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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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April 11, 2005

Rob: WHOOOOOOO, they single-handedly saved my bracket.
Chico: And by the way, Gordon, those three big guys you earlier referred to? They're on their way.
Gordon: How many of them are coming to GSC 4?
Chico: Let's see... Jawad Williams... Marvin Williams... Sean May... Yeah, I suggest hiding now :-)
Gordon: The more the merrier - we can always use them for the TPIR line. Someone who will be joining us on the TPIR line is the one and only Jason Hernandez, who joins us for this next segment. They probably can't beat me in Wheel of Fortune, though.
Chico: Yep. PYL is on, which can only mean that Jason Hernandez is here.
Jason: LOL
Chico: Or... the other way round.. Or something.
Jason: I'm responsible for PYL still being on the air. :-P I'm 10% of the ratings. :p
Chico: And God bless you for that.
Jason: *chuckles* I kid, I kid.... I hope more than a dozen watch
Gordon: Anyway, here is the game. I went through the archives of WLTI and found a game we haven't played in a LOOOOOONG while. So we are here to play....PRESENTS!
Jason: PRESENTS!!!
Chico: Anyone's birthday this week?
Gordon: Here's how this works - I'll give you someone - or something - who gets a present - and you tell them what you are getting them. Any questions?
Rob: Nope
Chico: Nope.
Gordon: Easy enough, right?
Jason: Yep. Easy as 1-2-3
Gordon: We start with....American Idol's Paula Abdul. For the past few weeks, Paula has been acting...quite odd. What do you want to give her as a present?
Chico: More hash! By the way, drugs are bad, kids.
Gordon: Drugs are bad, mmmmkay? You think that her acting weird on Idol and her hit and run are related?
Chico: I don't know. Seems awfully coincidental.
Rob: I'll give her some glasses.
Jason: Hmmm, I'll get her some crunk!!
Gordon: Anything for Randy and Simon?
Rob: Randy I’ll give plane tickets out of the country.
Chico: For Randy, a dawg collar. And for Simon... a blue t-shirt, ‘cause he needs some color in the worst way.
Rob: I'll give Simon the green light for his Perfect Game Show idea.
Gordon: We did that already...thank you, Cupid.
Jason: I think I'll give Simon some tact. :-P
Gordon: Next up - Dan Avila. This week is the Who Wants to be a Millionaire shows that he happens to be on (April 13-14). What do you get for the man who has all of the game show experience in the world?
Chico: This one's easy... Chocolate. Godiva Chocolate. Very pricey. We love ya, Dan!
Jason: LOL
Rob: I'll give Dan Avila the Joker's Wild Board game. And the Break the Bank board game.
Gordon: I'd get him a stuff llama, myself =)
Jason: I'll make it different, I'll given him some white chocolate.
Rob: And with those board games, some Chicken of the Sea tuna autographed by Amanda Avila.
Gordon: Of course.
Jason: Oh yeah
Chico: Word.
Rob: I was shocked nobody else caught on to that.
Chico: We caught onto the back end of that.
Jason: LOL, I caught on.
Gordon: Next up - Bob Boden. Bob is one of the new head honchos of FOX's Reality Channel coming up. What can we get for him?
Jason: You know, Bob really looks good these days.
Rob: His old job back.
Jason: Which one?
Rob: Greed Executive Producer.
Chico: I'll get him a green ball, to remind him of the days when he meant something.
Gordon: OUCH!
Jason: Oooooh, burn!!
Rob: That was awful Chico. If you're going to do that, make that ball a Gumball. No, I mean, seriously. If Rich Cronin listened to Bob, would we have ever seen half of the crap that came on GSN last year? He meant something, durn it.
Gordon: Probably not.
Rob: Nope.
Jason: .....good point.
Rob: We would still have Blackjack though.
Gordon: Do you think he'll make an impact for FOX?
Rob: Sadly not.
Chico: That's cool, though. As for impact, let's not forget that this is Fox we're talking about.
Gordon: I think it depends on the reigns that they give him. If they give Bob carte blanche, then I think he could give GSN a run for their money.
Jason: Okay, I want to give him a glass monocle.
Chico: A glass monocle?
Jason: I don't know why, I think he'd look cool with a monocle, instead of glasses. Ya dig?
Chico: I feel ya, dawg.
Rob: So do I.
