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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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July 16, 2005

Chico: ... No.... comment.
Jason B.: Thats.....bad. And you did it on porpoise.
Chico: *rimshot*
Gordon: Check out the set of gills on that one.
Chico: *rimshot*
Don: Ew...
Jason H.: .......just....eww....
Chico: It's simple.
Gordon: Since we don't have time to flounder around, what's the next game?
Chico: *rimshot*
Jason B.: And we are doing it just for the halibut
Chico: *rimshot*
Gordon: Chico's having a hard time trying to tun-a you out, Jason
Chico: *rimshot*
Jason H.: *tosses rotten tuna Jason's way*
Chico: With that.... we move onto Take a Side...
Gordon: I'm the judge, Chico/Don Vs. Jason squared, and I'll be quick and nasty =)
Chico: And as always, arguments will end without warning, so if you have your best foot, put it forward early.
Jason B.: OK
Gordon: Okay, first question...

Chico Vs. Jason Hernandez

Subject - The GSN announcement: which show seems LEAST likely to last past its first offering?

Gordon: Jason Hernandez starts against Chico.
Chico: My answer is Chokers. It's not a game. It's not even remotely related to games.
Jason H.: WHAT?!?!
Chico: Hell, SPYTV is remotely related to games.
Jason H.: SpyTV isn't a documentary
Chico: GSN seems to lose focus every time they do this, and it always bites them in the butt. Case in point: Vegas Weddings. Never has a documentary been so irrelevant to "the network for games".
Jason H.: From what I've heard, Chokers will be a documentary, and that's what most game shows have at one time or another, Chokers. That was different, that was stupid
Chico: Yeah, but have you heard anyone mention these game shows in the release?
Jason H.: Of course not, I just read the release 4 hours ago....My pick is I've Got a Secret
Chico: At least IGaS has a form behind it.
Jason H.: Because any show with a gay panel is going to spark some kind of controversy, yet again
Chico: And Can You Tell is proof that (^_^) can last.

(30 Seconds Left)

Jason H.: Chico, name me 3 famous chokers in GS history. See if you can before I just spit them out at your face
Chico: Ken Jennings.
Jason H.: I'd hardly call that choking
Chico: ... I can't. I can't name three chokers in game show history. which is why the show isn't going to last on the air. See?
Jason H.: Frank Spangenberg. Sorry to say it, but EVERY time he was in a big tourney, he'd mess it up; or how about Doug Lach and "Starry Nights"? and the most (in)famous choker of all time, Herb Stempel. Even though he did it purposely, that was still a major choke in game show history that put a major choke-hold on game shows


Gordon: Chico, though inadvertant, proved his point, and Stempel didn't choke as much as he was paid off. Point to Chico.

Chico/Don - 1, Jason (squared) - 0

Gordon: Next up -

Don Vs. Jason Block

The subject - We spoke about Gays. Let's talk about Race. The Apprentice 4 is reportedly planning on separating the teams by race - the Caucasians on one side, the non-Caucasians on the other. What do you think about this?

Gordon: Mr Block starts.
Jason B.: This is a bad, bad move. This is a bad way in answering the "critics" that all black people got hosed on the previous 3 shows. This is also trying to inject controversy in a show whose ratings have declined in the last 3 shows. Bad move, Burnett.
Gordon: Don? Opening counter?
Don: At least the non-caucasians are getting more of a chance, as instead of only 2 or 3, it's half the field.
Gordon: ok. 5 minutes, DEBATE!
Jason B.: Are you saying that non-caucasians need "special" treatment? Or an equal playing field?
Don: I'm saying that an equal playing field will give them a better chance, as on most other reality shows, they get hosed early, though there are a few exceptions.
Jason B.: So non-caucasians can't do it on their own. Look at Kwame in season 1. He should have been the winner, but Omarosa, a black woman, screwed him royally.
Don: Well, that would be an exception.
Jason B.: Color doesn't make a better apprentice. Jason B.: Talent does. And when you have a white guy like Trump, in a room full of black people, you are going to get the NAACP on his ass in no time. I am saying this is Burnett trying to be Politically correct and it's a bad bad move.

(30 second warning)

Gordon: Don?
Jason B.: And knowing that, I will guarantee that if they go that route, a non-caucasian is guaranteed a win.
Don: I'm sorry, I can't come up with anything else...
Jason B.: Bet on it. Bet the farm. Bet everything.


Gordon: Jason wins. Landslide. Welcome to the game, Rookie.
Jason H.: Yay *high-fives Jason*
Jason B.: Back at you.

