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Episode 32.6 - Groundhog Stew
March 11

Chico: Heh. Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being a part of our week and allowing us to be a part of yours. Before we continue, if you haven't gone to CLW83.com Do it. So what've you got for us now?
Gordon: Here's what I got. We have 2 shows about to give us a cavalcade of talent that we'd rather flip over to the best of the NWA. So therefore, I suggest we get the pain out of the way this week and get it over with.
Chico: Sounds good to me. First up?
Gordon: We start with...American I-dull.
Chico: *grabs teddy bear*

Chico: Alright, you have a list of the lost?
Gordon: I do
Chico: Who's first?
Gordon: We start with...

Lazaro Arbos

Chico: Good place to start.
Gordon: I think so. He has the whole package - he can sing and he has a package that families across America can love. Top 4.
Chico: But I doubt he stays long, even with his impressive story and his knowledge of who he wants to be and where he wants to go. Middle to low. It's that stammer.
Gordon: The 10-14 year olds don't care.
Chico: There you go. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Janelle Arthur

Chico: Middle. She gets outsung early. And by a stronger country voice.
Gordon: I agree with that 7th sounds about right, Middle.
Chico: Just saying. Next...

Curtis Finch Jr.

Chico: Either he's top 4 or he's the first chaos theory voteout. But I'm going to go top 4.
Gordon: I'm going to go middle again. I think you have a stronger voice that's going to take votes, but he'll be ok early with his gospel base. Next one...

Candice Glover

Chico: Would that be the stronger voice?
Gordon: That would be. Top 4.
Chico: She's going to be the first WTF moment. Middle. One word: Mandisa
Gordon: Mandisa picked horrible gospel choices. I assume Candice will be smarter than that. Next one...

Kree Harrison

Chico: If there's a country singer to be in the top 4, this will be her. Top 4. And she can also flirt with the rock audience. Two audiences she can play for.
Gordon: I think there will be a country singer in the Top 4. It won't be her. Mid-pack. Next...

Amber Holcomb

Chico: Who?
Gordon: The person who got in to the women's Top Ten because they had to put in 5 people.
Chico: Ah. First one gone.
Gordon: You have 5 R&B singers in the Top 10. That's too many and there will be some liquidation in this area first, barring a major mess from someone else. She is on notice. Bottom 4. Next one...

Paul Jolley

Chico: Top 4. He's literally the only HGWG potentially there.
Gordon: He's the only one - AND he's your lone male country and popper. Barring a massive brain fart, set up a spot for him in the Top 4.
Chico: And he could win, if America votes... like it does.
Gordon: You have to realize that the only way you change the results is if you change the voting base - or make the finale Friday night
Chico: Or you King-of-the-Nerds it. And that won't happen.
Gordon: Yes lket's let the eliminated Idolists vote on who will win. Heh.
Chico: Sooooo...neeeexxxxt...

Angie Miller

Chico: And that rounds out the top 4 for me.
Gordon: That does for me also, though I can see her leaving early with a wrong song choice.
Chico: Please dont' make a wrong song choice
Gordon: Next one....

Burnell Taylor

Chico: Who? Bottom
Gordon: First male casualty, bottom. FInally...

Devin Velez

Chico: Vamos. Bottom.
Gordon: I'll agree. If he doesn't diverse himself, he's done early. So to sum this up...

Idol Call-it Season 12

- Chico: Angie, Curtis, Paul, Kree
- Gordon: Lazaro, Candice, Janelle, Paul


Chico: I got Paul Jolley to win. thanks, Kids.
Gordon: Top 4: Lazaro Arbos to WIN, followed by Candice, Janelle and Paul
Chico: We'll see who's right and who's right-right in a month or two.
Gordon: Would it surprise you if we took a break?
Chico: Of course not. And would it surprise you to know we had ANOTHER really big board after the break?
Gordon: It wouldn't. We'll get Pain fest #2 out of the way - next!

(Brought to you by American NyQuil. We'll sing you to sleep, America.... )

Gordon: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Chico: zzzzzz....

*alarm clock rings*

Chico: I'm up I'm up...
Gordon: I'm not, but I guess we will continue with the show.
Chico: Okay, let's go dancing, shall we?

Gordon: We have 11 dancers that promise to bring the sexy back. This feels more like they are going to bring the sucky back, but whatever,
Chico: I already picked my winner. But since we need to fill the rest of the segment out...First...

Zendaya Coleman and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy

Chico: America loves a bad-ass Ukrainian. Fan service from Disney? They can take or leave. Middle. Did we mention she was on "Shake It Up", a dancing show? Because... well, that's important.
Gordon: Yes it is. Middle.
Chico: There you go. Next...

Andy Dick and his partner, Sharna Burgess.

Chico: BOLD PREDICTION TIME! First one gone.
Gordon: I don't think so. Second one gone.
Chico: You have a first one already.
Gordon: I do indeed.
Chico: Is it ....

Dorothy Hamill and her partner Tristan McManus?

Gordon: it is not. Dorothy attracts that older fan base. midpack.
Chico: Agreed. Middle. And a dark horse for top. Next, not-Alan Dedicoat?

DL Hughley and his partner Cheryl Burke.

Gordon: Not the first one out, but close. Bottom.
Chico: Agreed. Not Cheryl's fault, though. Next. And I think this is the one.

Jacoby Jones and his partner, Karina Smirnoff

Gordon: First one out? Not a chance. How does the NFL do on these things?
Chico: They usually run the table.
Gordon: I don't see anything different here. Top 4.
Chico: I say threat to win. Next one...

