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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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March 28, 2005

Gordon: It's amazing to go back and look through all of this stuff.
Chico:  Heh. There was also a common thread with the Take-a-Side. If it wasn't the most used game, it was certainly Gordon's favorite.
Gordon: Actually, the most used game was...The Big Board.
Chico:  That's not a game, per se.. but a presentation method.
Gordon: Then 20 Questions, then Push or Flush.
Chico:  In that case... It's just YOUR favorite then.
Gordon: Actually, my favorite is Roleplay.
Chico:  My favorite is Trios.
Jason B:    I like Push or Flush or Take a Side.
Jason H:    ok!
Jason B:    Do I get to Act? Do I get to Act?
Gordon: Yes, we'll all get to act.
Jason B:    (starts putting on theater makeup)
Joe:    I'm a Push or Flush kinda guy myself.
Jason B:    (makes sure to mention "The Scottish Play")
Chico:  Right now, it's time for Roleplay.
Gordon: You all know the deal - I'll give you a character and you roleplay.
Jason B:    (drumroll for #1)
Gordon: This is my favorite sketch for all of them. Here we go...
Jason B:    Gordon give me a pause for the rimshot.
Gordon: (rimshot)
Jason B:    :)
Gordon: We start with ....Joe Van Ginkel.
Joe:    Sigh.  Of course he starts with me.  I shudder to think who he wants me to be today.
Chico:  It's okay...
Gordon: Joe - you are the new head of Spike TV. your job is to get males like....Joe Van GInkel to watch your programming as the WWE will be leaving town soon, while UFC is getting ok ratings. How do we get the ratings?
Joe:    Give Amy Jo Johnson her own show. ;P
Jason B:    LOL
Chico:  The go-to answer!
Gordon: and if she's not available?
Joe:    Seriously, I'm need to find some better programming.  Another season of The Ultimate Fighter is definintely in order.
Chico:  How about another season of Oblivious?
Joe:    Maybe I'll try some other new game shows in primetime.  Or maybe a game show version of CSI?
Chico:  More suited to Court TV.
Gordon: CSI - The reality show.
Joe:    Good point. How about an American version of Hey! Spring of Trivia.
Chico:  And I think it was... no, that was Fake Out. Sorry.
Gordon: And Amy Jo Johnson and Amanda Avila are the co-hosts?
Joe:    How about "Game Show Man" Joe Van Ginkel and Amanda Avila.  AJJ is too chicken to try a game show. Either Avila...or better yet, Annie Wood from BZZZ!
Gordon: Fair enough. Jason Hernandez's turn. Jason, you are...Mr. Whammy.
Jason H:    ....!
Gordon: GSN wants to renew shows, Your show is not one of them as you once again languish for a job. How are you going to make ends meet?
Joe:    ROFL
Jason H:    *does the Whammy laugh* You know, G, I have done some cameos in some cable know that big red hand that appeared on Alton Brown's "Good Eats" not too long ago? Yeah, that was me. :-D
Joe:    WHOOOOOOOO Good Eats!
Jason B:    LOL
Jason H:    But I think I will do what I did before...
Chico:  I heart Alton Brown.
Joe:    Now that would be a cool guest to have...Alton Brown...maybe.
Jason H:    I'll perform as the Great Whamini....or I'll play some piano, or...or I'll ride in my little clown car....gee, I hope it doesn't explode.
Jason B:    (BOOOOOOM!)
Jason H:    Fire in the hole!
Chico:  Woops.
Gordon: I hear no one makes pizze pie like the whammy.
Jason H:    *tries to rev up car engine*
Jason B:    Thanks Whammy
Jason H:    Oh yes, pizza!
Chico:  I hear Starbucks is hiring.
Joe:    ROFL
Jason H:    I could always get back in that business....
Joe:    So's the Commerce Casino.
Gordon: but you'd get coffee beans in your pants.
Jason H:    but my dough seems to always get in people's hair.
Joe:    Na'ah...they'd never hire you.
Gordon: Could you see the Whammy being hired by a casino?
Jason H:    Maybe they could hire me as a pizza hit man!
Jason B:    The Whammy would always bank and the players would never win...wait that is real life. Happened to me yesterday
Chico:  No, but you can't say we tried. Next one?
Gordon: Jason Block is next.
Jason B:    Here we go...
Jason H:    The Cuckoo Clock!
Gordon: Jason - You are...Anthony Fedorov. You know you did not perform well and you know that Nadia will not be in the bottom next week. What can you do to make sure you don't get bootd?
Jason B:    First of all, I realize that I didn't sing very well and I was very safe.
Chico:  Whatever you do, don't sing Marc Anthony again.
Joe:    ROFL.
Jason B:    What I need to do is stand out in a good way and not be the Russo-Latin Heartthrob.
Gordon: You're not a sexy Latino?