Chico/Don - 1, Jason (squared) - 1

Jason B.: And if you are reading this Mark...dumb move.
Jason H.: time to wash off the rust, baby. =)
Gordon: Ok...

Jason Hernandez Vs. Don

Subject - Coming to a TV Screen near you...internet Chess. People are convinced that eyeballs are going to be watching this. Are you?

Gordon: Don, you start.
Don: I doubt it. I don't see myself watching chess on TV. It'll be boring.
Jason H.: You see this? *points to eyeballs* My eyeballs will be watching.....and my eyes will be rolling at the same time.
Gordon: There's the intro. DEBATE!
Jason H.: I'm sure most eyeballs WILL be watching out of morbid curiosity, because people will watch anything
Don: Yeah. I'm just saying they won't be glued to something like Chess. Or even internet Chess.
Jason H.: I'll watch for a few minutes out of curiosity because I love the game of chess. That's a game that so many people love to just watch, even though it's internet chess
Don: But people won't keep watching, as it'll just be like watching a screen on a screen for a long time.
Jason H.: You know that's one of the most universally known games? I'm not saying people are going to keep watching - I'm saying they'll at least watch once for a few minutes simply just to see what it's like

(30 second warning)

Jason H.: I, most likely, will do the same, even though I'll probably be laughing and rolling my eyes after a few minutes and then reading my new Harry Potter book.
Don: Okay, maybe they'll be curious at first, but they just won't keep watching. There's not enough action to keep people watching.
Jason H.: So to answer, I will watch..then SHUT OFF!


Gordon: So Jason pretty much debated and agreed with...Don. Point to Don.
Chico: Heh.

Chico/Don - 2, Jason (squared) - 1

Jason H.: That's what I get for not being here often. :-p. I reeeeeally need to shake off the rust
Chico: And Don's just starting here =p
Jason H.: I'll get him back one day
Jason B.: Ready, sir?
Chico: Bring it.
Jason B.: slaps hand
Gordon: Next!

Chico Vs. Mr. Block.

Subject - MTV is currently filming their latest series of the Gauntlet, which is all well and good except that they are filming it on territory that's reserved for an endangered species of turtles. The government accuses MTV of turtle killing. MTV accuses the government of giving them the land and they said that they did everything that the government asked them to do. Who do you side with?

Gordon: Chico, you start.
Chico: I honestly think it's attention tactics. I side with MTV
Jason B.: I can't believe I am doing this one...but how can you side with MTV? So the government has no right to step in and supervise what MTV is doing?
Gordon: There's the openers. Debate NOW!
Chico: I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that MTV is being victimized by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Jason B.: If the land was supposed to be for the turtles, they have to be more careful.
Chico: If you notice, we haven't heard anything from these people before. And we've seen more industrious productuion houses doing worse.
Jason B.: MTV is known for just coming in and causing trouble. Look at what happened a few years back in NJ. They had a concert and were supposed to provide security and people got hurt. The land is not just for their use.
Chico: Citing a recent Broadcast & Cable article, the group is going after MTV, not the government. And the group has a documentary out on Free Speech TV.
Jason B.: Meaning?
Chico: Now if they went after this government, it would be a different story. In fact, that's what they should be doing. Not going after MTV. MTV is the victim here.
Jason B.: MTV should be the victim.
Chico: We don't know much about the gov't of Godknowswherethisplaceis, but EVERYONE's heard of MTV.

(30 second warning)

Chico: Let's just rag on the big guy. So not fair.
Jason B.: MTV has had a history of disrputive productions. And they usually don't care about bad publicity, in fact it helps them. They are known for being anti-social and not cooperative in productions.
Chico: And why would the goverment allow this if MTV didn't assure them that such endangerment would not occur.
Jason B.: Maybe MTV lied to them.
Chico: This is just simple attenion seeking.
Jason B.: Are you saying that a production company wouldn't lie to get a place they wanted to get to?
Chico: And why would MTV want to lie to them? They have everything to lose.


Jason B.: (wow)
Gordon: Good debate here
Chico: I should be caged. :)
Gordon: You enjoying getting out that frustration, eh?
Chico: Oh yeah. Healthy.
Jason B.: Besides, I agree with you Chico :) I just had to take a side that Chico put me in. I like that.
Gordon: I thought you debated well Jason. However, you spoke about what MTV has done in the past, not what they are doing in this particular case. Point to Chico.
Chico: Rock :)
Jason B.: Oh boy.
Chico: But props to Jason. He's pressurewash.

