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Eighteen new castaways brave the African jungle to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for
$1 million. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Doug McCallie
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Origin: Wonga-Wongue Presidential Reserve, Estuaire, Gabon, Africa
Airs: Thursdays at 8pm ET on CBS

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An Apple in the Garden of Eden
November 6

Dan is Gone. Susie is still here and Randy is pissed. He wanted Dan to be here, but he has no choice but to continue playing the game.

Susieís game play is whatís keeping her here and Corinne is addressing it saying that Susie sold her under the bus at tribal. In an aside conversation Susie makes it clear that she does not care and that her goal is to assure that she has the power. Good for her. After all there is only one sole survivor.

At Fang, Ace is outta here and Sugar is relishing her power. Of course she doesnít have that much power as now she seems to be in Kenís pocket. Crystal on the other hand is in no oneís pocket and passes an olive branch to Matty saying that she wonít hold his vote for her against him. Yeah, weíve all heard that one before.

The only word that is common on all the Survivorís lips is merge. Will it happen?

Kota gets their tree mail and is shocked to see that it is a spoon. Tree mail directs them to the beach, mentions a feast and tells them to only bring personal possessions for a new home and a new game.

As the survivors arrive they see an endless feast. And a box. The box says do not open until the feast is over.

But more interestingly there is a note under a bowl. Halfway through the meal, Ken notices it and tries to read it by himself, but then Charlie sees it as well. With cover blown, the info is shared and they group decides to dig up the idol that is hidden in the sand under a low hanging tree branch.

To fast forward a little... The group of ten decides to set the immunity idol adrift. Kind of makes sense because anyone who took it would be a huge target. With the idol gone, the box on the table is opened and here comes heck.

Note one directs the survivors to draw stones out of a bag. They do so cautiously.

Note two tells them that these stones have separated them into two new tribes.

Thatís right. There is no merge.

The new Kota and Fang

Randy, Matty, Sugar, Charlie, Corinne

Bob, Crystal, Marcus, Susie, Ken

The Kota six are relieved to see that they have majority on both sides.

Then come a few revelations.

Marcus finds out that one of his good friends is Crystalís cousin.

Sugar realizes that she was duped into ousting Ace

Öand Susie realizes that she has an effectual swing vote should the new Kota lose.

Trouble is a brewing in Gabon and Earthís last Eden is about to be shaken up.

The new Fang is coming togetherÖ and splitting apart. Charlie, Corinne and Randy are united in their front that should they lose they will eliminate Matty. Matty is aware of this and plans on doing anything to win. After all, if they donít win he might be the first member of the jury.

Challenge Time!

Each Survivor will hold posts up on the back sides of their hands against a board above their head. If they lower their hands the posts will fall eliminating them from the challenge. The last tribe with a member still standing will win immunity.

Crystal is out immediately, and is followed by Sugar and Susie.

Then Randy and Corinne drop out simultaneously.

Ken quivers next and he is gone.

Then Marcus drops leaving Bob as the only member remaining for Kota.

And then Charlie loses it making it a face off between Bob and Matty.

Mattyís post is more than half off the board and Bob is looking pretty solid. Matty is cackling like a banshee, but he shuts up as the pain increases. Somehow, Matty digs deep and when Bob begins to shudder, itís game over for Kota.

Fang wins immunity (all thanks to Matty).

And boy are things going to be interesting over at Kota.

Marcus and Crystal step aside and in their chatter we learn that Marcus wants to keep Crystal around but think that Ken should go first followed by Susie. Crystal isnít taking this to well, considering that Ken is one of her greatest allies in the game.

This leads to Crystal pulling Ken aside. Ken seems confident that he is safe but Crystal gives him a big wake up call. Both realize that Susie flipping is their only hope.


While Ken is wandering about by the campfire, Crystal is in the hut chatting up Susie. Susie realizes her position, but tells Crystal that 1. She is known for being trustworthy and 2. That Marcus has promised to bring her to the final 3. Crystal nearly explodes in disbelief reminding Susie that Randy hates her and Corinne hates her and as a result, Marcus canít possibly make a promise like that.

With all of this talk, Susieís head is spinning. Seems like a perfect time to go toÖ

Tribal Council!

Nothing shocking here folks. Itís a rehash of everything that was discussed at camp. The member of the Kota 6 seem confident, Ken, being on the chopping block, gushes about why he should still be here and how Marcus is a big bully (he eventually votes for (Marc-Ace). But most importantly, Susie says that she is comfortable with the decision she made of who to vote for.

As the votes come in, itís two for Ken and two for Marcus, the only vote we do not know is Susieís Ö

As crystal said earlier with Marcus, the game is to Outwit and Outlast and you donít outwit Crystal Cox.

Well, apparently itís true!? Susie votes for Marcus! The Tribe Has Spoken!

Yet another Blindside in Earthís last Eden. The plot will surely continue to thicken. Stay tuned.