Chico:  No no! Too sexy! Too sexy!
Jason B:    Depending on the theme, I need to pick a song that is in my range and PERFORM. Not just sing, but I don't want to be remembered as the first man out of the top 12.
Gordon: Ok - Ryan Vickers.
Ryan:   Hey hey kids.
Gordon: Ryan, you are...Rob Mariano. Everyone is gunning for you - how are you going to get past the people who want your hide?
Ryan:   Ah!
Jason B:    You didnt say that in a Canado-Bostonian accent.
Ryan:   Hey... don't forget about Ambuh!  I just keep pushing on.  I don't care about the other teams.  I continue to exploit the fact that I memorized the AR rule book and know every single loophole that I can use. And for the others, eh, who cares?
Chico:  Good answer!
Ryan:   I'll worry about it when I get yielded.
Chico:  Which I'm guessing will happen, oh, any time now!
Ryan:   Exactly.
Gordon: Chico Alexander.
Chico:  Yes, Mr. Pepper.
Gordon: You
Joe:    ROFLMAO.
Jason B:    Oh dear.
Chico:  Oh man... you're gonna get it good.
Gordon: What insidious things do I have planned for the next 50 episodes of WLTI and how do I keep this fresh?
Ryan:   ROTFLMAO!!!
Chico:  For one, I use my connections with the game show world and the dark underlord to get some more guests...
Jason H:    FOCL.....
Joe:    Jason hurt himself.
Chico:  Hopefully Frank Nicotero or Amanda Avila.
Chico:  Because I watch over my peoples like that.
Jason H:    oooooh, LOL
Ryan:   Wait, can we get Jim Perry too?
Chico:  Then I come up with a way to do this at 4 in the morning, when I'm the most awake.
Ryan:   I loved that "Definition" program he did.
Joe:    Nope.  Perry's technophobic from all accounts.
Chico:  Then I get a British guy in the mix so I can call him the British guy.
Gordon: The Brit Guy? ROFL
Chico:  And finally... I'd use the platform to springboard a possible gig for me and my good friend Chico on GSN. You listening GSN? This is GOLD!
Joe:    !SMACK!  Snap out of it, Chico.
Gordon: I'll have to take some medication to keep my alter ego in check, apparently.
Chico:  Yep! :-D
Joe:    Shows what Chico thinks of you, Gordon.
Chico:  And damn anyone who disagrees with me, because I'm right! :)
Gordon: ok - last one - and it's to me from Chico (shudder).
Chico:  I only do this because I love.
Gordon: I know =)
Chico:  No man-hug, though.
Gordon: I'm not into the man-hug thing
Chico:  Okay, Gordon... You are... Charlie O'Connell.
Gordon: I hate you, Chico.
Joe:    Dun-dun-duuuuuuuuuuh!
Gordon: I'm sure
Chico:  Anywho, you are in a no-rules anything goes situation with the Bachelor on Monday. How do you parlay your fame (or absence thereof) into a lasting relationship?
Gordon: First of all, Im not looking at this for a relationship, as there have already been news reports that I am still playing the field.
Chico:  But let's assume that you are. Hard to do, I know.
Gordon: Second of all - this is happy happy fun time for me. I get to ogle 25 women and hope to find one that looks like Amanda Avila. I can cuddle with them and make love to them for weeks and tell then that I love them - and...tell them that I want to be with them - even if I don't how fun is that? This is not for me to find women - this is for me to audition so I can finally have some roles.  Maybe I can get good enough so I can be in some movies from UFO productions that will be aired on the Sci-Fi channel at 11am
Chico:  You're jealous of your brother, aren't you?
Gordon: Jealous? If it wasn't for him, then I couldn't lounge around doing absolutely nothing but sit down and audition for fading reality TV shows!
Joe:    Clearly.
Ryan:   LOL - I read that as "Charlie O'Donnell" - ha ha!
Chico:  Hey, there's an idea! You can replace him as Wheel announcer!
Joe:    OMG
Chico:  Who'd notice?
Joe:    *cringes*
Chico:  Okay, Joe would notice.
Gordon: Wait a sec. Wheel of Fortune?
Joe:    Yer damn right I would.
Jason H:    :-p
Gordon: Does that mean I'd have to
Chico:  Nothing different from your Sliders gig.
Joe:    Sliders = teh suck.  Stargate SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica = teh roXXors.
Gordon: Nooooooooooooooooooo. Keeeeeeeeeeeeep me away from Woooooooooork. I'd rather ogle girls for weeks and lounge on my bed in my brother's house. Wouldn't that be more fun?
Chico:  .. Can't argue there. My Y-chromosome won't allow it. Okay, one more break and then we go to bed. When we return, the matchup you've been waiting for, followed by the Big Finish!
Gordon: SO I'll just do what I've been always doing...Slide(rs) by.
Jason H:    hehe, well put.
Chico:  Slide(rs) back, won't you?

