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Today is

January 3, 2006

New Year, New Perspectives

More interesting news came out this week regarding the newest game show sensation, “Deal or No Deal.” There are already discussions about stripping the show in syndication. So let’s go ahead and start the speculation: Who would host such a show? Could be Howie…but it’s been ages since a prime show and a corresponding syndie show were hosted by the same person. (The last one that comes to mind for me is Jeopardy!/Super Jeopardy!...anybody think of one more recent?)

If not Howie, then who? Would you even think of trying George Gray on another syndicated series? What about Todd Newton? Or maybe someone from one of NBC’s hit series. Oh wait, NBC’s only hit series is “Deal or No Deal.” Oops. :)

So let’s hear it…who would you put in the host slot? Email me at  and I will post your responses … along with my opinion … here next week.

The midseason premieres start this week. The self-contained episodes of “The Biggest Loser” kick things off Wednesday, followed by “Dancing with the Stars” on Thursday. (Yes, I know “Celebrity Fit Club” launched Sunday, but I’m only counting shows that haven’t jumped the shark yet.) I’ll handicap “Dancing…” in this space next week.

We’re back to the alphabet again – picking back up with C, and our C game show is:

Aired: 1986
Host: David Sparks
Crosswits was a short lived revival of The Cross-Wits, which aired from 1975-1980 and was hosted by Jack Clark. Find out more here:

Have a great week!

Jason Elliott is a crossed wit. E-mail him at


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