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Episode 33.7 - Ben Ten... Minus One
July 15

Chico: Mmm....
Jason: Thats a little TOO done.
Chico: My steak is still bleeding.
Gordon: Hey Chico, would you like to go into the kitchen and cook...


Gordon: Augustus! You're not supposed to come out of the sliding panel yet! Too soon!
Jason: DAMN!
Gordon: Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being part of our week and allowing us to be a part of yours.
Chico: Now it's time for a little high class entertainment... Gordon & Chico's Poetry Corner.
Jason: (snaps fingers)
Gordon: Groovy man. I start with something for Jason
Jason: (steps ups to the Mike)
Gordon: Now Jason - Give me a Haiku on who you want as the new American Idol judges.
Jason: Ok.

Judge not for yourself
Make the talent shine for us
Without any guff

Gordon: Good.
Chico: Hai. Next?
Jason: I have one.
Chico: Actually, give one to me.
Jason: Simple...Give me a limerick on the All-Plinko Episode coming up

There once was a game called Plinko.
Where you can win the whole kitchen sinko.
Where dropping pink chips
Can give you green slips.
But six in a row? Someone's drinko.

Jason: Nice.
Chico: Okay, Gordon.. you're up to the mic...
Gordon: Ok sir. Lay it on me
Chico: The challenge... a Shakespearean sonnet on... The Chase.

Twas Beauty that charmed the beast
But the players at the least
Hope that the beast is too dumbfounded
Else twas contestants to be pounded
Though all this might could cause such pain
What matters is the battles of brain
Though his muscles could not be faulted
The smarter man shalt be exalted

Jason: NIIIICE :)
Chico: BRAVO, SIr
Gordon: Grazzi. I think Chico has one for Jason
Chico: I do have one for Jason. And if it's me... giving one to Jason.... It's gotta be beat poem time.
Jason: Sort of free verse right?
Chico: Sort of free verse, right. The subject: Hollywood Game Night, and the booze is flowing freely.
Chico: Wow me.

Liquor is quicker
Makes the tongue loose and the brain looser
The sicker quiz master is the Orphan Blaster Hannigan
Celebs couch on their words on the couch for the bucks
which makes the funny and the money
Sean Hayes produces the humor for days
Sit on the chair, stare, and express your savoir faire.

Jason: (bows)
Chico: ..... Revolution.
Gordon: (snaps) Now Jason, I know you have something for me.
Jason: I do. Give me a quattrain(4 line verse) about the new season of Let's Make A Deal
Gordon: I am going to invoke the Shairi Quatrain
Jason: OK.

We love the show and of course Wayne
The contestants come to get their gain
Though zonks emerge to cause them pain
But unlike Tonto, the show rides again!

Jason: ...truth.
Gordon: Anyone see that movie? P-U.
Chico: i heard things.
Gordon: Finally, Chico, I want you to do a Poetry Slam on the Racism going in the Big Brother House
Chico: I'll do you one better.
Gordon: Song time?
Chico: SONG TIME! The game show story of the summer... in the form of the song of the summer..


Aaryn Gries is on Big Brother....
Talking spit all through the summer...
But the way she plays with others, uh huh...
Makes me think she's got no mother...

Hateful epithets
Broadcast on CBS
Are over internets
Now her boss is upset!

She thinks she's just having fun,
She says she's hurting no one,
But when Big Brother is done,
Her life is gonna be sucky.

She thinks she's just having fun,
She says she's hurting no one,
But when Big Brother is done,
Her life is gonna be sucky.

Her life is gonna be sucky.
Her life is gonna be sucky.
Her life is gonna be sucky.
Aaryn's life is gonna be sucky.

Chico: *bows*
Jason: Nice job :)
Gordon: Nice! Whats next after the song?
Jason: (cell phone light)
Chico: Next up, we're going to make like our Hollywood friends and raid the open bar. Pick You Poison's after the break on WLTI.

(Brought to you by Big Brother Radio, W-CYA! Playing all the hits, like.. 'Go Back and Make Some Rice'... and 'N-word Insurance', and who can forget ...


*sing-songy* Big Brother Radio, W-CYA!)

Gordon: I sense the trio of singers turning into a duet soon
Chico: I should hope so
Gordon: It's time to pick your poison. First up...

Since we were talking about Plnko - Play regular Plinko or Plinko for a Corvette?