Jason: He already has Superball.... SUPERBALL fer crying out loud!
Chico: We miss Superball... *pours another 40 for his homeys*
Jason: Bob, if you're reading this, I'm only a short drive away, I want to play Superball! I'll be sure to drop you a few bills, too.
Rob: What's Superball?
Gordon: WHA?
Chico: You.... OUT!
Jason: :-P
Gordon: Uhh...Superball - TPIR Game - like Skeeball
Rob: Only kidding.
Gordon: *sigh*
Chico: Next, please?
Gordon: Before this gets ugly... Next up - the 'know it all' syndication machine, who cancelled Pyramid with a 2.0 rating - and then just got to cancel Life and Style which had less than ONE THIRD of that. What do you get these game-show haters?
Rob: Fred Silverman
Jason: Kevin Belinkoff
Rob: Just kidding
Jason: :-P Also kidding!!!!  Don't burn me at the stakes!
Rob: I’ll get them a copy of the Pyramid Home Game.
Chico: I get them nothing. I don't like them. Actually, I get them the gift pack that you get for everyone you don't like.
Jason: A flaming bag?
Chico: A Big Mouth Bass.... a Chia Pet... A George Foreman Grill... A Texas Hold‘em Poker kit... And... a flaming bag of crap.
Jason: WHOO WHOO WHOO!!! The flaming bag!
Gordon: I'd get them a collection of the Best Syndication shows - and make them remember why people watch these shows to begin with.
Jason: I just give them a flaming bag of crap.
Gordon: ok. Next... The World Boxing Federation. Who? Well, this is the group that Mark Burnett wanted to create after the huge success of the Contender. hasn't been a huge success. What can we send them to help?
Chico: Ring girls. Lots and lots of ring girls.
Rob: all 5 rocky movies
Jason: I think we send them some skills. Give them Laila Ali. Once they realize they can't beat up a girl, they'll fold like origami. :-P
Gordon: I think they need.... a new time slot. If you stuck them on Saturday night, the 'sports night', do you think that would help?
Chico: Doubtful. Saturday was never kind to that kind.
Gordon: I think the bars would pick it up and they would air it. Besides, it's better than going up against Desperate Housewives, isn't it?
Rob: Yeah.
Chico: Nope. Simpsons... Extreme Home Makeover... Cold Case... Charmed.
Gordon: All the Contender has to deal with on Saturdays are repeats and COPS.
Rob: Well not tonight.
Chico: And... The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular!
Gordon: Well, usually.
Rob: I’ll do what I usually do to those. Record them.
Gordon: Next - Martha Stewart - She of the Get out of Jail variety. She will be having an Apprentice Version of her very own show later on this year. What will you give her as a good luck present?
Rob: Apprentice Season 1 on DVD
Jason: Devil's Food :-P
Joe: A gun to shoot herself with after she realizes she's gonna host a crappy reality show.
Chico: A fire ruby made out of sugar, food coloring, and a necklace of hot glue... It's a GOOD thing.
Rob: A cookbook.
Gordon: I'll get her some nice macrame to stick under the prison collars to it won't hurt her as much when she tried to put on a dress, the poor thing.
Chico: Now to #7. Lucky lucky 7
Joe: WHOO! Gimme my seven $1 bills.
Gordon: Finally....We give presents to THE FEAR FACTOR WORMS!
Rob: Tons and tons of Washington State Apples.
Chico: *rimshot*
Gordon: It's not the highest rated show, but it's consistantly in the top 20 in the coveted Male 18-49 demographics and the show is one of the most watched show in syndication. What makes this show so darn popular?
Chico: Cute chicks... ugly tasks :-)
Rob: The comedic stylings of Joe Rogan
Bonnie: It’s just fun.
Gordon: What do you like about the show the best, Bonnie?
Bonnie: Joe Rogan doesn't have any problems showing overt dislike for contestants.
Chico: Nope.
Rob: Especially the celebrity episodes.
Bonnie: And despite the machismo of the men, women often come out as the victors.: I also enjoy the couples episodes
Gordon: I agree - equality and the fact that there are no breaks for anyone (including celebrities) makes this a fun show to watch. The couples shows are fun to see just to see how their interpersonal communications affects their play. So to the Fear Factor worms, cockroaches, and other variety ot bugs, all the fruits you can eat! You've earned it!
Chico: Heh. And with that, we're going to the BIG Finish right after this on WLTI.

