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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 9, 2007

Chico:  "How old is Brian Griffin?" "What is the name of 'the dog that saved Hollywood'?" Who is Porkchop's owner? I can think of a million of these.
Gordon: Can you think of 15 Shades of Wrong?
Jason:  Yes.
Chico:  I'd rather not, but we have time to fill, so here you go... Six things that would not normally happen to normally normal people... That's what makes them wrong. For example...

Nick Cannon going into the Wildstyle battle leading... and still losing because of Fabolous' rapid fire punking on the Red Squad. 4

Gordon: 4. Not much there, though you usually don't go up 5-2 and lose 6-5.
Jason:  3. Not that wrong.
Gordon: Not the first time it's been done though, so only a 4.
Chico:  4's about right. Again, going from a 5-2 win to a 6-5 loss is something to be ashamed of. But not necessarily that wrong. Next up...

Big Brother being edged out by a RERUN of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. 4

Jason:  Again a 3...not that wrong to me.
Gordon: I'll go 4 again. 5th Grader is a high-rated show and BB never starts out strong. It usually gets the ratings after a month in.
Chico:  I'll go 4. Wrong in theory, but not necessarily in practice. And besides, I like 5th Grader, so...Anyway, next up.

Darran and Nickolas playing their respective games of Camouflage... and only getting one puzzle right....EACH. 5

Chico:  I'll go 3.. Could be worse. Could be even more WRONG.
Gordon: 6. Not good.
Chico:  One hand... you could have a donut. Other hand... You could answer one right... and have it be the game winner.
Gordon: Not unless the puzzle is 1,000+ points.
Chico:  Theoretically, of course.
Jason:  its about a 5. Not good ...not bad either.
Chico:  So it's about a 5. Okay, next wrong...

Mike. This BB houseguest is what we at the 'net call "a repeat offender", a person who's been on more than one show. His first show? Lifetime's "Gay, Straight or Taken." 8

Gordon: Debut episode, if I am not mistaken.
Chico:  He, on the first show... was straight.
  Ok...7....for two reasons... One...admitting to be on that show :) apply to that show :)
Chico:  Oh, that's an 8. No one I know would own up to that pile of crap.
Gordon: 8. He's got the Media Ho in Training Credentials.
Chico:  8 it is. Next wrong...

JAG's creative resume on Next Food Network Star. 14

Chico:  Dude.. there's just some things you don't lie about. That gets all 15.
Jason:  I agree....this is all 15
Gordon: I think there's wronger things, but you don't lie on the resume. I would think that the Bowling thing would get a 15 from me. This gets...13.
Chico:  Funny you should mention that, Gordon...Final wrong...

"The bowling thing." 15

Gordon: Duh. 15.
Chico:  Survey said... 15.
Jason:  15. Bad bowlers.
Chico:  Wrong bowlers.
Gordon: The whole theory and practice is wrong. We need people to pretend that they are in debt and have to bowl to get out of it? Huh?
Chico:  Sounds like a bad movie. *wrong-o-meter explodes* Great... I'm gonna have to call Klauss-Gibson again. Let's take a break. Stupid warranty... What's next Gordon?
Gordon: Next, we get down and discuss the serious issues of the week...or not. Vs. is next!
Chico:  Collectively, we're known as the lost World Series of Pop Culture team "Gamer Trash." But you know us better as WLTI.

(Brought to you by NoTell Wireless, proud sponsor of the World Series of Pup Culture. Come and get your wrong.)



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