Wynonna Judd and her partner Tony Dovol...oh crap.

Chico: ... BOTTOM.
Gordon: Mid pack here. Winnona is a name. She could surprise.
Chico: We'll see. Next...

Victor Ortiz and his partner Lindsay Arnold

Gordon: Boxers are usually good of feet....but he has no name to him. Middle.
Chico: Who? Bottom.
Chico: He's no household name, like, say Floyd Mayweather.
Gordon: Floyd was pretty putrid. Next one?
Chico: Next one...

Kellie Pickler and her partner Derek Hough

Gordon: This pains me to say this, but...if she can get midpack on Idol, she's a huge threat here. Top 4.

Chico: It pains me to say this too... but I agree with you. Here's the problem though... DWTS skews old. This is the Wynonna crowd, not the Kellie Pickler crowd. All of this will depend on her sympatico with Mr. Hough.
Gordon: And Mr. Houghs record?
Chico: Three time champion
Gordon: There you go. Plus besides DIsney babe, there's no one else that skws young. Watch out for the Pickler
Chico: and her....
Gordon: Her pickled melons
Chico: Thank you. Next...

Ingo Rademacher and his partner Kym Johnson

Chico: Ingo is an ABC daytime hunk. Kym can't catch a break. bottom
Gordon: Oh no. Beware the daytime hunk. Midpack with a threat to make the Top 4.
Chico: There's one spoiler I'm saving for the end. Next...

Aly Raisman and her partner Mark Ballas.

Chico: He's right up there with Derek Hough. Top 4.
Gordon: The other Olympians who are current when they play have done very very welll. Top 4.
Chico: Finally...

Lisa Vanderplump and her partner Gleb Savchenko

Chico: Real Housewife of I honestly count not care less. BOTTOM
Gordon: IN trouble early. She gets the door prize. Bottom.
Chico: And finally... the spoiler. It wasn't going to be announced until tomorrow, but we have the scoop tonight. The 12th dancer...

SEAN LOWE and his partner Peta Murgatroyd.

Gordon: *gag*
Chico: I figured you'd get one chance to rag on me this episode. But yeah... he gets by on the ABC name alone. Folks, if you're going to keep it in the family, II'm ready to see Lucy Hale. BOTTOM of the middle
Gordon: Unfortunately, The Bachelor ratings went up this season by ...10%
Chico: You read the article, didn't you?
Gordon: I did. This is why Sean Lowe is on your show, and this is why I'm going to have to place him in the Top 4.
Chico: Okay...
Gordon: So to sum this up...

Dancing Call-it Season 16

- Chico: Jacoby, Aly, Kellie, Sean
- Gordon: ... the same ones Chico has.


Chico: I'm going to go with Jacoby Jones to win, and the rest of you may go. Seriously, though. Jacoby, Aly Raisman, Kellie Pickler... and in a stunner. Yeah, I said it...Sean Lowe. These are the same four you have.
Gordon: Top 4: Jacobi Jones, Kellie Pickler, Aly Raisman and Chico's Faaaaaavorite person in the world, Sean Lowe. I'll pick Jacobi to win, but I will root for Sean Lowe every week to see how long Chico can say 'I Hate You Gordon Pepper'.
Chico: I hate you Gordon Pepper
Gordon: We haven't even start ed yet. :P
Chico: Heh.
Gordon: How many of these people did you have to look up and reference when you saw the list come out?
Chico: Let's see.. I knew Andy Dick... I knew Dorothy Hamill, DL Hughley, Jacoby Jones, Wynonna, ... and in the bonus, I knew Lindsay Arnold from So you think You Can Dance. =p
Gordon: So you knew a little more than half the 'Stars'. So what do you think of this cast?
Chico: I think I'll watch the Voice, Gordon!
Gordon: And I think you'll watch this also.

(Brought to you by American Idol Crush Saga. Line up 3 ryan seacrest heads and win bonus iPod tunes. Line up 3 Randy Jackson heads and get a bonus 50 votes so we can say that this season has the most number of votes ever!!!!!111111)

Gordon: Usually I'm not that vicious, but...ok, who am I kidding. Yes I am.
Chico: You're not that vicious. Usually, you're scathing. You're holding back on me. =p
Gordon: I have to save something for the next 3 months. Who's up for a Speed Round?
Chico: Right here! Speed Round starts... now! American Idol... Who's FIRST?
Gordon: Amber is running out of fame. Who's getting run off the island?
Chico: I'll go with Eddie. As the fans continue their long trip downward.
Gordon: I'll say Brandon goes away.
Chico: How long does Drew Horwood last on J!
Gordon: I'll give him 2 days.
Chico: I say Drew lasts one more day. He's already in the TOC talk.
Gordon: Any email?
Chico: Nope. But if you want to catch up with us, you have follow us on Twitter @wltiongsnn, find us on Facebook, listen to us on Stitcher and iTunes... or if you want to write us a mail, hit us up at wlti@gameshownewsnet.com
Gordon: That ends our episode this week. Special thanks to Jason block for joining us.
Chico: Remember to catch his interview with hmmmm frmmhmm... on CLW83.com
Gordon: shhhhhhhh.
Chico: It really is a good listen.
Gordon: Next week, we start skewering the idolists and dancers, and anyone else that deserves to be skewered. For Chico, this is Gordon, saying Game Over and spread the love.
Chico: Good night, America :-)