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The Land Down Underrated
Chico Alexander

If you have one of those character calendars that tells you how the rest of the world celebrates any holiday they could think of (mine is of Get Fuzzy, but that's another story for another time), then you know that last Monday was Anzac Day. The governments of Australia and New Zealand created the holiday to honor the group for whom it was named: the Australia-New Zealand Army Corps.

And since we're all about a global community here at the Newsnet, I thought that this would be a perfect time to celebrate a part of the game show world that doesn't really get the respect it deserves.

Yep. This one's a shout to our friends down under. You've given so much to the world and have asked for so little in return. After all, you did give us the whimsy of "Who Dares Wins", "It's Your Chance of a Lifetime", and "The Complex".

Okay, so two of those are bad examples. After all, "It's Your Chance of a Lifetime" was received as a blatant attempt to copy the success of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", and "The Complex" was one of those "gee, it sounds like it could work on paper" concepts that not even the infusion of a certain acerbic music exec's brother could save the UK version from swift and certain doom. And let's not even get started on the casting issues faced with the stateside flavor that couldn't have been given the axe quick

But somehow, you guys made it work. And we couldn't. But let's concentrate on what they did offer to the genre that DID work on a worldwide basis.

We all know "$ale of the Century," if only for the fact that a) it had so many bonus games that the flavor grew stale, and b) like "Press Your Luck", it reran ad infinitum on the USA Network. But eventually with the crash of the 90s, it was gone save for the memories. And while we here in the States are suffering from withdrawal symptoms related to cash cards and instant bargains, our friends down under were cranking out new episodes like nobody's business. Even as the game show as we know it was reborn throughout the world in the late 1990s, the format for the Australian $ale stayed true to form, except for getting a bigger, badder budget to match the one off "$ale of the New Century" season.

And now it returns anew under its original name, "Temptation". A rose by any other name, folks... But as we gauge the success of this version, it stands to reason that US programmers should give the format another look.

Another overlooked Australian gem was actually a gift we gave in the late 1970s. "Wheel of Fortune" was in trouble in its early stages, but our Aussie buddies knew better. They took it in and gave the Wheel a new spin. What hath that move wrought? Only the longest-running version of the show outside the US.

I'm not saying that their staying power is in any way attributed to ours, but in this world... could be.

And they're still going at it, just like we're still going at it, only they tend to induce a little more flair to their execution. I've said once before that with all the colors and the garish graphics cues that we've adopted over the years we tend to "out-Australian the Australians", but this is just a reminder that if you stick with something long enough, then your patience will be well rewarded. Something we would eventually learn... in syndication.

And then there came a game that just happened to tape in Australia for American television, the second season of "Survivor" -- which, by the way, just came out on DVD -- which still stands as the most-watched season outside of the All-Stars season. Not only did they stay an extra round in the Outback, but we also were introduced to one-half of the showmance that dared not speak its name... Amber Brkich.

And where else can you see kids playing "Now You See It"? Where else can an Idol take the stage at the world-famous Opera House? Where else can you see a tricked-out opening to "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", complete with a Strachan-gone-mad guitar-remixed theme?

But save for one page (we've provided the link), no love for the boys from Oz. No love for Noeline and Ugly Dave on Blankety Blanks (that's Match Game to us Yanks). No love for Reg Grundy and his production house. No love for Mike Whitney and his pocketful of dares. No love for Cornelia Frances, who is probably scarier looking than Anne or George. No love whatsoever.

Well, guess what, you're getting love from me this week. Thank you, Australia. Thank you for caring enough.

Now if you can only get ABC to give "Deal or No Deal" another try...

On the web: Australian Game Show Page

Okay, Gordon, it's all yours....

Well, that was surprising, wasn’t it?

It’s amazing what a day makes. Last week, everyone was penciling in Constantine to be in the finals – I certainly was. Jason Elliot was. Then, Tuesday night happened, and that set the stage for this…

Constantine….You…are…OUT of the competition!


Remember my first column? Let’s go back to it…

This is when the chaos theory happens – when one person who everyone thinks is safe gets the boot because either they put up such a lackluster performance that they are forgotten about or they are just an 'ok' person that people assume are safe – and don't vote for them.

Tuesday happened, and I knew that the chaos theory was going to happen. Clearly, Scott was going to be safe, because everyone knew he was going to be in trouble and Simon told him to pack his bags. Heck, he even had help – NO ONE had their A game on and any of them could have been in trouble. I figured that everyone would forget about Anthony and a pop person was leaving. I was sort of right…I picked the wrong pop star.

So what does this mean now?

Lets look back, and then look forward –

Again, let's go back to last week –

Why you are out - If there's a Madonna week, you select Brian's version of "Like a Virgin."

