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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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April 23, 2005

Joe: ANOTHER real sponsor?!?!
Jason: Yup. Post a Link :-)
Gordon: Are we getting any sort of compensation for these ads, Chico?
Chico: No, but when have we gotten any compensation for ANYTHING?
James: A hat and a shirt, plus an Amtrak ticket :-)
Chico: Remember the TPIR game? We got nothing for that.
Chico: I'm still waiting for my TPIR game prize :-)
Gordon: I'm sure Travis will give us copies at GSC 4 (Isn't that RIGHT, Travis??!!?!?)
Joe: ROFL.
Chico: That would be Schario, not Evil Travis :-)
Travis: I will preside over a Scene It bonfire, for those who care...
Gordon: Is there anyone here who isn't going?
Travis: Me.
Gordon: Booooooo.
Chico: Still dependent upon current situation. That's all I'll say on the matter. But if you do go, you may hear something about TRASHionals...
James: I should be at GSC4, depends on a project at work launching, but I should be able to be in LA that weekend.
Chico: And with that, we kick off Five Good Reasons...
Gordon: We start with James - give us 5 Good Reasons on why Trashionals is becoming big.
James: 1. 36 teams from across the US and Canada attending the tourney. 2. 6 players from the Ultimate TOC competing on the Regionals level, with 3 of them attending TRASHionals!
Gordon: Who?
James: On the TRASHionals level -- Brian Weikle, Craig Barker, Andrew Hutchings. Playing at Regionals -- Russ Schumacher and Mark Dawson. Also, the defending college champion (Kermin) was an official at Regionals.
Chico: He of the l337 bet of $1337?
James: Yes.
Travis: [groan]
Joe: lol
Chico: For those who don't know, l337 is a language for geeks who don't want to speak English =p
Travis: Hence the groan.
Chico: Precisely.
Jason: leet right?
Chico: Right.
James: 3. A tentative deal to have a competitor at this year's WSOP wear TRASH gear at the tables!
Chico: Free pub!
Jason: Nice. I'd do it if I got in.
Joe: Sweeeeet.
Jason: I would wear Game Show Congress and Trash Gear.
James: One of the TRASH writers is competing at WSOP...and he's agreed to wear TRASH gear.
Chico: Now if only someone could get a WLTI hat as well.
Gordon: When are we getting WLTI hats?
Chico: Good question... Next, James?
James: 4. The winners of the tourney called themselves the "Bill O'Reilly Shower Massage", while the runners-up were the "Riders of Lohan"
Gordon: Who was on each team?
James: O'Reilly: David Murphy, Mark Richey, Jeremy White, Brian Hight. Lohan: Tim Young (former Weakest Link contestant), Josh Levy (former J! College finalist), Phil Castagna and Rick Terpstra.
Gordon: And reason #5?
James: 5. Because whether you go 15-0 or 0-15, you leave with a smile on your face and getting a bang for your buck.
Chico: Hear here.
Jason: Amen. What were the goof prizes they won?
James: We gave away, among other things... J.C. Chasez bobblehead dolls.
Joe: ACK!
James: Autographed photo of David Naughton... The Gumby Game. A VHS Copy of *The Amazing World of MacKenzie Astin*.
Jason: Where do you find this stuff? :-)
James: Garage sales, book fairs, stuff they throw out at work.
Gordon: For everyone who wants to participate, when is the next participation dates?
James: Regionals are November 11-12 across the country and the Great White North. Want to host or play, e-mail me at TRASHionals 9 From Outer Space will be in late April...if you want to host, e-mail me.
Chico: Sounds killer :-)
Gordon: Do you have the locations yet?
James: Not yet, but we are accepting bids.
Gordon: What about regional locations?
James: Ditto.
Gordon: Any shot of a regional in NYC?
James: Depends on who bids....Rutgers, Princeton and NYU have squads, but they need to make bids.
Jason: and I should be a team.
Gordon: Id do it.
Joe: I'd host...if it was held in Anaheim.
Gordon: Are the big boys allowed to beat up on the college kids?
James:'s open to anyone 18 and older.
Jason: We are so in.
Gordon: Heh heh heh.
Jason: Mwahhhh.
Chico: If there was a bid in Raleigh (with all the colleges and all)...
Gordon: ok - who's next, Chico?
Chico: Alright... One for... eh, what about Joey over thurr...
Joe: ACK!
Gordon: Joey!
Chico: Joe, give us Five Good Reasons why Stuart Scott is ESPN's main game show go-to guy..
Joe: Okay. 1) He's a damn good broadcaster. 2) He does a good job of letting the contestants be the stars of the show. 3) He's hilarious. 4) He's got name recognition. 5) Damn it, people like him.
Gordon: And he's not the Schwab.
Joe: AND he's not the Schwab.
Chico: That's six good reasons... Overkill :-)
Joe: GORDON'S FAULT! KILL HIM! Oh, sorry. :D
Gordon: Hey now.
Joe: It was a joke.
Gordon: I've got one for THE BLOCK.
Gordon: Give me 5 good reasons why the best place for East Coasters to get on TV would be...The Atlantic City Casinos.
