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Eighteen new castaways brave the African jungle to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for
$1 million. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Origin: Wonga-Wongue Presidential Reserve, Estuaire, Gabon, Africa
Airs: Thursdays at 8pm ET on CBS


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Want to See the Elephant Dung?
September 25

Welcome to Gabon, Earthís Last Eden! Letís meet the new Survivors! 

Danny (GC) - Maintenance Supervisor
Bob - Physics Teacher
Jacquie - Medical Device Sales
Ken - Professional Video Gamer
Marcus - Medical field
Charlie - Management Consultant
Matty - Personal Trainer
Susie - Hairdresser/Mon
Paloma - Student/Server
Randy - Videographer
Ace - Photographer
Crystal - Pre-School Teacher/Mom
Kelly - Assistant Manager/Buyer
Corinne - Pharmaceutical Sales
Dan - Former Attorney
Michelle - Film Industry
Sugar - Retro Pin-Up Model
Gillian - Wife/Mom/Grandmother/Nurse

Yup, thatís all you get. This is how they chose to introduce themselves and this information is going to be very important. And yes, people withheld information. For instance, Crystal is a 2004 Gold medalist.

After these brief introductions, the players are told that Gabon culture heavily relies upon elders to make major decisions and thus Gillian and Bob will be selecting the tribes. Bob wins the right to make the first pick and Gillian follows, with each selected person making the next pick for their tribe. Hereís how the tribes fleshed out.



Danny (GC)

Now looking at the order that people were picked you have got to be thinking ďwhat the hell.Ē There was no gender restriction in making selections, so for 3 women to be picked in the first 4 picks is a little awkward. Time will tell, I guess.

And that time has come.

Emmy-Winning Host Jeff Probst (the last time he will be addressed as that) springs the first challenge on the newly formed tribes. The will race across the plains and up a very steep dusty hill.

The first person for each tribe to make it up the hill will get individual immunity while the first complete tribe to get up the hill will win and extra bag of food to make their time on Survivor easier.

So the dilemma is do you protect yourself, race ahead and throw a target on your back or stay with the team to make climbing the hill easier for your weaker links.

Well if you ask GC or Marcus, itís clearly all about the win. They each take home individual immunity. For that matter, Michelle, the last woman picked fought hard to be the first woman up the hill.

As for tribes, Kota crushed Fang. Susie, Gillian and Crystal all struggled to get up the hill even though Matty stayed back to help them all.

Well the challenge is over and the games have just begun. The two tribes head off to their camps carrying their supplies.

The first thing Kota realizes is that they are truly in the open. Gabonís lush landscape has put them right in the middle of all the wildlife. Sugar has already refused to get in the water. Bob works on the tribe pre-manufactured hut to ensure that it wonít leak should it rain. Heís a natural boy scout and the tribe is in positive spirits.

Fang mind you is still in positive spirits after their initial loss. Gillian teaches them how to be fierce. (The African word apparently is Bu-Kah-LEE!) Fang humors their elder and she takes off to collect Elephant dung. (She says it burns well. Then she says that sometimes food goes undigested by the elephants and can be gathered and eaten. Seriously you canít make this stuff up.)

Our resident pro gamer, Ken heads off with Michelle hoping for a little romance but all she does is swallow a termite.

Back at Kota, they are talking about poop as well. Ace wants to build latrines and his master plan is to make suggestions leading the others to do the work. In fact, Ace, the fashion photographer says that he is the total package and has no fear of expecting Jeff to give him the million dollar check. Yeah, and I have no fear of telling a fat kid that he canít have cake.

Charlie is fawning over Marcus because Marcus picked him and Marcus is playing the card of "forge an alliance with a gay man by being buff and standing in your underwear". Marcus and Charlie make a connection complaining about Ace and a mini-alliance is formed.

Night fall has arrived at Fang and an elephant has decided to crash the party. Randy walks into the hutÖliterally. He slices open his forehead and the Medics are coming to camp on day 1! This time Survivor may truly be about living (not dying) for 39 days.

Randy gets some stitches and the game continues.

The next morning, Michelle is pissed. She complains about being skinny, sleeping bone on wood and being freezing. Rule number 1, donít complain or more accurately, be able to keep you mouth shut.

And itís that time again. Kids gather round for Tree Mail!

Itís a challenge for a fire reward and of course tribal immunity.

Ace decides to get Kota in tune for the tribe by leading them in Yoga. Paloma only sees a bunch of men in underwear looking like idiots in the jungle. At least one Survivor can relate to what we go through as viewers. 

Six tribe members will be belted together and will face a series of obstacles:

- A Swamp
- A Net Wall
- A Series of Over/Under Hitching Posts
- A Dig for 3 Bags of Puzzle Piece

And once those bags are delivered to the finish line itís  Puzzle Time!

The 3 remaining tribe members will assemble the puzzle and the first tribe finished wins immunity and flint.

Loser face the danger of living in Survivor infamy as the first person voted out of Gabon.

You Puzzle Teams are: 



Survivors ready! GO!

Through the leech filled swamp Kota gets a slight lead.

At the net wall, the Kota girls get stuck and Fang takes the lead.

Fang carries the lead through the hitching posts and to the sand pits, but Kota finds their first bag first.

