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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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April 4, 2005

Gordon: While I set up DVD player for the movies I'm going to buy from Dog Ear, Chico, tell us what wacky game we have lined up for today.
Chico:  Get ready for TRIOS!
Gordon: Whoo!
Chico:  It's fairly simple, I give out three choices, and a question. You answer the question. And each panelist is allowed one Off the Board. One Day Only!
Joe:    lol
Gordon: Nat, James and Jason Block are no longer with us, but joining us for the segment is the eternally late Jason Hernandez.
Jason H:    I was so dead yesterday.
Gordon: Anyways. Jason, we are playing Trios. Chico asks a question with three choices and you answer it.
Chico:  Let's lead off.
Jason H:    MORE multiple choice questions?!?!
Chico:  It's not the SAT, dude.
Jason H:    Ay yay yay....I thought I was done with midterms. :-p
Chico:  Okay, first up....

The Idol trio: Mario Vazquez's first CD, Mikalah Gordon's sitcom, or Ryan Seacrest...

Chico:  Cheap shot coming..
Joe:    Clearly.

Question: which will come out first?

Joe:    Mario Vazquez's first CD.
Gordon: The CD.
Chico:  CD. And Cesar won't be anywhere near it. Although you may hear "They call me Diddy" in the background 177 times.
Gordon: That was a cheap shot - lol.
Jason H:    Mario's CD.....Ryan's been out for years. :-p
Gordon: Rapping Mario? Yikes.
Chico:  Actually, I was referring to B2K.
Jason H:    eh, no worse than Rapping Dragon.
Gordon: Rapping Dragon is worse.
Chico:  No rapping dragon!
Gordon: Next?  

The Schwab, The Big Whammy, or an Extreme Dodgeball Ref. Which of these jobs would YOU want?

Joe:    The Schwab.
Jason H:    The Big Whammy.
Chico:  The Big Whammy.
Joe:    I knew he'd say that.
Jason H:    Not only do I get to take money....but I get to meet many hot ladies. =D
Chico:  Everyone loves the Whammy.
Jason H:    Look at this lady....I just took $20,712, and she's not bad looking. :-p
Gordon: I'd pick the Extreme Dodgeball ref - and if you want that position, it's now going to be available as there are tapings going on for Extreme Dodgeball 3!
Joe:    There are postings for the position on
Chico:  Ah. Craigslist...
Gordon: If you want the job, go to and apply..
Chico:  So apparently we're not going to see Jim "Third Degree" Burns.
Gordon: Well, there are 3 refs, so maybe Jim's assistant.
Chico:  Maybe. Okay, moving on....First, an explanation for the people at home. Again, we record this show on a Saturday... for airing on Monday. The next Trio has something to do with something on Saturday...

Batali, Flay, or Morimoto....Which Iron Chef is most likely to be intimidated by the new Iron Chef that makes her debut match tomorrow?

Joe:    Flay.
Gordon: Flay.
Jason H:    Um......sure!
Joe:    The new IC (the first female, IIRC) is Cat Cora, correct?
Chico:  Correct.
Joe:    Alton Brown is the roXXors on that show.
Chico:  I would've said Batali, because he's intimidated by everything =p
Gordon: I think Mario's intimidated, but Flay would be the most rattled.
Chico:  I'll give you that. Okay, next?
Jason H:!

Mikalah Gordon, William Hung or Amanda Avila. As you may or may not know, The Surreal Life is starting season #5, and one of the inhabitants is the delightful Oma...rosa. Which one of these three is most likely to be on The Surreal Life 6?

Joe:    William Hung.
Chico:  I would like to use my off the board!
Jason H:    Hung.
Gordon: You may use it, Chico.
Chico:  Mario Vazquez.
Gordon: Ahhhhh.
Joe:    ROFL.


Gordon: Is his 15 minutes of fame going to be gone THAT quickly?
Chico:  What is yes?
Gordon: Wow. Next one?
Chico:  Okay... the Wheel of Fortune. You know it's been a while since we brought that up
Jason H:    *clangs and dings*
Gordon: yep
Jason H:    It has?!?
Joe:    *gong*
Chico:  So we have all these graphics, so....

Bankrupt, Bonus Wheel, or Speed Round...Where's the next garish graphic package going to?

Joe:    Speed-up Round.  Without question.
Jason H:    That already has a graphic, doesn't it?
Gordon: Bankrupt. In honor of Jason, a little wheel creature is going to come out and sing Wayne Newton tunes.
Joe:    ROFL
Gordon: Who would ever hurt a wheelieeee.
Jason H:    Who would ever want to.... *OUCH!*
Gordon: Last one - and this fits into today's theme...

Quiz Show, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind or Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal. Which one is the best game show movie ever?

Chico:  Quiz Show.
Joe:    Quiz Show, hands down.
Jason H:    I'm obliged to say the Big Bucks documentary. :-p
Joe:    Of course you would.
Jason H:    And I'm sticking by it.
Gordon: I liked Quiz Show - I thought the PYL Documentary was better myself.
Jason H:    Quiz Show is a very close 2nd, though.
Gordon: Big Bucks had a realism that Quiz Show just didn't capture. We'll wrap this up with a little Lights, Camera, BIG FINISH, when we come back.

(Brought to you by BGCA, the Background Checkers of America. With all these reality players, there's bound to be a few skeletons to pop up.)

Gordon: Lets get down to the BIG FINISH! Survivor - which Ulong goes bye-bye first?
Chico:  I have no idea...
Jason H:    Both of them.
Joe:    What Jason said.
Jason H:    There is NO hope
Gordon: lol - I guess it doesn't really matter, does it?
Chico:  AR7, was that really the best episode ever last week?
Jason H:    Rob and Amber are still total biznitches....
Gordon: It was a great episode - and it showed how much people want to win it.
Jason H:    but that was excellent TV, it was definitely the best ep of AR7
Chico:    I liked the ep... I saw why we got 2 hours worth...
Jason H:    I'm still rooting for the old couple for making it THIS far
Chico:  And its not even sweeps!
Gordon: GSN is bringing back the Password shows - are you going to watch them?
Joe:    You bet your sweet bippy.
Jason H:    Hells ya!
Chico:  Why not. I'll be awake... somewhat :)
Jason H:    I'll be awake
Gordon: Do we have any mail?
Joe:    MAIL TIME!
Chico:  We'll get into more of the GSN schedule changing next week. Meanwhile, our mailbox is... empty
Jason H:    MAIL TIME!
Joe:    Awwwwwwww
Gordon: A byproduct of the Episode #50 hangover
Jason H:    Wha....?!?
Chico:  Come on, someone has to say something about something..
Jason H:    *eyes tear up*
Gordon: Well, we need mail.
Joe:    Not even my great On The Button column?
Chico:  It was a great OTB. One of the better ones.
Gordon: Excellent OTB
Chico:  Hell, even if you want to say hi... look.. You're making Jason cry...
Jason H:    *eyes tear up*
Chico:  But anyway, if you want to send us some love, all you have to do is point the ol' mail browser to It's the best 5 minutes you can spend all week.
Jason H:    Please, send some love for next week!
Gordon: Sounds good, and with that, we end Episode #51. Special thanks to Nat Dykeman for his great commentary this week.
Chico:  For Joe Van Ginkel, James Dinan, Jason Block, Jason Hernandez, Gordon Pepper, Gordon's sister Bonnie, some other strange peoples... I'm Chico Alexander...and we're all freaks.
Jason H:   And we be out!

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