(This show has been sponsored by....Grizzlebees! We can't have a 50th show without a Grizzlebee's ad, could we? You'll wish you had LESS fun.)

Gordon: ok Chico - let's go with the final game of the day - what is it?
Joe:    I thought it was Take-a-Side.  I GOT JUDGE!
Chico:  Nope. Gordon and I got judge.
Joe:    Oh dear.  Ladies and gentlemen...I'm gonna die.
Jason H:    No, don't die! We gotta play poker later tonight. :-p
Chico:  Or Joe can judge and we throw Gordon to the pits.
Jason H:    ooooh
Joe:    Yeah.  I like that better.
Jason H:    that sounds more fun :-D
Jason B:    Who are the master debaters?
Jason H:    LOL
Joe:    I suck at debating.
Jason H:    *chuckles*
Jason B:    Juvenile, Yes. Still funny though.
Jason H:    I can still laugh at those immature jokes and get away with it!
Chico:  Okay, we have the lineup. It's Jason and Jason vs. Ryan and Joe.
Jason B:    Alright!
Joe:    *sigh*
Jason H:    Sounds good!
Chico:  The two Jasons will represent the glory of while Ryan and Joe will represent the honor of GSNN... This works better with Steve in the mix, but oh well. But there is one more added twist. It is my honor for the first time to bring together our two philosophies, our two worlds, in competition, not against each other, but rather... with each other. It's time to make history again.  Jason Block... Ryan Vickers... Switch partners.
Chico:  So it's Jason H./Ryan vs. Jason B/Joe.
Ryan:   okay
Joe:    I like that better.
Gordon: Way to piss off your opponent, Joe.
Ryan:   Hey!
Joe:    Nothing personal, Ryan.
Chico:  We do this because in the end, no matter our personal differences, there are more things that unite us than divide us.
Ryan:   I know :)
Chico:  First off:

Distraction: funny ha ha or funny shameful?

Chico:  Ryan, take a side.
Ryan:   I have to recluse and pass to Jason - I don't get Comedy Central.
Joe:    I WIN!
Ryan:   Hardly!
Jason H:    Thanks, buddy. :-)
Chico:  Okay, Jason. Ryan you'll get the next round.
Jason H:    Distraction is teh funny, but if I had to pick one, I'd say funny ha ha
Chico:  Which means that Joe, you say..
Jason H:    Not everything is shameful on that show, and the contestants seem to have fun with everything and have a great time, despite getting rat-trapped, or chairs hit on them.
Joe:    I say...I lose.  Jason picked my side.
Chico:  Judges?  (BZZZ!)
Gordon: We want a debate. Joe - argue.
Joe:    I forfeit.
Jason H:    Naw, come on!  Say something!
Joe:    I suck.
Jason H:    9_9
Chico:  You can pass to Block
Jason B:    I'll take up the slack.
Jason H:    Bring it, Cuckoo Clock. =D
Gordon: ok Jason - please pick up for Joe.
Jason B:    Why do we have to have certain elements that have already been done...see: The Chair And the Chamber.
Jason H:    Jason, it is like a traditional game show....players answer questions; they get them right, they win the big prize.
Jason B:    Comedy Central needs to realize that Beat The Geeks was cancelled way before its time and needs to renew the show.  Traditional game shows don't have chairs hit on them. This isn't the WWE.
Jason H:    Now hold on, you haven't seen the show yet. This was just ONE show On another show, there would be scantilly-clad women going to bed with you. :-D
Jason B:    Thats the NC-17 version. I'd watch that. Heck I'd play that. :)
Chico:  Okay. Enough. Time to judge. Gordon?
Gordon: I give it to...Jason!
Chico:  Which one!
Jason H:    .......?!?
Gordon: Heh heh heh...Hernandez
Jason B:    That's fine.
Gordon: Though Mr. Block does get points for trying.
Chico:  I'm going to give the Block points for trying as well. I'm giving it to JD because he said at the heart, it's a traditional game show. And that's true. Okay, Gordon, you're up.
Jason H:    Sorry, Jason. :)

