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Today is

Idol Definitely NOT Idle - February 28

You’ll be reading a lot here on GSNN about “American Idol.”  You’ve got the roundtable throwing their opinions into the ring…and I’ll be doing my Idol Scorecard.  You can see the preliminary rounds here:

The Top 12 round will be posted at a different URL, which you will see in this space in a couple weeks.  Don’t forget, please bear with me…I’m on the road much of the next 50 days…and so the regular column may not get updated weekly.  But I have access to update the scorecard from the road and will do it hopefully in a timely manner.  So bookmark that URL above!

It’s another big week of games.  “Deal or No Deal” and “The Apprentice” have returned…and Howie will take on Seacrest THREE times this week.  Two of America’s most popular shows on against one another…again…it’s been several years since we’ve seen game/reality scheduling like this.  Exciting times!

The announcement of what some are calling “FOX II”, better known as My Network TV, is leading to speculation that part of the network’s programming might be game or reality shows.  Could it be?  We’ll see.  But the network has announced it will start with two telenovelas this September.

Game Show Alphabet

This week, we are in the “I”s and we feature “I’m Telling,” the sibling-version of “The Newlywed Game,” where brothers and sisters had to guess answers about each other.  Laurie Faso hosted.  Details here:

Cutting this one short since I’m on the road.  But check out that URL!

Jason Elliott's sister (if he indeed has one) wants you to e-mail him at


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