Fang ties it 1 to 1 but then Kota jumps ahead with 2.

Kota gets their 3rd bag and delivers them to their puzzlers.

Fang keeps digging but is losing a lot of time.

And is a blow out, Kota finishes the puzzle before Fang even delivers their pieces.

Kota Wins Immunity and Fire!

Can we go back to the tribe selection for a second? IDIOTS!  

Dear Fang,
Please make me eat those words. This will be a very uninteresting season if you donít.
Thanks. Eric.

The rumor mill starts and itís saying Michelle. Randy doesnít quite buy it as he would rather see Gillian go. Ken and Michelle would like Gillian to go as well, but Michelle complains about not being able to fake liking people. Rule # 2! Be prepared to lie cheat steal, be fake, etc! (That should really just be a second rule #1)

So will it be the not-so-positive Michelle or our ray of sunshine granny Gillian who will have their torch snuffed.

At tribal, snippiness begins about how a challenge should be attacked. Dan says you canít go 100% all the time. Michelle calls him on B.S. Thank you Michelle. This is for 1 million dollars. You can go 110%  percent all of the time.

After a little more bickering, GC is voted team leader (reluctantly) and it is time to vote. 

For Gillian:

For Michelle:
Everybody else

Michelle, the tribe has spoken.

Yup, a landslide. Michelle must have missed learning to get along with other in nursery school. That said, we will never hear from her again barring a crazy twist or the reunion special.

Luckily for Fang, Probst gives them fire on the way out. Kotaís spirits are lifted and maybe they will have a chance. And maybe pigs will form a synchronized swimming team.

The next day at Kota (Thatís right itís two episodes in one folks) Charlie is clinging to Marcus like clothes without Snuggle. They are aiming to bring Jacquie and Corinne into the fold. HmmÖcould be interesting.

Back at Fang, GC is stepping into his new role as leader and is assigning people to get fruit, grass, utensils etc. Then there is an argument over using the drinking water of lake water for boiling rice and Randy decides its time to implement operation ďlet other crash and burn.Ē Smart man, thinking like that could take Randy far.

Over at Kota, the alliance has been formed, Jacquie, Marcus, Charlie and Corinne meet to discuss strategy and the decide that they need to make Bob a floater in their alliance to make sure they have a voting majority. Letís see ho soon their alliance ahs to go to work.

Fang side, snoring is the topic of conversation and somehow it starts a fight between GC and Gillian. Wow. GC takes this as an opportunity to resign as leader and the Golden Child (as Randy puts it) steps down. Dan sees GC as a leader who quit and the tides are turning to send the once immune GC packing.

Treemail! Itís immunity and fishing supplies on the line. Here we go!

Itís a boulder dash! Each tribe will have to push a boulder through the course collecting two keys along the way. They will then use those keys to unlock a gate and place their boulder on a pedestal.

Paloma sits out. To the winners go the spoils, and the power to send someone from the losing tribe to Exile Island. The challenge is on.

Kota takes an early lead, but this time around Fang is much closer. That goes for collecting the 1st and second keys. Then at the gates, Kotaís luck continues as they unlock the gate first. Even though they had trouble getting the boulder on the pedestal, they still keep the streak alive sending Fang to a second consecutive Tribal Council.

Fang is dejected. Even more so once Kota sends Dan off to Exile Island. Interestingly though, Dan will be back in time for Tribal. Will it matter?

Itís Day 5 and Dan is taking the first trip to Exile Island.

Upon arrival he is faced with an interesting choice. Clue or comfort? Comfort in the form of an apple in a hut.

He quickly takes the clue.

ďAcross the lake you see so well
there lies a sandy crater.
The object hidden in its floor
will surely help you later.Ē

Somehow our former attorney construes this to mean that the idol could be IN the lake. Now we know why he is a former attorney. He looks in the lake goes beyond the lake, digs in the dirt, cuts himself numerous times, and probably wishes he took the apple.

Fang is realizing that while they competed much better this time, they still have an obvious disadvantage. And its name is Gillian. Many tribe members seem to be coming to the conclusion that Gillian has to go, but Gillian and Susie are realizing that if they donít align and protect their ďagedĒ situation quickly that they will be picked off 1 and 2.

Strategy aside, Fang is also trying to enterprise themselves as rookie fishermen. Randy broke his glasses to make a hook, GC donated his shoestrings as fishing line and Crystal, Gillian and Susie scavenged for worms. And it all worked! Now if they could only apply this ingenuity to challengesÖ

Another surprise for FangÖDan returns. He tells them that Exile was brutal and that he didnít find the immunity idol, but it seems like Randy is the only one that believes him. Everyone else is thinking that they should try to get rid of Dan now in order to blindside him before he gets to use the idol (that he did not find).

Might this have been the master plan of Kota. Could they have know that sending Dan to exile would create such a sense of paranoia around him that they would get rid of one of their strongest members? (No chance in hell) Regardless, will Kotaís decision pay off?

Itís tribal time, and here come the votes.

Gillian votes for Ken

Öand everybody else votes for Gillian.

Gillian the tribe has spoken.

So after 6 days, Fang is down 2 members and Kota is on a 3 challenge winning streak. Now that Gillian is gone, can Fang change the trend? Check in next week and find out.