Vickers/Hernandez - 1, Block/Van Ginkel - 0

Gordon: So this is Ryan Vs. Joe?
Joe:    Yes I think it is.
Chico:  This is Ryan vs. Joe.
Jason H:    Go get 'em, Ryan!
Chico:  Both of you passed, so you must take this question
Ryan:   I'll try :)
Joe:    9_9
Jason H:    HEY! >:0
Joe:    What?  WHAT!?
Jason H:    That's *my* emoticon, Joey Numbers. :-p
Joe:    Noooooo.  It was mine first. And that's BIG Joey Numbers.
Gordon: Ok -

None of the people on the Apprentice deserve to win this season's competition, Agree or Disagree. Joe - you go first.

Joe:    I will agree.  I have yet to see anyone..ANYONE...worthy of serving with the Donald on a regular basis...on ANY version of the show.
Gordon: Ryan?
Ryan:   Well it would appear that I am forced to agree to disagree! I believe that "candidates" on this show are really showing their true colours - business is a tough world, especially with Trump - and you have people that have guts to make the tough decisions and that don't whine as much as the programme shows. For example I think that Craig would do an excellent job.  He's very laid back I find.
Joe:    I sincerely doubt that, Ryan.  I think the producers chose these people because they DO whine as much as the program shows. Frankly, I wouldn't hire any of these clowns for my business.
Ryan:   Okay, but you have to remember that Trump is the one that picks them, and for that matter, NBC pays the salary, no? So there's one less headache.
Joe:    Doesn't mean any of them deserve to win.
Gordon: Chico rules first.
Chico:  Okay, Ryan... Trump does not automatically choose who goes into the show, but he does choose who goes out. Based on that, point, Joe.
Gordon: I think that Trump would probably fire all of them if he could - point to Joe.
Ryan:   Fair enough - that was a tough side to take!
Chico:  It was.
Joe:    Now you know why I hate playing this game.

Vickers/Hernandez - 1, Block/Van Ginkel - 1

Chico:  Okay, this time... mix it up: Jason B. vs. Ryan. The question....

GSN: Their 33% drop in viewership can be blamed on their alienation of their core audience for an expansion strategy. Agree or disagree?

Jason B:    I totally agree on this one. GSN has basically given the fickle finger of fate to the fans that brought them to the dance.  By throwing such dreck as Fake-A-Date and Kenny V. Spenny on the crowd that wants to see TPIR, and others they have basically said to the fans, we don't like you. And the fans have responded by not watching.
Chico:  Ryan, it's yours.
Ryan:   Disagree, of course!
Chico:  And why is that?
Ryan:   At one point, you have to move on.  One cannot live on Match Game alone.  You have to branch out, try new things.  GSN is doing well with Celebrity Blackjack and their poker shows for example.  There's talk of a new season of Lingo.  Things will turn out fine... don't worry!
Chico:  Okay, men.. Defend your craft. *fighting pose*
Jason B:    It was called Game Show Network...What the heck else do you need to know. The stuff they are trying is alienating everyone else.
Ryan:   So now it's called GSN: The Network for Games and are doing a variety of things. And wait... have you seen Kenny vs. Spenny in awhile? Nope. And heck, the CBC started it up here!
Jason B:    Have you seen Dog Eat Dog? Have you seen all the casino shows? Sorry, but there is a glut of those shows on there. I want more remakes of old shows and reruns of the older ones.
Ryan:   There's your key word... "RERUNS".  At least they're making new stuff with the casino night. And by the way... "MOM! CASINO NIGHT'S HERE!"
Gordon: You ready to rule?
Chico:  Okay. I've heard all I need to hear. Ryan, were you planning on mentioning Poker Royale's record-breaking ratings?
Ryan:   uh... sure... go with it :)
Chico:  Nah. Too late. Point to the Block. Gordon?
Gordon: I was also waiting for Ryan to talk about how last year at this point, they had lots of new programming and this year now, it's all repeats - but I didn't hear that either. Gotta go with Jay.
Ryan:   Well done Mr. Block!
Chico:  Flawless... victory.

