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Where Do You Get This Stuff?
Gordon Pepper

"Where do you get all that wonderful dirt?"

That is a question that I get asked on a very regular basis. How do you know this stuff? When we look at the stats of our site, they jumped when we got to Jeopardy! and the fact that we knew the exact date of Ken's departure. We have also outscooped much of the press on other events as well in our quest to be one of the premier sources of your game show news and entertainment.

So how do we do it? We do have spies that go to tapings. We also have a large network of people, many of them formed through the past Game Show Congresses that we have attended (PLUG - – PLUG). We will be giving you more details on that event when we get closer, but I can't stress how fascinating and fun that event is. It continues to get stronger every year and this year should be huge as well. PLUS, you'll get to meet people like myself, Jason Block, Joe Van Ginkel, Jason Hernandez, Robert Seidelman, Jeff and Julie Suchard, Ryan Vickers, Josh Yawn, and other GSNN contributors.

But let's go back to the topic. During our conference calls, we chat about all sorts of rumors going around. Most of them wind up to be true (though some of which turn out to be Vaporware). So what did we chat about this week? I'll tell you, but I won't say who said it. I also warn you that this is SPOILER information, so if you don't want to know, then 1) do not highlight the text below, and 2) turn back and be happy with what you have read…

1. The Jeopardy! tapings leading up to the finals (which, conveniently enough, have been closed-set to avoid information leaking out) are complete, and if you are looking for a Jennings/Rutter/Spangenberg match-up, you're not getting it – or anything close to it. I asked the source, "if comparing it to the NCAA's, and you seeded everyone, would you get - instead of a 1 Vs. 2 Vs. 3 - a 1 Vs. 7th Vs. 14th," the source said unfortunately, yes. Though we don't know who wins, that does not bode well for people who are hoping that Jennings faces off against the cream of the crop.

2. They are taping Jeopardy! episodes while we talk, as the Tournament ends in a few weeks and the Jep! season ends in July. Expect someone to start getting into a Jennings-like roll, but since the taping is not done yet, we don't know if that person will continue into September.

3. A MAJOR music person who has been involved with game shows for over 30 years has expressed coming to GSC4 and will be trying to do so – as long as his schedule works out.

4. Traditional game shows may not be appearing at NATPE, but they are still appearing. The new game show trend seems to be that it's much easier to pitch to one specific network and have them sign on than try to get a deal through syndication. The rumor mill persists that two remakes of classic shows will be rearing themselves up on television in the next couple of months. At least two new traditional shows may be following suit, but it's too early to get excited about these shows yet.

Again, take these all as grains of salt, but this is what we deal with on a daily or weekly basis. We also know that people don't like to be spoiled, and we take careful consideration to make sure that you won't be spoiled if you don't want to – but we have the information in case you do. Just like fine wine, game show news and facts have to go through a lot before we send them out to you, because our readers deserve only the best.

We are down to 3 idols. There is no longer reason for a safe, trouble or out, because no one is safe. Let's do a quick look at the contenders –

You have outperformed Carrie Underwood and you sure look like the favorite to me to win this. You have the total package of talent and charisma. Just be careful of mailing in a performance – the judges don't like that and neither does the audience.

You are clearly in second place right now. If you and Vonzell perform equally, I think you get into the finals, but you need to outsing her and win some of your base back from Bo. You need to come out and give a dynamite effort, because if you don't, you are coming in second.

Like Anthony, you had a golden opportunity to grab a lot of Scott's vote. Like Anthony, you did not put out your ‘A' game and despite Scotts fans votes, you still wound up at the bottom. That tells me that there is a big gap between you and Carrie/Bo, and only a lights out effort from you and as really bad effort from Carrie will get you to the finals.

Adding it up, it looks like your two finalists are Bo and Carrie, but I think that Tuesday night will be a huge key in this and it wouldn't shock me to see Vonzell replace Carrie in the finals instead. We'll see in a week who will be belting it out to be the American Idol of 2005.

Gordon Pepper can be reached at


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