Well, there was no doubt that there were MANY Edgar Novas out there last week, and not only were you one of them, according to some of the staff here, you were the worst of them. I thought Scott was worse, but I knew he was being saved. I also thought Vonzell was worse, and she was right there with you in the bottom. The funny thing is that your strategy was actually good (get into rock) and the song selection was good (a song that people knew and that girls could dig). If you did Wednesday’s performance of that song on Tuesday, I’m not writing this paragraph on you and I’m writing it about the person who I predicted to begin with – Anthony Fedorov, as he was right there with you. The difference? He actually sang well enough to save himself, and instead of your normal singing/croon style (which could actually work with this sort ! of song), you gave us a medley of kicks, screaming and really sharp notes (and as I’ll say again, What? Was? That?). Add to the fact that everyone thought you were safe, and bingo, we have our latest Chaos Theory loser! Your bread and butter is actually the crooning style, so if you’re using the hard rock edge for you to make money, then let us all Pray for the Soul of Constantine.

So who does this help?

Why you are safe – If there is anyone who benefits from this, it’s you. Remember when I said that you had to diversify to get out of the final 5? Not anymore, you don’t. You know have the rock vote all tied up, and with the departure of Constantine, you have no more natural predators and you will benefit by getting part of his audience. It’s time to do some country and try to erode some of Carrie’s base. You are all but cemented in the Final Three…

Why you are in trouble - …unless you pull a Constantine. There’s only 5 people left. NO ONE can afford a rotten performance (maybe Carrie can), but even more importantly, NO ONE can afford a safe, flat performance. You did that once already and it placed you in the bottom two.

Why you are out – You sing flat, uninspired, and give more people a reason to vote for Carrie Underwood.

Why you are safe – Why are you so far up here? You actually sang the best on Tuesday, and that saved you. Your fans also know that you are once again in trouble, so they will be out in full force. In addition, you catch a HUGE break, because there's only one male poppy person left that the screaming girlies can vote for – and that's you. THIS week for you is critical, because a monster performance by you will give you the top three spot that was reserved for Constantine.

Why you are in trouble – A rotten effort, however, means that you will be immediately joining him in the suck pond. You are still in the bottom 2, and you only got saved because Constantine did his best impression of a Rockette. You HAVE to produce, or you will let Scott Savol escape – again.

Why you are out – You perform so badly that even Scott outsings you and Constantine’s fans all migrate to Bo instead of you.

Why you are safe – Hi, I’m Carrie. I just watched my biggest rival go down in flames and since I am the one who has been the most diverse, I am the person to beat. People love the blonde country girlies – and I can sing pop and rock too.

Why you are in trouble – Make that FOUR straight songs that you have mangled (though at least this one you sang so incomprehensible that we didn’t know if you truly mangled it or not). Sooner or later, the audience is going to get tired of this. Also, watch out for the suddenly speeding Bo Bice in your rear view mirror, and you haven’t been in the bottom yet. You won’t be next week, but the final four has always been a very dangerous place for the front-runner…

Why you are out – You come out flat, mangle the lyrics, Bo outsings you hands down and everyone else gets more votes because the audience knows that they are in danger – but they think that you don’t need their vote and you didn’t earn it – you earned a spot to leave, instead.

Why you are safe – 1. Nickelback’s ‘How You Remind Me’ performed by Constantine Maroulis. 2. You actually had a fan base that supported you, despite that Christina Aguilera mess that you graced us with.

Why you are in trouble – That was easily your worst performance ever. You got away with it. You can't do it any more – certainly not now, because this week, it’s going to be you and Scott at the bottom. Neither you nor Scott will be getting Constantine’s vote, so you better sing like it’s your last song…

Why you are out – Scott outsings you and we get another song where you forget the lines, sing out of tune, or both.

Why you are safe - I knew you would be safe. You got Anwar’s vote, plus you do have an underdog-likeability factor and people want to see you win because you are the ‘Anti-Idol’ of sorts.

Why you are in trouble – What usually happens after a Chaos Theory upset? Order promptly returns and the person who has been the cause of the chaos to begin with is promptly ousted. That, my friend, is you. The only saving grace – every week, someone has been nice enough to suck royally bad and save your hide. Could it happen for a 5th straight time? Since no one (save Anthony) sung very well, anything is possible…

Why you are out - …but it’s not going to be possible here, as all of them rebound – except you.

So my thoughts are that BARRING A FIFTH STRAIGHT SINGING DISASTER, it’s time for Scott to get off the roller coaster. But there will probably be someone that screws it up, and if there is, my vote goes straight to Vonzell. We’ll see who has their last ride on the Wheel of Idol next week.

Chico Alexander can be reached at Gordon Pepper can be reached at


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