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Today is

Seems The Last Column I Did, I Said The Same Thing... - April 18

I should be back in the ‘normal’ swing of things now, after two more weeks on the road.  This has been an awesome getaway for me and I think I am rejuvenated and refocused for the upcoming summer…exactly what I needed. 

Columns should be ‘regular’ again starting this week.

I will update my Idol scorecard for the weeks I missed and for this week…be sure to check it out (updated sometime Tuesday evening):

Game Show Resurgence

In the last column, I said we were “close” to being able to say we are in another surge of game shows.  Now, I think we can say that with little doubt.

Now that game show kings (no pun intended) King World and Sony are announcing a new hour-long syndicated game show block for Fall 2007, the revival of the game show to be used in all mediums (online, syndicated, cable, and network) is in full force.  KW & Sony, as most everyone reading this column knows, have the #1 and #3 shows in all of syndication, and will be sending those shows (“Wheel” and “Jeopardy!”) to HDTV later this year.

With this announcement, you can almost guarantee that Endemol will bring out its syndicated “Deal or No Deal” in Fall 2007 (it was once rumored for 2008 instead).  Mark my words…and feel free to email me if I’m wrong…but I believe when syndicators roll out the Fall 2007 programs early next year…there will be at least five game shows in the mix.  Maybe more.

Not only that, but NBC is apparently listening to production company Endemol when it comes to using “Deal or No Deal” in primetime.  According to published reports, Endemol wants the show used no more than twice a week, except in special circumstances.  NBC has already announced they will rest the show over the summer (but something tells me reruns may play on CNBC, which has benefited greatly by the show’s rerun ratings).  

I also tend to believe that “Game Show Marathon” may well end up spawning a revival of one or more of the series that are used on that program.   GSN could make a big splash also by running classic episodes of the series used on “Marathon” the same night as they’re used on the new series.

What do you think?  Email me at and tell me your opinions.  I’ll publish some (if any) of the responses I get next week.

Game Show Alphabet

We’re up to the letter “L” in the Game Show Alphabet.  And this week, I decided to talk about Hurley, Sawyer, and Desmond.  Yep, it’s “Lost.” 

(someone taps Jason on the shoulder and whispers something in his ear)

Oh, right.

Not that “Lost.”

This is the one that aired in 2001 and featured contestants dropped off in the desert of an unknown country, with virtually no resources, and expected to find their way back to the USA. 

The series was one of the lowest-rated in television history and the second ‘flight’ of the series never completely aired on NBC as a result.

For more:

Jason Elliott will never fly Oceanic Air for as long as he lives. E-mail him at


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