Chico/Don - 3, Jason (squared) - 1

Gordon: #5 - I'll let each team send a debater
Chico: I'll go.
Jason B.: Rematch baby.
Gordon: ok - The subject matter...
Chico: It's the showdown at the WLTI Corral. *plays opening riffs to "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"*

Subject - According to a contestant from the Contender 1, Jesse B. is currently working for Contender 2, which will be shown on ESPN. There's no question that the move is to shore up ESPN's programming. The question is...Will they miss Mark Burnett's touches on the original, or will this be better than the first Contender?

Gordon: Jason, your team is trailing. You start.
Jason B.: This will be MUCH better than the original contender.
Chico: Nope. Mark Burnett MADE the Contender what it is, a humanizing drama.
Gordon: QUick opening arguments. DEBATE!
Chico: You go on without Burnett, you are missing the story factor.
Jason B.: I dont want human drama, I want two guys killing each other. ESPN does it well with Friday Night Fights. They spent too much time on the drama and not enough time on the boxing.
Chico: What is the draw on reality TV? Drama. You want to root for the good guy, you want to find out who the good guy is.
Jason B.: And the boxing matches were poorly edited on the NBC show.
Chico: And what makes you think that they won't be poorly edited here?
Jason B.: Because ESPN knows how to do boxing. See Friday Night Fights.
Chico: ESPN can do boxing. This isn't exactly boxing.

(30 second warning)

Chico: This is reality TV more than anything. And the point is to tell a story.
Jason B.: It is boxing. That is what the show is supposed to be.
Chico: And you can't do that with just the boxing. You can't.
Jason B.: Yes you can. At least I think you can.
Chico: I think you can't. You just have the sport, but not the story.


Jason B.: (taps gloves)
Gordon: I'm going to channel the spirit of Joe Van Ginkel here
Chico: Taps.
Gordon: Joe: 'It's not the story, it's the matches, stupid. The matches tell the story.'
Gordon: No one can do match story telling like ESPN. Point to Block.

Don/Chico - 3, Jason (Squared) - 2

Gordon: Last category. This one is worth TWO POINTS, and it's the Free-For-All
Chico: So much for the running gag :)
Jason B.: Thats what I thought Chico :)
Chico: *in a killing mood*
Gordon: So everyone can play - and so we may FINALLY get a winner. Here's the final category...

Easy question. Who should win the Best Reality Emmy?

Gordon: Mr. Block, you start
Chico: Damn.
Jason B.: Easy Answer...the Amzaing Race.
Chico: DAMN!
Jason B.: Best produced, best drama, best everything.
Gordon: Your counter, Chico?
Chico: I think Survivor's had some formidable moments. I think it's time for the old guard to step off a bit.
Gordon: DEBATE
Chico: You watch the Race, it's been same-old same-old for the past couple of years.
Jason B.: But thats the point. Survivor always tries to the change the game so that the can "freshen" up the rules.
Chico: This year, we had one person on Survivor overcoming insurmountable odds, and the way it's played out.. How can the Academy NOT acknowledge it.
Jason B.: The Amazing Race's concept is simple.
Chico: You're not judging the game. You're judging the show.
Jason B.: I am judging the game.
Chico: That's the Academy rule.
Jason B.: But the show is the game.
Chico: Not true, the show is also the alternate game.
Jason B.: Look at the Drama between Rob/Amber and Uchenna/Joyce.
Chico: The game within a game, if you will. The Race doesn't have that.
Jason B.: Yes it does.
Chico: As much as Survivor?
Jason B.: I think so. Look at all the times people try to get on planes and make sure people don't get on.
Chico: I don't think so. And besides, if the Race does win this year, it'll be on the heels of what? Rob and Amber, who were what? On Survivor!~
Jason B.: Because they were good game players :)

(30 second warning)

Chico: And you can't say that anyone on Survivor doesn't deserve to play the game. And you can't just not watch it.
Jason B.: I have only watched a few episodes of Survivor. I don't care for it. But I am addicted to Race.
Chico: See"? you can't just question my credo for it. I watched it all, and I like it. I'm kept guessing until the end.
Jason B.: Please. Survivor is the most overrated reality show. I don't question it's historical significance.


Gordon: Good arguments from both of you, as expected
Jason B.: I know you wanted Race, Chico
Chico: Damn you, Block
Jason B.: I love you too, Chico.
Chico: :)
Gordon: It was pretty obvious that even Chico believes that the Amazing Race should win. So points to Jason.
Chico: Sure. Kill me on the opening bell, why don't ya?

