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Foreign Affairs, Part 2
Gordon Pepper

I would like to thank everyone who e-mailed, IMmed or otherwise gave me
feedback on the schedule. I never realized how much of an impact that schedule would make - and it was a lot of fun talking to people about it.

With that, it's time to address people's comments...

1. The countries and time format were based on where I saw the show and the length that it ran. There are other shows that ran at different time lengths (thanks to Patrick Walsh, and others who wrote in to tell me this) but I fit in these shows to make the schedule.

2. I only wanted to get one genre of show on the schedule - Yes, Family Fortunes was a great version of Family Feud - but I already had one of those on the schedule with 100 Mexicanos Dijeron, and Dijeron executed the show better. The Mad Dash and El Gran Juego De La Oca both made the list because they were variations on the theme, but not the exact same show.

3. Someone asked me this question, which was an interesting one - would I just get the repeats or would I create new episodes? I would definitely create new episodes - and I would allow people from all countries to participate.

4. Now the part that you have all been waiting for - the people wondering why I didn't put 'THAT' show on the list. There were a bunch of good choices that didn't make the list, and I had many more than seven come in, but let's look at the Top shows.

1. The Weakest Link - I knew someone was going to bring this up. I didn't like this Anne Robinson/George Gray game because in order to win, you'd have to be perceived as the 'idiot', which really goes against the game. If you made the Strongest Link exempt from being voted off, then I would like the game better, but this wasn't about putting up games modified to your tweaks, this was about creating the best schedule with the games that were there.

2. Mastermind - Think Studio 7, but with much better execution. I liked this game, but there are other quizzers that I thought were much more fascinating than just cramming in information with tough trivia that's not really play-at-home type material.

3. Vida TV - It's in a morning slot and it features skits and a variety show, like the AM version of Sabado Gigante. Therein lies the problem - too much like Sabado Gigante, and there's only one Sabado Gigante.

4. Shafted - This is the British show that has the bonus round that made Friend or Foe. I hated that game because you could do everything right and still lose, as there was no protection from your partner voting Foe.

5. Dog Eat Dog - I liked the show for what it was. The only problem is that lack of original stunts did them in and You can only watch the same stunts for so long. TPIR has over 80 pricing games. Fear Factor has a good 100+ stunts. Dog Eat Dog? Only around 30. That's not going to cut it.

6. The Chair (John McEnroe DID do the show in England) - I never said that all of the ideas were good ones.

7. Grand Slam - The top people from various game shows play against each other in s 32 or 64 person format. If there was any show that I would put in, it would be this one - and I would probably replace Wheel of Fortune with it.

Finally - yes, Chico, I didn't forget about Ultra-Quiz by Rowan and Martin,
but it was such a watered-down version of the show that I didn't consider it a 'true' version. I want a big-ass 26 episode full version of Ultra Quiz in the
TRUE torturous format - that would be enjoyable to see.

This was a LOT of fun to do - and it was great to get feedback from you guys. Due to the immense popularity of this, I'll be creating another schedule between the Fall and Winter seasons. What schedule should I do? An all decade (70's, 80's, 90's, etc) schedule? A theme (Trivia, Love, Gambling, Word Game) schedule? A One Season Wonder show? You guys have time to think about what we should do next, but I'll let you know when to submit them in.

Next week - We'll get some reviews of the beginning of this season, and we'll see if these shows are any good - or if we are going to be pining for the foreign schedule.

We'll forgive Gordon Pepper for Rowan & Martin, but not for missing out "Blockbusters". Reach him at


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