Jason: Ok. 1. It has a central location from Washington DC to Boston. You have major cities all over the east coast. 2. Casinos have ties to game shows, such as the traveling The Price Is Right at Harrah's/Showboat and auditions for Wheel Of Fortune at Resorts/Sands. 3. The World Series Of Poker is being sponsored by Harrah's properties. 4. ESPN is doing some poker tournaments to be televised on their station as well. 5. Trump also sponsors some Apprentice stuff at his Casinos.  Done.
Chico: Yeah, and then there are the stuff that doesn't pan out. The Norwegian Dawn for example.
Jason: Blame Mother Nature for slapping the ship with a 70 foot wave...not Trump. And that isn't Casino related.
Joe: Indeed.
Chico: There's a casino on board.
Gordon: OK - Time for Travis to get one. Chico?
Chico: Okay... Mr. Eberle...
Travis: Who dares to disturb my slumber?
Joe: Slumber? If you were sleeping, you sure wouldn't be here.
Travis: I've had a chance while the Pick Fives were going on. :-)
Chico: Give us Five Good Reasons why Bill Rafferty is Mr. Happy Fun Time (going back to something we said two weeks ago).
Travis: Whew. Stick me with a question about a guy I haven't seen in 18 years...
Gordon: I think he just did.
Travis: 1. His shows are more people-driven than format driven (except for Blockbusters) so we see more of Happy Fun Bill.
Gordon: Thats 1 - 4 more.
Travis: 2. He acknowledges when he gets carried away on a tangent, so he seems more 'real', like a guy you'd want at a party.
Gordon: (Ding)
Travis: 3. He knows the format, so he can let the game explain itself, not having to jump in with "it's $5,000 if it's higher, nothing if it's lower"
Gordon: (ding)
Travis: 4. Even so, he can jump in with a quip when warranted (the over 80's Madonna question on CS, for one.) He still has the comedian ready to jump out.
Gordon: (ding) one more.
Joe: I still liked his line with the Erik Estrada question this week.
Chico: What was that again?
Joe: "Get some jewelry, Erik"
Travis: 5. And he's ALWAYS having a good time. You can't help but enjoy it with him at the desk.
Joe: Indeed.
Chico: Count it!
Gordon: (ding ding ding)
Jason: Nice job.
Chico: And as a bonus *bb87 win cue*
Travis: <whew>
Gordon: Chico - your turn.
Chico: Do it, Rockapella.
Gordon: Give us 5 good reasons why we should care that the Bachelor(ette) is still going on.
Joe: ACK!@
Gordon: (I figured I better ask you before you ask me =))
Chico: ... I'm afraid I can't do it.
Travis: Are there five?
Gordon: Come on - don't be a wuss.
Chico: I can come up with only one....
Gordon: Don't pull a Van Ginkel and answer the question.
Chico: You gonna take that, Joe? He's mocking both of us!
Joe: NO kiddin'.
Gordon: I can come up with 5.
Chico: Fine. You want five... I'll give you five.
Gordon: And they better be good.
Chico: 1) ABC needs a hit like a crack addict needs a hit (remember kids, drugs are bad). 2) Chris Harrison needs work.
Travis: [ding ding]
Chico: 3) The genre needs a stable foothold. Survival genre has Survivor and talent has American Idol and such. 4) "All you need is love...." and 5) Charlie O'Connell and others like him could use the exposure. You know... save us from other crappy B-level products.
Travis: If people want dating/romance shows, give it to 'em. Even if I prefer the machinations of "Love or Money."
Gordon: Fine - I'll allow it. I fully expect to get grilled by Chico on this one.
Chico: Oh hell yeah.
Gordon: Do your worst.
Jason: (hands Gordon his asbestos suit)
Gordon: cough, cough, cough...Asbestos? Where was my teflon suit?
Chico: Today, Gordon... you go through hell...Give me five good reasons... why you can't discount anything Paula Abdul has said this season.
Jason: OH YEAH!
Chico: Stick that in your moptop and smoke it!
Gordon: Let me get a clarification. Do you mean why we should ignore her or why we should listen to her?
Chico: Why you should listen to her and agree with what she says.
Jason: This ought to be real good.
Gordon: Ok. 1. The back medication that she is taking is actually putting her at one with the phone lines that people are voting on. 2. Her off-again, on-again relationship with Simon is giving her new insight on the contestants.
Chico: How?
Gordon: By sitting next to Simon, she is slowly absorbing insight from Simon. Call it osmosis. 3. Bo Bice isn't she is still seeing Bo in the finals. 4. You need a soothing, calm force to stop the contestants from bludgeoning Simon, so she serves a great purpose on the show. And 5...I’m starting a church of Paula. Everything she says and does must be worshipped! Who's with me????
Chico: Uh... *looks around* Ain't nobody wit'chas =p
Jason: Nope.
Gordon: She has to be someone's Game Show Hussy.
Jason: You are trying to get out of eating Passover Food for the next 8 days :-)
Gordon: And with that, we end Five Good Reasons.
Chico: And we begin an odyssey of a new kind. The last train to Whammyville leaves after the break on WLTI..
Jason: Ok.
(Sponsored by Anything for Money - Big Business Edition. Would you sail a boat through a thunderstorm with 70 foot waved for 1 million? Find out the answer to that and more!)

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