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Atonement, Part 2
Gordon Pepper

When I offered the chance for you guys to write in to find things that I had to say nice things about, boy did you ever. I got the most feedback yet, which seemed like a combination of you wanting me to say nice thinkgs about maligned people or shows and people who just wanted to see me suffer. Well, I did say I would take this on, so here goes.

Before I start though, I would like to make my very first atonement to the fans of Jim Caldwell, as I put his show Top Card on CMT. It was actually on TNN, as pointed out to me by a number of people. With that out of the way, we'll take some of the suggestions that I got.

In order to make the list, it had to be something new. For example, I will not find a second thing good to say about Card Sharks 2001, as the penance was bad enough. Here we go...

1. Throut and Neck

This is an easy one. For those people who have been following my columns, you should know that I actually LIKE this show. I thought that the cartoons were silly in a fun way, and I loved how if the player stunk, that he would know about it via the cartoon characters. And what's not to like about a skimpily clad female host?

2. Greek Games

This show got an F from me as one of the worst games of 2004. It wasn't going to get that grade from e at the beginning, though, as they actually had athletic events. You also had George Gray, as his hosting efforts was the only thing that made this show watchable. The fact that he knew that the show was going to be a mess, yet continued to make it entertaining was a key reason on why the show was watchable.

3. Fake-A-Date

Who was actually for love? Who was actually there for the money? Although the show was poorly executed (and hosted by Evan Marriott), I happened to like the concept of the show. After all, Elimidate and 5th Wheel were more successful with less, and all you need was better execution of the premise, which I happened to have enjoyed.

4. Pat Bullard

He was the host of the ill-fated Card Sharks 2001, but he is also a comedian. I think that he gets a pass from me because of his writing - he was a writer for Roseanne, Grace Under Fire, and now, for the television show Reba. Catch the show and you'll see why Pat got pegged unfairly.

5. The Joker's Wild 1990

The problem itself was the title. If they didn't use the Joker's Wild name and made the show it's own, with a finite number of answers per category, then you had a winner. This was also the show that Pat Finn finally came into his own and showed the world that he can be a very solid host.

6. Rapping Dragon

When he wasn't bouncing around the Tic Tac Dough boards, he was rapping. Besides the fact that no one likes the villain, maybe the dragon was misunderstood. The objective of the rapping was to bring the little kids into the game, just like another little rapping creature did the trick 7 years earlier in a show called Press Your Luck. The idea didn't work nearly as well, but at least gives Tic Tac Dough credit for trying to push the show to a new generation of game show fans.

7. Who's Your Daddy?

WLTI voted this the worst show of the past season. Although there was a lot to hate, there was actually something that I did like - grouping people into halves and then have a wrong guess on what group that the guy who was the girl's father was in cost the girl money from the pot. I liked the concept - and if you wanted to turn the 'Who am I' Idea to a half hour format with people, trying to figure out who is in what group would be a fun exercise to accomplish.

So there you have it - not just seven, but 14 things that I can find the good in. Thanks for all of your contributions, and we'll start getting down and dirty again next week.

Last week, he was a fan-man. Today, Gordon Pepper is a fan-man among men. E-mail him at


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