(Brought to you by GSN's Taco's Across America, sponsored by Taco Bell. Hey, with our ratings going down the toilet, we need to generate money SOME way, don't we?)

Chico: We love tacos.
Joe: Del Taco > Taco Bell
Rob: Taco Time > Taco Bell
Joe: Dave Livingston would agree with you, Rob.
Chico: El Pollo Loco > everything
Jason: Tacos = gooooood.
Rob: Don't have one in Washington.
Gordon: So we go the THE BIG FINISH
Rob: Yay!
Chico: *plays Big Finish music*
Joe: Rock and roll, jack.
Chico: Giggity! Next week, ESPN will launch FOUR new shows/seasons. Hey, we dont' have hockey, we gotta have something.
Gordon: And instead of a finish, we are going to play Push or Flush to that - and other shows.
Rob: OK.
Joe: Let's go.
Jason: LOL, sure, why not?
Joe: Rock and roll. Fire away.
Gordon: Here we go... #1 - Stump the Schwab - Season #2, Electric Boogaloo. Will you be watching?
Joe: Nope. Flush.
Rob: A Schwab-sized push. I liked Beat the Geeks, I like Schwab.
Chico: That's a big push... I'll give it a show, but as it is right now... Flush.
Gordon: I'll push for the first few episodes. If I don't like what I’m seeing, then...FLUSH.
Jason: SCHWAB!!!
Joe: Jason thinks he could be the Schwab. Er...BEAT the Schwab.
Chico: He doesn't have the personality for it, though.
Gordon: Maybe he could be eaten by the Schwab.
Jason: I SO could beat him.
Gordon: The Schwab is big enough to eat anything.
Joe: lol.
Rob: Even that GSN Tacos Across America thing.
Joe: lol
Gordon: Next...Battle of the Grid Iron Stars. Battle of the Network Stars Meets the Football players. Good enough for you?
Chico: Sorry... Didn't like the last Battle of the Network Stars. It's a FLUSH.
Joe: Flush. No charm in this one.
Rob: Reminds me too much of Superstars more than Battle of the Network Stars.
Gordon: I'd watch this over hockey. Push.
Rob: But, I'll push. It's got a Dodgeball event in this one.
Gordon: How can you say no to Dodgeball?
Chico: Wait... it has Dodgeball?
Rob: Yup
Jason: Um.....I'll say push.
Chico: In that case... Push!
Gordon: Next...I'll Do Anything, Season 2. Would you do anything to watch this show?
Chico: Sports, stunts, George Gray in one of his better moods. Push.
Joe: As much as I like George Gray...I have to flush.
Rob: Schwab-sized push, keep George Gray on the air.
Jason: I saw it last season, it was I can only take so much of that
Gordon: George Gray is the man - PUSH.
Jason: I'll have to flush.
Joe: George Gray IS the man. Flush anyways.
Gordon: So you prefer the Schwab over George Gray??
Jason: George Gray is great, but the whole show isn't packaged right, I think.
Gordon: What is WRONG with you?
Jason: I think we should send that show a nice gift-wrapping package. The Schwab has a poker table and awesome throwback jerseys that own j00.
Rob: Don't forget Stuart Scott.
Chico: And BOTGIS gets.. an electric football table!
Gordon: Next ...ESPN Bowling Night. You know what I'm going to say. What are YOU going to say?
Joe: Hmm...
Jason: WHOO!!!! You know what I'm gonna say.
Gordon: Celebrities, Bowling Stars, and Money.
Chico: Hmm... hard choice, I just don't know what I'm goin...push.
Rob: Bowling on TV = teh drano.
Joe: Whoa. Rob stole a page out of my book.
Jason: .......WHAT?!!?
Gordon: Rob. You....Out!
Chico: You're Drano-ing?!
Rob: Yes.
Joe: For Gordon's sake, I'll Push.
Chico: Why?!
Jason: Drano??
Rob: Celebrity Bowling.
Jason: What's YOUR best bowling score? Are you any good at it? Could we kick your ass at bowling?
Rob: 220.
Gordon: Probably could.
Jason: You're probably no good at bowling. :-P
Rob: best score
Joe: 220 out of 300 is bad? I think not.
Rob: then again, I haven’t gone in 3 years.
Jason: What's your AVERAGE?
Rob: 155.
Joe: Oops. Spoke too soon.
Gordon: Ahhhhh - that explains it =)
Jason: I shot an abysmal 170 last week.
Rob: Just got a lucky break.
Gordon: lol
Rob: That one day.
Joe: My average is even lower...I haven't bowled in years.
Rob: I hate bowling on TV. It's really bowling.
Jason: So basically, we could kick your butt in bowling.
Gordon: Yep.
Jason: But Gordon still owns us all in that category..
Gordon: 185 Average. Come to daddy.
Chico: It's always that one day... You know some people actually hate cards on TV? We call them... losers.
Jason: :-P
Rob: Since when did Celebrity Bowling in the past 20 years work out.
Jason: Dangit.... You said in the past 20 years. Screw you. :-P
Gordon: lol - Next show - TPIR Million Dollar Spectacular tonight.
Chico: No brainer. Push that sucka.
Joe: WHOOOOOOOO! Chico you're taping that for me, right?
Chico: I got it.
Joe: Bully. Appreciate it.
Jason: No brainer.
Joe: Big ol' Push.
Jason: I will record it while I'm out and about.
Rob: Huge push on that one.
Jason: Ya know....since....
Joe: Push it like Salt N' Pepa.
Rob: I’ll record that one… and we know, you have a life.
Chico: Yeah, yeah...
Jason: Give the man some more bowling skills! :-P *ducks*
Joe: Speaking of TPIR, will we see a million dollar winner tonight?
Rob: No.
Gordon: No.
Chico: Sorry. But it'll be fun to watch.
Jason: Nae, but it's teh fun.
Joe: I have to go with you guys on this one.
Chico: But if there is... our cameras'll be there.
Joe: Indeed.
Rob: Wonder what will happen if somebody wins it? Tons of balloons and confetti.
Joe: Meanwhile, the reason Chico’s taping TPIR for me: The Ultimate Fighter finale! Who's watching it with me?
Gordon: I am, as Joe and I will be recapping it for GSNN. Last one...The Amazing Race's Jonathan and Victoria have been seen trying to get a radio show. Push or Flush it?
Joe: Flush that.
Rob: Now that one get's teh drano.
Chico: They're a pain-o... so they get the Drano.
Joe: Yeah, Drano.
Gordon: Drano for everyone.
Joe: Right on.
Chico: Anyway, before we get bowled over timewise, it's time for... viewer mail...
Jason: We got mail!!!
Joe: lol.
Gordon: lol.
Jason: *shamelessly plugs* Brought to you by No more tears!!
Chico: Tee hee... Our first bit of correspondence comes from Paula Perna, thanks for writing, Paula!




