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Fox is staging the ultimate dance battle with $250,000 on the line. Who'll get served, and who'll be the last dancer standing?

Recaps by Pierre Kelly, GSNN

Host Cat Deeley
Judges Nigel Lythgoe
Mary Murphy
Adam Shankman
Announcer Mark Thompson
Creator Simon Fuller & Nigel Lythgoe
EP Barry Adelman, Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe
Packager 19 TV & dick clark productions
Origins CBS Television City, Los Angeles
Airs 8p Tues & Wed, FOX
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Round of 18 (or "Where the Wild Things Used to Be")
November 3

With 2 gone, the competition heads into November, and it'll be one big month to remember. It'll be the same like last week, and we know 2 more are going home. So let's begin our show.

First off, Noelle & Russell doing a hip-hop routine to "Move Shake Drop" (remix). They had fun with tennis rackets and it was a silly routine.

What Nigel said: It was so fast, they didn't get a hold of it.
What I said: Maybe they should've tried croquet mallets.

Next came Ashleigh & Jacob doing a Viennese waltz to "At Last" by Etta James. In it, they pretend it's a married couple's first dance at a wedding. At least the writers were trying to figure that one out.

What Mary said: The lift sequence was good.
What I said: Ashleigh took control in that dance, and i respect her.

Now we have Bianca & Victor doing a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine to "Maybe God Is Trying to Tell You Something" from "The Color Purple." They tried to dance with energy, but it's not letting up.

What Adam said: I wanted to see you guys lose it.
What I said: It seemed they lost some chemistry right there.

Next up, Molle & Nathan doing Bollywood. It involved a warrior prince and an unhappy princess, and the relationship to this story is amazing.

What Nigel said: I thought it was fabulous.
What I said: It took dramatic stuff to the floor.

Just a little sidenote here, Billy Bell will be in the top 100 next year, and at that time, Brandon Bryant will audition. Now back to action as Channing & Phillip will do a samba to "Maracatu Funk" by The Samba Squad. With inexperience in this dance, it looks like they forgot an instructional manual.

What Mary said: It didn't quite get done.
What I said: Why should they need more moves?

Next up is Karen & Kevin doing hip-hop to "Ice Cream Paint Job." Karen plays the part of a customer who meets Kevin, the mechanic. Together, they fixed the chemistry.

What Nigel said: Karen was a real pleasure to watch.
What I said: They did pretty good.

Now we got Kathryn & Legacy doing a contemporary routine to "2 Steps Away" by Patti Labelle. It's about a woman struggling with fear and Legacy is fear....or is he? Anyways, it was beautifully perfected.

What Nigel said: It was very touching.
What I said: I cried the whole routine through.

And it's a Wade Robson Jazz routine from Pauline & Peter to "Little Green Bag" by the George Baker selection. It reminds us of "Starry night" by Van Gogh. Maybe "Starry Starry Night" by Don McLean would've been better. Anyhoodles, they took up a masterpiece.

What Adam said: Both dancers sold it.
What I said: They painted it like kindergarten class.

One more couple to go before the eliminations and that's Ellenore & Ryan doing an Argentine Tango to "Violent Tango." No violence here, just family friendly entertainment.

What Mary said: It was just phenomenal.
What I said: It was superb!

Okay, now to the eliminations. The bottom 4 go on to the solo round. They are: Bianca, Victor, Noelle and Phillip. Kids, dance one last time or you'll fail.


Noelle went first and danced to "For a Reason" by Zhane, then came Victor dancing to a song from "The Matrix Revolutions." We'll get to Bianca later, but Phillip danced to "Almost like Being in Love" by Nat King Cole, but before that, Bianca danced to the "Tootsie Roll" by 69 Boyz. Who picked that song anyway? Now it's cut time. The girls go first. gone. Now the guys go up, and it is..............Phillip. 2 tappers tap out. 16 are left. Who will be the next ones to go? Find out next Tuesday, and we'll have our very first results show on Wednesday. Hope to see you soon.

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