Jason (squared) - 4, Chico/Don - 3

Jason B.: Oh no...
Gordon: Jason promised that he would give a plug to the Game Show Congress
Jason B.: I did promise that, yes.
Chico: You mean the one on August 21st?
Gordon: Yes, that one. (Which by the way is on August 19-21 and you can register at
Don: I wanna go...
Gordon: There was NOWHERE IN THIS SEGMENT that you plugged the Congress
Jason B.: Point made.
Gordon: So I deduct a point from Jason for not plugging the show as promised.
Jason B.: That means...dammit...
Gordon: FINAL Score

Jason (squared) - 3, Chico/Don - 3

Jason B.: A TIE! #*#*#*!
Chico: Hey... I actually won an argument against Jason... I feel like a winner today :) I feel victory. I just don't see it.
Gordon: Now you all give each other manhugs or something.
Chico: Okay, enough fun. big Finish after this !

(Brought to you by Harry Potter and the Overzealous Fanboy... I mean, come on. It's a book. Who'd stay up past 11 for a book?)

Jason B.: Jason Hernandez would.
Gordon: My parents did.
Jason B.: And Millions around the world.
Chico: I got mine when I woke up at 7 am.
Don: I have a Family Guy book.
Chico: Now THAT I would stay up for :) That and the Harry Potter movies :)
Gordon: I had to drive Aldo to get a game at frigging 2 am in NYC to pick up his beloved Halo 2.
Chico: "I wanna play Halo 2 I wanna play Halo 2 I wanna play Halo 2!"
Jason B.: And I might be online for an XBOX 360!
Chico: I'll wait for the PS3 myself. See? We love all games on We Love to Interrupt. But we only have so much love for so long. It's time for the Big Finish!
Jason B.: Let's do it.
Chico: Premieres this week: Rock Star INXS. I can't buy it. Can you?
Gordon: So much potential. So litte promise delivered.
Jason B.: Nope. But we will be in LA for a performance night.
Gordon: That is if they keep the same schedule and CBS doesn't ship the show to Saturday nights
Chico: Also, the season premiere of Iron Chef America... With a royal box.
Jason B.: Who was in the box?
Chico: Just the audience so much as I know.
Jason B.: The show still rocks.
Chico: Next up: another Iron Chef USA challenger takes on an IC.
Chico: Former ICA judge Kerry Simon draws Cat Cora.
Jason B.: 'Meow...Cat Cora...'
Chico: This is going to be a close one. Fastforwarding to this week: Ballbreakers. Who wants to watch pool?
Jason B.: I do.
Jason B.: My sister might. She is a pool player.
Gordon: I do too - I am looking forward to both that and Dodgeball
Don: I'd like to.
Chico: Same here. And we wish Don could watch, too... quality junk right there.
Gordon: I hope the complete change in format works, though.
Chico: Okay, now the big question: BB6. Ashlea's out. Who's next?
Gordon: Mike seems to be on the women's warpath. If he gets nominated, that's trouble for him.
Chico: And if not?
Gordon: Get rid of the loose end. Bye, Janelle
Don: Maybe Jennifer might go. But I'm just guessing.
Chico: Alright. Any mail?

(Crickets chirping)

Chico: ... That would be a no...So again, we have to double up our efforts to get our audience talking.
Jason B.: Talk about what you are looking forward to at GSC4 - which is going to be on August 19-21 at Glendale Hilton.
Chico: Or even better yet.... I have an idea! I'm pitching an all-game-show-trivia edition of !: The Game for a future episode of We Love to Interrupt. It might be at GSC4, might not be. If you have any game show trivia you'd like for us to judge, then send it over to our regular address:
Gordon: Sounds like a plan
Chico: Come on, it'll be fun.
Jason B.: Absolutely.
Chico: It can be from any game show, reality competition, or casino gaming show, just as long as it's a) true and b) interesting.
Don: Sounds cool.
Jason B.: Sounds good to me.
Chico: We'd love to hear from you. I'm sure you'd love hearing more from us, but that's the show this week.
Jason B.: It's been fun
Gordon: Yes, it has
Chico: Sure has.
Don: Really fun.
Chico: Next week, we'll do it all over again, so for Don Harpwood, Jason Hernandez, Jason Block, and Travis Schario, I'm Chico Alexander, bastard son of pop quizzes and pop culture. And he's Gordon Pepper... my twin brother. :)
Gordon: Match Game and Out - and...
Chico: Peace out! :)
Jason B.: And for Joe...spread the love.
Gordon: IT'S A WRAP

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