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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 9, 2007

Gordon: Someone having phone issues?
Chico:  Why the pretty people have to work there?
Jason:  Oh please.
Chico:  Why everyone else have to be the geeky side-characters? :-) I've dated some hot Cingular chicks in my day =p
Jason:  Hopefully you don't have a Sprinting problem.
Chico:  and my T isn't mobile, which is also a good thing.
Jason:  Hopefully we have a good game on the Verizon.
Gordon: (Groan) On THAT note, let's start Vs. You know the drill.
Chico:  Right. Let's play
Gordon: First one...

Frenemies Vs. Non-Frenemies. Who's winning Big Brother?

Chico:  Non-frenemies. The Frenemies have too much on their mind to concentrate on the game. When the hell did Big Brother become Falcon Crest? =p
Gordon: Not to mention that there's already an alliance of non-frenemies waiting to pick them off.
Jason:  Its going to be a non-frenemy because the drama between the Frenemies will a) affect their game play and b) well not notice when they get their butts evicted.
Chico:  And that's why non-frenemies threaten to make this twist a non-issue. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Deal Vs. No Deal.  What's going to happen to The Apprentice?

Chico:  NBC needs low-budget product. Trump needs NBC... I think we all know the answer to this.
Jason:  The Apprentice will come back to NBC. Silverman(Ben) wants it. The Donald needs it. Everyone will make nice.
Chico:  mm-hmmm.
Gordon: I think that everyone will make nice.  I wonder for how long, especially if Lady or the Tramp actually becomes a hit on a rival network.
Chico:  I think it's workable. See America's Got Idol.
Gordon: Speaking of NBC Vs. Fox...

The Singing Bee Vs. Don't Forget the Lyrics. Which will be successful?

Jason:  Do I have to pick?
Gordon: Yes, you have to pick
Chico:  I'm going to be optimistic and say Singing Bee. It's on after AGT, opposite the All-Star Game which no one gives a heck about.
Jason:  Singing Bee but barely...Fatone over Brady
Gordon: I think the Singing Bee Format (Group of people sing until 1 person is left) is better than the Millionaire Clone-like Dont Forget the Lyrics. I think only one of them survives the month, and that will be The Bee. The fact that it's only a half hour show connected to AGT, which will cushion it, won't hurt...
Chico:  Although NBC really should've waited on this one. Bad Fox. You're holding back the revolution... No home game.
Gordon: Next one...

Set for Life Vs. Show Me The Money. Which ABC run will last longer?

Chico:  Set for Life.
Jason:  Set for Life.
Chico:  Show Me... in a testament to how bad it is... 3 weeks on GSN... GONE. DONE. FORGETABOUTIT
Gordon: Let's see. on Fridays (The Death Zone) vs. 1 Vs. 100. SMTM did last what..7 episodes on ABC?
Chico:  Maybe 6. Probably 7.
Gordon: I dont see Set For Life lasting that long - especially because it is a high budgeted show. I'll go with SMTM. Also - no press for the show. Not a good sign.
Chico:  Nope. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Man-kira Vs. Leonid the Magnificent. Which one gets further in Americas Got Talent 2?

Jason:  Leonid.
Jason:  He is that whacked.
Chico:  Man-Kira. Junk in the trunk wins every time.
Gordon: Man-kira is a 1 Trick Pony. I think that Leonid learned (?) from his experience on the show. I think he will get further, but I dont think either of them make the finals. Last one...

Tobey Maguire Vs.  Brad Garrett They both have survived Day1  of the World Series of Poker. Whe gets further?

Chico:  My Spidersense is tingling. Tobey.
Jason:  I am going to say Tobey because he won the Phil Hellmuth Invitational in 2004. He is no slouch.
Gordon: Tobey is the better player - but I think Brad is very good too and I think the fact that he is goofing around now will only serve him later on. I'll call for Brad and the upset. And that ends Vs. We'll be back for the Big Finish right after this.

