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Trump Trumped - March 7

You know, I’m just a dude who likes game shows. But I have to call out a financial guru and overall popular man in this week’s column.

I was willing to let Donald Trump say he had the #1 show on television…even when he clearly didn’t. But recent events lead me to decide to say, “What??”

Last month, Mr. Trump got in a very public spat with “The Apprentice” format-partner Martha Stewart. Everyone – and I mean everyone – looked at the public bickering as Trump’s attempt to distance himself from the Stewart version and try to drum up publicity for his own show’s return.

Then, after the ratings for the season premiere weren’t what he’d hoped for (and come on, he’s against “24” on FOX, and “Two and a Half Men” on CBS), he said people couldn’t find the show on Monday nights…didn’t know it had moved.

NBC promoted the living daylights out of the new Monday night lineup before and during the Olympics. They had Trump on their hit game show “Deal or No Deal” right before the premiere episode and did a near-seamless transition from one show to the other. Anybody who wanted to know it moved knew. The “can’t find the show” might be the worst excuse I’ve ever heard.

I just had to get that off my chest. I feel better now.

Idol Thoughts…

I’m feeling pretty accomplished on the “American Idol” front. I’ve correctly picked seven of the eight people sent off the show so far…and even got the 8th place person right on the girls’ side last week. Not bragging…because I’m just on the same page with America. And whether you like Simon or not, he’s right…America has become a pretty good judge of singing talent over five years of this show.

Don’t forget to go to this web address to see my picks:

A new URL for the next phase of the competition will be posted in this space next week.

And “American Idol” fans seem to NOT be paying much attention (yet) to the website , which this season is taking an interesting tactic – not asking people to vote for the worst singer…but seeming to put a personal campaign against Kellie Pickler, making and passing along some pretty big accusations. Interesting stuff…and I encourage you to at least give it a read.

What’s Upcoming?

This busy March for me, and for GSNN, continues with premieres of “Nashville Star,” “Unan1mous,” and the return of “The Biggest Loser.” I’ll probably be asking for your opinions along the way as well.

Game Show Alphabet

If I didn’t want to put much work into this week’s Alphabet entry…I’d just pick “Jeopardy!” But not me. No way. This week’s choice is “Jackpot,” a three-version, three-decade game show. Legendary host Geoff Edwards hosted a 1974-1975 and 1989-1990 version…and Mike Darrow hosted a Canadian version from 1985-1989.

Read more here:

See you next week!

Jason Elliott is literally fired up over the way the Donald's treating the hand that feeds him. E-mail him at


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