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Today is

Reunited... - February 14

After a week’s hiatus (and thank you for allowing that!), I am back in the writing saddle, and ready to talk some game.   

I’ll begin with “Deal or No Deal.”  That’s the question hundreds were asked in Huntsville, Alabama on Monday.  GSNN was there before the open call started.  More than an hour before the open call began at 4pm…the line of contestant hopefuls was already around the building at the sports bar where the open call was held. (By the way…why a sports bar?  Are we launching a sequel:  “Drunk Deal or No Deal?”)

The group waiting outside generally seemed to be a cross-section of the community… all ages, races, and genders.  We don’t know if any of those folks in line will be on the show, but the fact that casting agents for the show came here shows that all these people know what “Deal or No Deal” is about…and likely the show is doing well locally. 

If I see any familiar faces…I’ll let you know.


Some random thoughts about games of the last week or two:

  • Dave Coulier dressed in women’s clothing is scary.
  • How long before we see a celebrity curling show?
  • Or “Speed Skating with the Stars?”
  • American Idol is WAY more intense this season.  Already.
  • Survivor this season has more twists than a licorice factory.
  • Will burying against American Idol and the Olympics effectively kill primetime editions of TPIR?
  • Fear Factor still hasn’t been cancelled??


I’ll be on the road next week but will try to file my column from the road.  I’ll also be on the road at least four other weeks between now and the end of April.  Some of those times, I’ll have ‘net access…others, not so much.  But I will try to let you know ahead of time if you won’t see a column.

Also…don’t forget, the InSites American Idol Scorecard is coming soon…that’ll be a special Tuesday night (and early on, Wednesday night) feature.

Game Show Alphabet

It’s Valentine’s Day…and we’re on the letter H this week…so surely I can find something related for this week’s show, right?

It wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped.  But I did find one.

It’s called “He Said, She Said.”  Hosted by Joe Garagiola, the program aired from 1969-1970.  In the game, four celebrity couples had to match answers on questions.  Each celebrity couple was playing for a studio audience member.  The winning couple won a week’s lodging for the audience member.

Does any of that sound familiar?  It should.  The show was cancelled in 1970…but retooled and relaunched four years later as “Tattletales.”

Jason Elliott ought to take a trip to Greensboro if he wants to see small-town gamers in action... except for the fact that Idol was there and he watched. E-mail him at


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