Vickers/Hernandez - 1, Block/Van Ginkel - 2

Gordon: ok - we have Jason H. Vs. Joe.
Chico:  Okay, final question. Block and Joe need to take it to win. Ryan and JD need to draw.
Jason H:    and now I have to go against you, Joe. Sorry, buddy. :)
Joe:    :-!

In the news, ANT and DEC are bringing back a classic night of shows. Which show THAT WE HAVEN'T SEEN ON GSN is the better show to bring back and why?

Jason H:    This is pretty easy, actually. I've been clamouring for this show ever since the dawn of time....or at least the mid-90s. I have to go with $ale of the Century, BY FAR the best show to not be shown on GSn.
Joe:    (I hate when he does that.)
Gordon: Was that your choice, Joe?
Joe:    The bum stole my show...but I have a better one...Sale's sister show...SCRABBLE!
Gordon: A pair of Reg Grundy shows - Debate!
Jason H:    BUM? Who're you calling a bum?
Joe:    ROFL
Chico:  Nice
Joe:    Yer a bum, Rock.
Jason B:    Joe defend scrabble.
Jason H:    Yea, cmon Joey Numbers.
Joe:    GSN nearly made a new version of Scrabble with a new format...but they dropped because every one still remembers the original with Big Chuck Dogg.  It is still one of the most and innovative games ever devised for television.
Jason H:    Scrabble was a great show, I'll give you that, but it's already been revived once, didn't work out too well in the long did that last again? Sale has been a powerhouse in and around the world for quite a long period of time.
Joe:    One year.  Should have lasted longer, and it would've if NBC had given it more of a chance.  They were in a hurry to kill it.
Jason H:    Heck, $ale went through 3 decades in Australia; that show is immensely popular there, still.
Joe:    But they have yet to bring it back, don't they?
Jason H:    Yeah, but the show has more legs than Scrabble does
Joe:    And Jason, I'm not gonna tell you again...BIG Joey Numbers.
Jason H:    Joey, Joey, Joey....
Joe:    Maybe.  But more people here in the U.S. remember Scrabble than Sale.
Gordon: good argument - you ready Chico?
Jason H:    I like your choice, I really do...but given the choice between Sale and Scrabble; more people remember Scrabble coz of the home game  Joey, you said Scrabble was going to be revived, remember?
Joe:    Of course they do.  Good marketing. ;P
Jason H:    WAS.
Chico:  I'm ready to rule. Joe, how do you know more people remember Scrabble?
Jason H:    Joe, around the world, more people remember $ale.
Joe:    Personal experience.  I've heard more people mention Scrabble who AREN'T game show fans, then Ive heard them bring up Sale.
Jason H:    But I've also heard many people bring up $ale from different countries.
Chico:  Scrabble the game or Scrabble the game show?
Joe:    The game show.
Jason H:    No kidding?
Joe:    When I've mentioned my interest in game shows, eventually it comes up.
Jason H:    and Sale hasn't?
Joe:    Not with non-game show fans.
Jason H:    Besides, you really wanted to pick $ale first, anyway
Chico:  Well, that, and we don't know exactly WHY Scrabble was dropped from GSN's ranks... Point, Jason
Jason H:    There, I'm done.
Gordon: I give the point to Jason.

Vickers/Hernandez - 2, Block/Van Ginkel - 2

Joe:    *sigh* All that for nothing.
Gordon: And we have....look! Another Tie!
Chico:  So we end in yet another tie... What in the world.
Joe:    Your fault, Gordon.
Jason H:    Maybe I should wake up at 6am more often. :-p
Joe:    If you ever make me play this game again, Gordon, I'll find out where you live and shave your head.
Jason H:    I get grumpier and debate easier. :-D
Joe:    ...while you sleep.
Jason B:    I need sleep too.
Gordon: Jason - note - do NOT let Joe Van Ginkel in our hotel room at GSC4
Chico:  Heh... We'll have the real take a side after the show out back I think, but for now, let's go right to the Big Finish, and what is it with y'all and shaving people's heads? There's only room for one for that... and that's me!
Jason B:    I am running on 2 hours sleep.
Gordon: Going to ...THE BIG FINISH!
Jason B:    Lets do it.
Gordon: If Anthony somehow survives Idol this week - who leaves?
Chico:  Let's go with Nadia.
Jason B:    Constantine.
Joe:    Wow.  Toughie.  Not Nadia...
Jason B:    Guaranteeing a man leaves this week.
Jason H:    Scott or Bo get the bye bye, methinks.
Gordon: I'll say Constantine as well.
Ryan:   Wasn't the idea of the new format that it would even the gender playing field?
Jason H:    Well, wait....I change that....
Joe:    Definitely a man going bye-bye.  But I don't think it's gonna be Anthony going. Not Scott either.
Jason H:    Constantine or Bo.
Joe:    What Jason H said
Chico:  Not Bo.
Joe:    Okay, so Constantine. NEXT!
Chico:  Survivor, will a Koror leave next week?
Jason B:    Yes.
Joe:    No.
Jason H:    Don't Know.
Gordon: no.
Ryan:   sniff... sniff... merge?
Chico:  Too soon, methinks.
Joe:    The Ulongs are (from what you've said) too weak and too stupid.
Gordon: 8 Vs. 3 - still no merge yet
Chico:  AR7: who's on the plane ride home?
Jason B:    The older couple.
Chico:  Going with Jason on this one.
Jason H:    Ditto.
Gordon: agreed
Ryan:   They always seem to come second last though...
Jason B:    Cant do that forever.
Ryan:   But given the preview, who knows.
Jason B:    We have a 2 hour episode this week.
Chico:  This is true
Joe:    NEXT!
Gordon: Do we have any mail?
Chico:  Sure do!
Jason H:    MAIL TIME!
Joe:    MAIL TIME!




