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Let Me Tease You
Gordon Pepper

To all of those who have attended the Game Show Congress this past year, you may have asked yourself, 'How can they possibly top that?' Last year's GSC was quite impressive - a luncheon honoring Monty Hall, Jack Narz and Tom Kennedy, a Concentration Panel with Norm Blumenthal, chances to play various game show legends in their element, whether it was Jeopardy, Concentration of Whew!, and many ways to participate. And of course, you had us and a live version of WLTI. What more could be better?

Next year's GSC!

Last Wednesday was our first serious meeting on laying down the framework for the 5th Annual Game Show Congress. There's not a lot that I can be definite about. I can say that the event will take place in the Los Angeles Area and it will be sometime between late July and Mid-August. Once the date is solidified, then everything will start to fall into place. I'm not going to talk about who we are aiming to get, because I don't want to spread rumors (though that's pretty much what I'm doing) but I will say that if they even get half of the people that they want, this will easily eclipse GSC 4. If they get everyone that they want, then you will be a fool if you miss it this year.

Of course, you wouldn't be reading all of this fluff and not expect me to give you some stuff. Here's some stuff for you...

- The convention Itself will probably expand from three to four days. Expect to see a Thursday through Sunday affair, with each day having a 'special' event attached to it - an event which would alone be worth the price of admission. Now imagine four of them over the span of four days.

- The participation factor will exponentially increase. The Game Show Tournament, which many people have lauded, will now be all four days and the time allocated to it will almost be doubled. That means more games, more time for everyone to play them, and more chances to get into the Game Show Round and play with the Amazing Game Show Machine.

- will be chairing this year's Game Show Awards. There will be 20 categories. Very soon, we'll be accepting your nominations and then we'll be letting you vote on who should win the awards. We'll give you incentive - if you are active in BOTH the nominations AND the voting, then you may have a shot to attend GSC FOR FREE! (You will have to pay your way for travel and lodging, though - our budget isn't THAT big).

- Did anyone say field trips? GSC in late July could offer up trips to Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. GSC in August may offer that, as well as the famous TPIR pilgrimage. There could also be Family Feud tapings as well as Rock Star, So You Think You Can Dance, and Trato Hecho to pick from. A trip to see the Mouse would also not be out of the question.

- Your favorite GSNN maniacs also return as WLTI comes back for a second year - and we get more time. Whoo-hoo!

Sounds good so far, eh? The scary thing is that I didn't mention the main events or any other of the things planned. You'll get another report in December, where I can give you more information to warm your game playing spirits up on a cold Winter's night.

Gordon Pepper can barely form a sentence without using the phrase GSC. E-mail him at


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