(Brought to you by Pup Kiernan's Dog Whistles. One good blast of the whistle will tame any savage pup and put them right to sleep. Works for humans watching the World Series of Pup Culters as well)

Chico:  "Gamer Trash" to win, baby. As we head to... The Big Finish! Big Brother: who's going home? Dumb or Dumber?
Jason:  Dumber.
Gordon: Dumber, which would be Carol.
Jason:  Thats her.
Chico:  Danielle or something, yeah
Gordon: Take the Cake. Will I be forced to recap another interactive show and will any of you be brave enough to watch it with me?
Chico:  No, and no
Jason:  No and no.
Gordon: Thanks, my loyal friends. What about World Series of Pop Culture?
Chico:  Yes, and yes.
Jason:  Oh yeah...yes and yes.
Chico:  Will Chupacabra repeat?
Jason:  Don't know.
Gordon: No. They were an average team last year and the quality this year should be better.
Chico:  That question will be answered over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, you've got questions.... that's... understandable. I've got mail from Pierre Kelly, one of our best recappers on site...

From: Pierre Kelly

What in the name of Brad Nessler is Quiznation doing? I was watching one time and Angelle turned on the viewers with her sit-down talking whenever there was crossword game that went up to $1000. Shandi acted silent for the time being. What's up with that? Hosts trying to get into hypnosis mode while the viewers watch think it's just a waste of time. What are these viewers doing? Changing the channel? Playing video games? Listening to music on the radio? Reading a book? Turning off the TV to go to sleep? This has got to stop! This is not GSN: The Network for Snoozers. What are the producers trying to do? Entice them to win cash and let the viewers switch to "American Gladiators?" This is ending this thing right now! Bring back the Playmania we know and love and 100 Winners too, because if I see Shandi, Jessica or Angelle doing this again, I'm shutting it off for good.

Chico:  Thanks, Pierre...I've been watching, and I have to agree. And that is the problem when you have to fill 2 hours of live television with non-stop wall-to-wall action. Waffles with Angelle is what did it for me.. I was pretty much like... WHAT?
Gordon: Not just that - it's obviously a stall tactic done by the producers to get more people to call in and its VERY annoying.
Jason:  Very very very annoying.
Chico:  Si.
Gordon: There should be a way to keep the game action moving at ALL times. If they solve that, then they solve one of the pieces of the puzzle.
Chico:  They did. It was called 100 Winners. And it was good. "No time for wrong answers! Moving on!" Ha... I miss Mel.
Jason:  Quiznation/Playmania never was my favorite show. I like Mel.
Gordon: 100 Winners wasn't awful, but I think it died because there were too many options that I was going to walk out of there with junk.
Chico:  Hey, if you spend a buck on a call and just happen to get through... Profit! Step 1: Get into the show...Step 2....Answer the question...Step 3...  Step 4... PROFIT!
Gordon: True, but I want my profit to be a guaranteed $200+ instead of maybe $500 or maybe a hat.
Chico:  Hey now...That's a pretty good hat.
Jason:  It is a nice hat.
Gordon: So if I gave you the option of $500 or a hat, and I take the other, you will give me the $500 and take the hat? How nice of you :)
Chico:  Didn't say that, Piers :-)
Gordon: I got one more from Bobby McBride

From: Bobby McBride

Hey, have any of you guys listened to the new Avril Lavigne single, "When You're Gone"? IMO, I think that would be a great choice for a farewell on a reality show like "American Idol", "Big Brother" or "Dancing with the Stars".

Gordon: Thanks for the email Bobby. I have 1 word which states why that would be a problem. Copyrights.
Chico:  I have another word... Avril. Why would anyone care about a no-talent having fake-ass skater b(^_^) from Canada?
Jason:  Because the song lyrics fit...two words...Daniel Powter.
Chico:  Yeah, but that song was good.
Jason:  It was...but cheesetastic pop works on shows like that.
Gordon: Yes it does. Music for the masses. Thanks for the email, BobbyChico:  That's gonna do it for the mail bag, but you can get up with us (PLEASE DO, we like it) at OR you can go to our page on MySpace, Bob Saget's on the top 12... HOW did we get Bob Saget on the top 12?
Jason:  25 friends and counting.
Gordon: We got Bob, David, Frank, Lance...the cool people.
Chico:  Frank Nicotero... whos's actually a very nice guy. Anywho, it's time to call it a night. J.Block... Thanks as always.
Jason:  My pleasure.
Chico:  Remember, guys, we can't do this show without you. For Gordon Pepper and everyone at Game Show Newsnet, I'm Chico Alexander. ... Until next
week...You know how we do it...
Gordon: Game Over!
Chico:  aND WHAT?
Gordon: Spread those poker chips, baby!
Chico:  Woo!


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