I rarely watch TV. Recently saw Craft Corner Deathmatch, you gotta love it!!! I want to know how to get on that show!!! Please let me know. Thanks!

Joe: O_O... I'm surprised.
Chico: Well, Paula, we did a comprehensive search ever since we got the letter, and we couldn't find anywhere that was looking for players, since they shot all 13 shows already. BUT they are looking for audiences, so that's a promising sign. In the meantime, your best bet is to just e-mail Style Network directly.
Gordon: What’s the address?
Gordon: Excellent. We have MORE mail, you know.
Gordon: This is from Jason Wuthrich, who writes...



This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the net. You say you've included a few elements from "Around the Horn", so I've got to ask: What would WLTI look like with a mute button? What do you think, push or flush? :-)

Chico: I think push! *pushes mute on Gordon*
Gordon: .....
Joe: And I LIKE Around the Horn.
Gordon: ......
Chico: I've always wanted to do that :-)
Gordon: ...........
Gordon: ....
Rob: I’ll just flush that. And I like ATH too.
Chico: Okay, enough fun.
Gordon: (10 second delay ends) ...ucks, and your bald head is good to bounce sun beams off of!
Jason: Hehe
Chico: Better my head than your ass :-D
Gordon: I think that although it would be fun for 1 episode, that it would get way out of hand. Flush.
Rob: Oh, where is Max Kellerman or Tony Reali when you need him.
Joe: ROFL! Reali > Kellerman.
Jason: PUSH!!!
Gordon: Kellerman > Reali
Jason: Kellerman > Reali
Gordon: BTW, Congratulations to Max Kellerman for getting back on ESPN radio and getting his own show there.
Joe: They let him BACK?
Gordon: I got more mail.
Jason: More mail!!!!
Chico: Holy Christ more mail! This one’s from a guy called WebMachiavelli. Thanks for writing!
Rob: must be the return of Max and Mariotti.