Jason: Reg Plinko for Cash
Chico: Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashmoney
Gordon: I'l go for the Corvette. I only need one chip and I can sell it for much more then $10,000
Chico: Besides, who needs a Corvette in Jersey.
Jason: (holds tongue)
Chico: Next up...

Hollywood Game Night or Family Game Night?

Jason: Family Game Night.
Gordon: Hollywood Game Night. I can use my party skills to make cash money
Chico: Party skills are awesome. Gaming skills are even more awesome. Deep in my heart of hearts I want to say "Why can I have both?" But.. for me... HOLLYWOOD
Gordon: Next one...

Would you be on Whodunnit for $250,000 or Big Brother with those people for double the money?

Jason: Whodunnit in a second.
Chico: Whodunnit. I like the puzzle, I like ths wits, and pardon me for being morbid, but I like going to the morgue.
Gordon: Whodunnit, because I like to use my brains.
Chico: And apparently I'm the wrong shade of flesh for Big Brother. JUST SAYING.
Jason: Speak the truth
Chico: Next up...

Whose wares would you like to try: the winner of MasterChef 3, Christine Ha, or the winner of the American Baking Competition Brian Emmett?

Jason: Christine Ha
Gordon: MasterChef 3
Chico: Make it a triple. No offense to Brian, but he did fail the technical in the final.
Gordon: Yeah. Sort of messy. Next one...

Would you prefer to be a creature on Face Off...or a legit makeover on RuPaul's Drag School?

Jason: Creature.
Gordon: You know what? I have ZERO fashion sense. Give me the new wardrobe.
Chico: Creature. I like aliens. It's an awesome act. Finally...

Ryan Seacrest on Click, Ryan Seacrest on Wild Animal Games, or Ryan Seacrest on American Idol... who shows up for "Million Second Quiz"?

Gordon: MSQ Ryan, which is the one I'd want to be on
Chico: I'll go with that. I mean, Ryan's versatile, he could very well play the show differently than he's ever played any show before. Scary.
Jason: Quiz Show Ryan. Talent Ryan is too fake
Chico: Okay... you're both terribly sloshed on game show spirits, so let's go to a break. Speed Round starts in a few!
Jason: YAY (HIC)

(Brought to you by You Don't Know Jurors. Can everyone instead of going half cocked off on any jury decision (since none of you were on the jury or were at the courtroom to know everything) take a step back, take a deep breath and play Candy Crush?)

Jason: AMEN
Chico: Nice
Gordon: Seriously guys. If you REALLY want to make a difference, instead of rioting in the streets, which doesn't do anyone any good, join a volunteer or help group. Be part of the solution, not the problem.
Chico: Thank you.
Jason: YES!
Gordon: Now with that, we go to the Speed Round...NOW! Whodunnit - who's no longer going to be part of either the solution or the problem?
Chico: Call me crazy, but it's either Kam or Ulysses in a shocker... or a poisoning... or a mountain lion. Very creative, that killer.
Jason: I'll call Geno
Gordon: I think Kam's group gets the short end of the stick this week, and as I think Lindsay is the killer, Ulysses is going to be the victim.
Chico: Sounds legit. Big Brother, who doesn't get to put up with this bastion of human excrement anymore
Gordon: Me, when I change the channel.
Chico: Winner.
Gordon: But for shiggles, I'll say Aryan...I mean Aaryn.
Chico: OUCH!
Gordon: We're approaching the end of Jeopardy this season - any big winners?
Chico: I think you have to keep an eye out on Mark Japinga. Ought to change his name to Mark Bazinga after this.
Gordon: Bazinga! Any mail?
Chico: No but we did get a tweet. Last week we posted a link to the first edition of Family Feud from 1976. As you know, it turned 37 this week. We have an official response.


@wltiongsnn Watching vintage clips brings back fond memories of our great friend, and talent, Gene Wood en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_Wood

Chico: That was from @familyfeud, which, as we speak right now, is at the Atlanta Civic Center taping season 14.
Jason: Thank you!
Chico: Thanks for the reply, guys! much appreciated.
Gordon: Very nice. Now for other people who want to saend us email where does it go?
Chico: If you want to follow them on Twitter, do so @familyfeud. If you want to do the same for us, do so @wltiongsnn. And if you can't contain your thoughts in 140 characters... that's what email is for! WLTI@gameshownewsnet.com.
Gordon: And thats all for this week. next week - Lots of reviews and more bodies. For Jason and Chico, this is Gordon Pepper, saying Game Over and Spread the Love.