juggernaut that is “Dancing with the Stars” for at least the entire month of February.  Will “Survivor” be hurt in the ratings?   (Probably.)

February 8th:  “American Idol” goes to Hollywood.  Finally, the auditions are over, and we’re done with the worst of the bad singers for the season.  Until the finale.  Or until they show Crazy Dave again.

February 14th:  We learn that CBS really doesn’t know how to schedule, as they place an episode of “Price is Right: Million Dollar Spectacular” against “American Idol” and the Olympics.  Oh…and they’ve been holding this episode of TPIR since April 2005.

February 28th:  “Amazing Race” goes back to its roots with traditional teams and a worldwide focus.  The teams were just announced, so go to and check them out.

InSites Bonus Round

As anyone who’s ever read this column or website anytime in the last few years knows…I am a huge fan of “American Idol.”  My work schedule won’t allow me to participate in our GSNN Roundtable after the show, but I still want you to see what I have to say.  And that doesn’t work so well with a Tuesday column, now does it?  Details are still to be worked out, but starting with the semifinals, you’ll see my “Idol Scorecard” either on GSNN or a separate site.  I’ll try to have it posted by Wednesday morning each week so you can see how I think things went.  This will start with the semifinal rounds (when I’ll also have a post by Thursday morning since there are two performance shows).  We still have a couple weeks before this starts, so keep an eye on this column for details on how you can see the “InSites Idol Scorecard.”

InSites Interactive

Here’s this week’s Interactive request.  Are you watching “Survivor” or “Dancing with the Stars” this week?  Or watching one and DVR’ing the other?  Send me an email at and I’ll post your results here next week.  I’d also like to hear your initial impressions on the new season of “Survivor” as well…send those in too.

Game Show Alphabet

This week’s selection in the Game Show Alphabet won’t have you learning much or going back to a classic show.  But this week’s show does take this website…and this column…back to their roots.

You know by now what show I’m talking about, right?


More here: 

No promises, but with our humble webmaster’s help, we may try to restore the old PTTGSP “Greed” page to GSNN this year.  Stay tuned.

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