Hello Chico and Gordon,

I was doing a Google search on the woman I have set up a fan site for and I came across this page on your site with what I think mentions her. Is this page is a recap of episodes that are aired that day? If they did air that day would this be the original airing?

Chico: Answer of both questions: yes.



Also I noticed that you have a sizable video collection and I can not help but wonder if you would you possibly have the video of that show. Do you have the Street Smarts video from that day? I would appreciate any assistance you can lend. Thank you for your time.

Chico: Answer of that... No.
Gordon: This is for the site.
Chico: She's on The Starlet, ain't she?
Joe: I believe so.
Gordon: And by the way, YES that is the same person as the WINNER of the Starlet show.
Chico: Yay Michelynne :-)
Jason: Hurray!!!
Gordon: And by the way, the web site gives us some Dap, as we see here...
Jason: OOOOH! DAP!

I just came across a odd anomaly in a Google search of Michelynne. I think she may have been on Street Smarts as one of the street savants in an episode that aired March 2, 2005. I found this mention of a Michelynne from Minneapolis on a page that recaps game show episodes on These guys look like they have an extensive video collection so I am hoping they have the "Players for Home Improvement Smarts" episode stored on a server.


Chico: Well, we don't, but we'll keep an eye out for it.
Jason: you betcha. :)
Gordon: Where is that website if you want to find tapes again, Chico?
Chico: Hold on, I have to find it...
Jason: Yey mail!
Chico: That would be run by our good friend Mike Klauss...
Gordon: I would suggest to go there to try to find the episode or to get a trade going.  By the way, if you want to go to the website, it's and if you want to e-mail Michelynne via the website, it's Hope we've been helpful. I got ONE MORE email.
Jason: WHOA!!
Jason: LAST ONE!
Gordon: This from a familiar face…



Please be advised that your episode of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" will be airing the week of 04/11 - 04/15. See the list below to find out which day your episode will air. AIRING 04/11 - 04/15
Monday, 04/11 - Eve Salczynski Joe Cumbo Janet Bozzone.
Tuesday, 04/12 - Janet Bozzone Ron Rourke.
Wednesday, 04/13 - Martha Durfresne Dan Avila.
Thursday, 04/14 - Dan Avila Carol Hess Jerry Brown
Friday, 04/15 - Jerry Brown Davida Sayers Miriam Hirschman

Chico: My goodness!
Chico: NICE!
Rob: Since when did the former Governor of California have to go on Millionaire?
Gordon: So that's a list of people for the week, and we see Dan is straddling Wednesday and Thursday.  Dan - we wish you the best of luck.
Chico: Knock it out, man!
Jason: I predict he passes me up and gets to at least $1,000. :-P
Joe: -_-
Gordon: Did you ever get to be on the real WWTBAM, Jason?
Jason: Not yet. If I do, I'm afraid I'll do like I did last time.
Gordon: lol.
Jason: Let's just pray there are no questions about Diner's Club cards.
Rob: Don't be afraid.
Chico: Carte Blanche, baby :-)
Jason: Or.... gosh.....what was it..... Christmas Club!! Yeah, none of those, either. :-P
Chico: Anyways, if you want to be cool like Paula or Jason or Dan or Michelynne or somebody, all you can do is send some mail over! The address? It's the best five minutes you can spend typing. We're back in 2 weeks with a new ep, but for now, for Rob Seidelman, Bonnie Pepper, Jason Hernandez, Joe Van Ginkel, Ryan Vickers and Crazy Uncle Bill... He's Gordon Pepper. I'm Chico Alexander. The show is We Love to Interrupt. And until next time...
Jason: *beep deloo boop*
Gordon: Match Game and Out.
Chico: That's it. No more. Don't have to go home, but you gotta get the heck up out of here...
Joe: Okay, Big Tigger.

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