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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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July 16, 2005

Jason B.: Not bad.
Chico: We're back, and it's time for Trios, the game where we take three choices that sound different, but bring them together with one uniting question.
Jason H.: Awww
Chico: And then, because we have that question to answer... we answer it.
Jason B.: Sounds good
Don: Sounds reasonable.
Jason H.: ok
Chico: For example:

William Hung, Constantine Maroulis, or Average Joe 3's Daaaaavid Daskal....

Question: Who would go the furthest on Rockstar: INXS?

Jason B.: Constantine Maroulis
Don: I'd say Constantine.
Jason H.: ......ditto =)
Gordon: Constantine
Chico: See how fun that was?
Chico: Although David Daskal would probably give Constantine a fight of some sort :)
Jason H.: let's just see how fun it could get :-p
Chico: Anywho, Gordon, you have the next one?

A Spelling Bee, A Dance Competition, Or a National IQ Test

Question: All three of those things have had John O'Hurley as either a host or a participant. Which one of these things would you feel you'd have the best shot at winning?

Jason B.: Spelling Bee...I was a champ 3 yrs in a row.
Chico: I'd like to say IQ test. From what I hear, he's a bright young fellow.
Jason H.: it depends who else is featured...but I'll make it three different ones and say dancing....especially if salsa dancing is featured :-D
Don: Spelling bee. I can't dance.
Jason H.: Awww, but dancing is SO fun!
Gordon: Jason Hernandez is what Anthony Federov strived to be - a sexy Latino.
Jason H.: You know it, baby! ;-D
Chico: LOL
Gordon: I'll challenge Chico at the IQ test, because I think I can beat him - especially since he misread the question =).
Jason B.: lol
Jason H.: lol
Chico: I was talking in the third person :) And I just woke up.
Jason B.: Suuuure.
Gordon: Next question?

Another Ken Jennings, That Weird Strategy of His, or His Own Brash & Creepiness

Question: According to, all of these seem like cause for concern for the erstwhile champion, David Madden. Question: Which seems the most likely to be his undoing?

Jason B.: His Own Brash.
Gordon: I'll agree with Jason - I think he can be his own worst enemy.
Don: Agreed.
Jason B.: He is very cocky, but can back it up about 90% of the time.
Jason H.: Have you seen some of his Daily Double wagers? FIVE DOLLARS?!?!
Jason B.: And he does look creepy.
Don: I still agree with the answer.
Chico: I go with y'alls, but the site is more concerned with.... That Weird Strategy of his.
Jason H.: One of these days, those obscure wagers of his are going to bite him in the butt
Chico: It almost did, once... I believe.
Jason H.: *nods* it could backfire on him in the future
Chico: He's going to have to stop being a pushover. Time to play the Jack clip: "Don't be a wimp!" You know, there's a Jeopardy! twist.
Gordon: Leave him alone. He's doing fine. I think he will rias to the occasion when he gets tougher competition.
Chico: Okay, next one?

Omarosa, Chris Moneymaker or Shandi Finessey?

Question: Chris Moneymaker just did some work for Playboy. Which of the three people will be the last person to work with Playboy THIS YEAR? (If you don't think either of the women will do Playboy, then the answer is Chris Moneymaker)

Jason B.: Chris Moneymaker.
Chico: Hmm... Chris Money...OMAROSA! :)
Don: I'll just guess Shandi.
Chico: Because after le divorce, Omarosa's going to need all the work she can get.
Gordon: I don't think Omarosa would pose for Playboy. I think Shandi would be more likely, but I don't think either woman will do it just quite yet.
Chico: And besides, she's a pub ho, so why not? Omarosa will do it before Shandi.
Gordon: Pub ho - yes. But I don't think she's a real ho.
Chico: Who says you need to be a real ho to pose for Playboy? Case in point, Tiffany.
Jason H.: .....
Chico: We have a dot-dot-dot moment... So I'll just go into the next question...

GSN Head Honcho Rich Cronin, Rockstar's Dana, or Embattled Governmental Head Karl Rove.

Question: which one of these people has had the most lapses in conscience this week?

Gordon: Please explain to the audience playing along at home (Though my answer is Cronin)
Chico: Rich Cronin just unleashed seven new series onto a waiting world, a great majority of which are rife for sucktitude, Dana just gave one of the most hellacious performances of "Knocking on Heaven's Door," making Courtney Love look like Britney Spears, and Karl Rove... just speaks for itself, doesn't it? Allegedly, of course.
Jason B.: Rich Cronin
Don: Cronin.
Chico: Cronin.
Jason H.: Make it a threesome!...or foursome :-p
Gordon: So we think that a person who is going to unleash bad game shows is worse than someone who could have given out information to compromise our national security?
Chico: See, there's the rub. "Is" and "Could".
Gordon: I guess so.
Chico: Done and done. Next?
Gordon: FInal One
Chico: Last one.

Ashton Kutcher, Jay Leno, or Ben Affleck

Question: All three of these people have had game show ties. Which one of them is most likely to show up at the Game Show Congress on the weekend of August 19-21?

Chico: I told you about your quota of leading questions, son...
Gordon: I didn't plug the last one - Jason Hernandez did =). So this is MY plug.
Jason H.: Oh, blame ME now?
Gordon: Everything's your fault, Jason
Jason H.: Blame the messenger who is rarely here? :-p
Gordon: Always blame the messenger
Jason H.: I'm just a messenger boy!
Chico: Yep. Jason did plug last... but you fired the question. So it's your fault. Be a man and admit it.
Jason H.: ......aha!
Gordon: It's only a natural lead. So answer the question. I am going to say Ashton Kutcher and hope he shows up =).
Jason H.: Jay Leno, he's local :-)
Jason B.: Jay Leno. Plugging helps.
Chico: Jay Leno.
Don: I'd say Ashton.
Gordon: And with that, we are done with Trios.
Chico: Okay, next up, the most intense competition ever, and fire extinguishers are at the ready. Take a Side after the break on We Love to Interrupt.
Gordon: And hopefully, someone else will stick out a GSC 4 plug.
Jason B.: I promise that I will plug GSC4 in the next segment.
Gordon: I will hold you accountable for it.
Jason B.: Very well.
Chico: (Sigh)

(This Break has been brought to you by PlayPorpoise. We have pictures of nude sea life and tasteful articles. This Month - a centerfold of PARIS GILLTON!)

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