Hey Chico, After googling myself, I found that I'm on your webpage, with plenty of Duke hating references of course :-)  I was on Millionaire on Feb. 24th and 25th, and your page said... "Jason, if you are reading this, contact us - this could be fun."  So, here i am! By the way, no law school or emcee classes for me... probably grad school in statistics.

Chico:  This from Jason Shapiro, of his Millionaire episodes.
Ryan:   nice!
Joe:    Ah
Gordon: And what college is Jason from again?
Chico:  Well, thanks for visiting and thanks for writing.... and Gordon... He's from Duke.
Jason H:    Poor guy
Joe:    For those unaware, Chico's from North Carolina.
Gordon: Any comment on that, Chico? (We all know you want to...)
Jason H:    Yeah yeah, we know, we know
Chico:  Sorry about Michigan St.
Jason B:    Any gloat?
Chico:  *hums "Hark the Sound" while Gordon does the outro*
Joe:    No more mail?
Gordon: If you want to mail us, what do they do, Chico?
Chico:  No more mail, but if you want to spread the love, as Big Joey Numbers says, all you have to do is drop us a line
Joe:    Hahaaaaaaa!  Chico got it right!
Chico:  The address is IT's all about RESPECT.
Joe:    And Amanda Avila, if you're reading this, my e-mail is
Chico:  JOE!
Joe:    ROFLMAO.  I couldn't resist.  It's the 50th show.
Gordon: Hooh boy, Before we leave...
Jason B:    Before we leave I would like to see congrats to all here at WLTI 50 more episodes to you!
Jason H:    and anybody with any PYL questions can contact me at :
Ryan:   And if you'd like to be a contestant on WLTI... FORGET IT :)
Jason B:    Thank you for letting me be on the team.
Joe:    Ryan wins.
Jason H:    Nice!
Ryan:   I'd echo what Jason says... it's a great party and happy to be part of it.
Chico:  Heh.
Jason H:    Hey, congrats on #50, guys.
Gordon: I just want to say that it has been a pleasure doing this show. We thank everyone who has participated, wrote in or even read us. If you like what we do, keep telling more people.
Joe:    I have to agree with the Block.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this show.  I look forward to being part of the next 50.
Chico:  That's right. I've said this before, I'll say it again. We live for the game, and we live for you, and we're living because of you.
Joe:    Especially since if I get my casino job, I don't have to wake up early anymore.
Gordon: A hearty thank to you to everyone, and thanks again to Steve Beverly, who had an emergency to deal with. We'll try to bring Steve back for more on a later episode.
Jason B:    Thanks Steve.
Chico:  And if you think that today's episode was good... wait till you see WLTI 51!
Joe:    Uh-oh...another Steve?
Chico:  Umm.. no.
Joe:    Awwwwwwwwww.
Chico:  But should be just as exciting.
Jason H:    Hehe
Gordon: For Chico, Joe, Jason Block and Hernandez, James, Steve and Chico, this is Gordon Pepper, wishing you all a wonderful Game Over
Ryan:   umm... me too?
Chico:  Here's to 50 more... from somewhere in America...
Jason B:    GAME OVER...keep playing and keep watching!
Joe:    Jason, remind me what time to be at Ben's house?
Gordon: and that's a loooong wrap

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