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Eighteen new castaways brave the African jungle to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for
$1 million. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Doug McCallie
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Origin: Wonga-Wongue Presidential Reserve, Estuaire, Gabon, Africa
Airs: Thursdays at 8pm ET on CBS

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The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy
December 4

It seems like the Kotas could do no wrong until a) Marcus got them to throw away an Immunity Idol, and b) a merge took place. Marcus took a powder for that move, but Kenny got Randy to believe that a fake immunity idol would pass muster with Jeff... It didn't, and now he's gone.

Night 30: That was crazy!

Bob is pissed off at the tribe for rubbing the fake idol in Randy's face. Sugar... of course... doesn't feel a bit sorry for Randy. She and Corinne go at it about how to play Survivor. It's hard for her to play it off, because she's in a "tribe of mutants".

Day 31: Look at this guy...

Kenny and Bob begin the day by catching some fish, something that Kenny never pictured himself doing. They end up catching the biggest fish in the season thus far. Kenny says that Bob doesn't know how to play the game. He just builds things.

R-CHALLENGE: Getting in Gear (for a video message from home with lunch).

Two teams of three will race out and grab a set of puzzle pieces. Arrange them to create a gearbox to raise a flag. First team to do that will square off in a slide puzzle. The player who finishes first wins.

It'll be Crystal/Sugar/Bob vs. Susie/Matty/Kenny. Corinne will not have any shot at it. Sorry.

It should be noted that Sugar gives her all for this challenge... if you know what I'm saying. Winners: Sugar, Crystal & Bob.

Final round... goes to Bob! Easy. He gets lunch and a message from home.

Oh, and there's ONE MORE THING! Don't look now, Bob, but Peggy, Bob's wife is right behind you. So now you have someone to share lunch with.

Back at camp, Bob returns with Peggy... and some of her friends... Namely all of the other loved ones. Talk about spreading the love there...

Kenny talks to her sister about blindsiding Matty. He says that if he makes final three, he wins.

Sugar is given some of her father's ashes to throw into the river, giving her closure.

Meanwhile, Matty decides to face his fears and grow up. He wants to make a commitment to Jamie, his girlfriend right now. He proposes to her by the river... and survey says... YES!

Day 33: Who wants to go get tree-mail?

Bob says that tonight will be the perfect time to blindside Matty. Meanwhile, the other five decide to stick together, but who'll they vote against? How about Bob, THEN Corinne?

Bob tells Corinne that Marcus kept the Immunity Idol for himself. Is that legitimate? Of course not. But he had Corinne going, right? He's going to make another fake idol. For that to work, Corinne suggests that one will have to win immunity.

I-CHALLENGE: Who Wants to Be a Gaboniare?

Questions. Answers get the balls. Closest to the bullseye wins.

1) TRUE or FALSE? Gorillas were first discovered here in Gabon. TRUE. Sugar & Corinne are right.
2) Female elephant, a mare, doe, or cow? Correct: cow. Sugar, Susie, Corinne & Bob are right.
3) TRUE or FALSE? The poisonous Gabonese viper is considered harmless to humans. Correct: FALSE. Trick question.
4) TRUE or FALSE? The elephant's trunk serves as nose, arm, and mouth. Correct: FALSE. Kenny, Matty, Sugar, Corinne, and Bob.

And the closest to the target? BOB! By a hair!

This will throw the non-Onions' plans into a tailspin. Is this the time to blindside Matty? Corinne and Bob talk about the story to tell the others, and the strategy to have Corinne hold onto it for now. "It'll be so awesome if this worked." The others are five strong, and no one is flipping.

Corinne tells Kenny the "story", taking out Matty. Kenny says that their best chance is to take Matty, thinking that he might have to rescind on his promise not to flip. "It just shows you the level of incompetence we're playing with."

Bob is giving Crystal one last chance to join his team, and offering the "idol" to sweeten the deal. He promises Crystal final four in exchange for Matty's ouster. She honestly thinks that Matty's going home. Kenny's backup plan... flush out the idol instead of withholding votes. This is Crystal's only chance to take Matty out. Let's see what happens.

Night 33: Tribal.

On the jury: Marcus, Charlie, and Randy.

Susie thinks that the alliances you make during the game will help you win. This is the first time Bob gets paranoid. Corinne thinks that paranoia can be an advantage. The worst part about paranoia on Sugar's game is believing lies and keeping everyone in check. Crystal says that it becomes crazy to trust after a while. The trick of the game is to figure out when to trust and when to cut your ties. Kenny thinks that tonight's vote is very important.

Bob is keeping Immunity.

Kenny: MATTY - "This is clearly a strategic move. I'm sorry to see you go, bro."

The rest of the votes...

Corinne: MATTY

And the tiebreaking vote...

Crystal: CORINNE

By a vote of 4-3, Corinne's plan backfires, and THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.